PP’s Mwenye quits over ‘leadership confusion’

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) Director of Social Affairs Steven Mwenye has resigned from his position and has immediately withdrawn his membership from the party.

Mwenye: PP a party at war with itself

Mwenye: PP a party at war with itself

Matola: PP leader remains Joyce Banda until 2017 convention

Matola: PP leader remains Joyce Banda until 2017 convention

He confirmed the development in an interview with state broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corperation (MBC).

Mwenye said he has decided to ditch PP following disagreement that have erupted in the party whereby the Northern Region committe through its chairman Christopher Mzomela Ngwira is claiming former Vice President Khumbo Kachali as the interim leader. The party’s founder and president Joyce Banda has been abroad close to a year now.

Mwenye said the party is currently lacking leadership and management.

“If you ask myself (why I have left PP), its all about poor management,” he told MBC.

He said PP is now “a party at war with itself, bitter accusations and disrespect .”

Mwenye said: “This is not the party that I was involved in creating. Nor is it a party that I want to continue to participate in. I am leaving with no regrets or bitterness towards anyone. I value the many good friends I have made in the PP over the years–on both sides of the current divide.”

He said so many people holding top positions dumped the party after the May general elections because PP lost its direction.

Mwenye suggested that after losing the May 2014 general elections, party executive committee members were supposed to sit down to map the way forward and found the root cause of its failure during the elections.

“After we failed the elections, we could have sat down and discuss what made us fail and to map the way forward so that we should not fail again,” said Mwenye.

Meanwhile, PP has trashed the idea of imposing Khumbo Kachali as the interim President of the party in the absence of Banda.

PP Secretary General Ibrahim Matola says Banda remains the president of the party.

Matola said he was not aware of Mwenye’s resignation.

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Joseph Moyo

so pp has2presidents?sitzamva kut khumbo watulukamo mai akabwera?zonsez nd kuchokakwa amai akachedwa apeza atagawanapotu.mcp woyeee mwayambano kukomana ndi ndale zenzen akabwila ndkhulupilira mwapezano chochita kukonza paja pamenya chivomerezi ndi tremor chisankho ndi ntokoto wa Kabudula taonanso kut smudasinthe mudakalibe ndi khalidwe lakale lija kunyoza mfumu polankhula zakukhosi?its part of democracy nde mind ur business ndale zilibe academic freedom koma freedom of expression tiyen nazo chemwa ndi dirty game si chanco imeneyotu

Keen Observer

Denial, denial, denial. Things are falling apart here, there is no way a party leader can leave the party & be in exile for no apparent reasons & expect that things will be ok. After all PP is not a party it’s just angry DPP people who were not happy at one time. MCP or UDF are parties that have seen it all. Malawi, it was a curse to have a woman president, we don’t need that.


mchewa wa mcp ameneyu


Mwenyae is another confused politician. He has no substance and he can not add any value to any party he is intending to join. I know he is heading to DPP seeking for fortune evidenced by his appearance on DPP Mouth piece (MBC TV). Everyone knows that if someone quits DPP for any other party he can not appear on MBC TV. It is a useless TV station with useless reporters who are always not objective in their work.


Zikundikomera…and ts funny the way many PP zealots here think all z gonna b fine, the ship z sinking niggaz…

Ntchito kutukwana DPP, and u r trying to be as gentle as possible, as smart as u can be in not admitting that things r going hay wire in PP. The party was an institution of convenience, the convenience is over now, Time will tell.

Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche
Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche

Atumbuka inu, shaa! Bwanji kukonda kunyera pogona ngati malemu Chihana? Zakuthengere basi. Kufuna kuba chipani? Kuzolowera kashigheti eti e.g. Kasambava, Loot-epo, Mhango etc. Nonse go back to Nyika republic where you all came from. Shit!

Judith Nyau

Iwe Shaibu Omar kagwere uko. Rev Mzomera Ngwira waneneratu kuti chipani cha PP ndi chaife akumpoto. Ndiye iwe ufuna kuti chani?

mtumbuka selfish dog

Piiii piiii odi ukoooo!!!!!


komanso amai awa how can she leave the party almost a year in remote control. she is the problem

Chris Nyalugwe

Welcome To Main Opposition Party MCP.We Need Such Creative Thinkers Like U.

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