Presidential hopeful Prof Chisi says ‘unity of purpose’ key to Malawi development

Umodzi Party (UP) president John Chisi on Monday presented his nomination papers—expressing interest to vie for the office of president—to pollster Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) where he called for “unity of purpose” in developing the country.

The blues: Chisi and his runningmate
The arrival of Professor John Chisi of Umodzi Party  to present his nomination paper to MEC.

Chisi, who polled 12 048 votes  in the 2009 presidential election and was accompanied by a sizeable crowd, said the whole reason different parties contest for one office should be for the goal that Malawi gets transformed.

Said Chisi: “We all want a different and better Malawi. We should not be fighting as if we want different things. As Umodzi Party we are a peaceful party, and we always advocate for peace and togetherness.”

The University of Malawi’s College of Medicine (CoM) professor  accompanied by his 23-year-old daughter Towera, said he is a serious contender for State House as he has been active in the past four years.

Chisi said he was capable to steer the country forward saying he has what it takes from experience.

“I am a hardworker, and where I work I have reached to the highest level,” said Chisi.

He warned those venturing into politics for self-enrichment to forget it, saying such people are making the country move backwards.

“Money is earned through hardwork. Not in politics,” he said.

According to Chisi, it is unfortunate that the democracy that was hard-earned is being trivialised by some politicians including the ruling party.

“We even sign codes of conduct but I don’t even think we will be safe when we go out to some areas for campaign,” he said.

Said Chisi: “A vote is a precious tool for change. Let’s vote. There should be no more tears after these elections. If we vote wrongly, we will delay the country’s progress by 20 years!”

Before the presentation of the papers, Chisi named Timothy Kamulete, who is also the party’s director strategy, as runningmate.

Kamulete is a seasoned accountant working for the KPMG group.


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2 years ago

Anakwatira mzungu. moti ana ake ndi culture yomweyo. i met them.

Njolo mpilu
Njolo mpilu
2 years ago

Chisi amatulukila nthawi ya zosankho then he comes out with his so called p dokta cisi ideology to confuse people.
Dzana lija anati tiani paja? Waiwala small head

Chinyeke Tembo
Chinyeke Tembo
2 years ago

Kodi anthuwa kumakhala kusowa zochita kapena chiyani, tere achisi olo Ambuye atafuna angakhala apulezidenti????? kikikikikikikikiki, Chinyeke!!!!!!!!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Kodi Plofesala Chisi anampedza kuti nkadzi wokongola chonchi? Ndi wa ku Malawi konkuno ameneyi?
Sizingatheke kuti zikhale.

2 years ago

This is contrary to what he has been saying on MBC. He sent out fierce outbursts against MCP and showed hatred to those who follow the party. It is also not accurate that he reached the top where he works. The top post in the University of Malawi is Vice Chancellor. He has never been one. For more than three times he failed interviews to become Principal of the College of Medicine. Iam unsure if he was a Head of Department. His attitude is “I know everything”. And I doubt if his faculty colleagues follow him politically. Malawi does not… Read more »

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