Prison boss charged with murder after shooting sons

Deputy senior station officer in charge of Chichiri Prison senior superintendent Evance Kataira Chisi has been charged with the murder  for shooting his two sons Stafford Chisi aged 23 and Russell Chisi aged 29 on Friday.

Chisi:  Shoots dead two sons
Chisi: Shoots dead two sons

Southern Region Police Spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa said Police has launched an investigation but they have pressed murder charge.

“Chisi has been charged of murder but an investigation has been launched on the incident. He has been questioned but psychiatric expert will also assess his mental health,” said Gondwa.

Chisi fatally shot his sons in the early hours of Friday at his home in Blantyre’s low-density Sunny Side suburb after a family quarrel.

According to Gondwa,  Chisi, and Station Officer for Chichiri Prison – one of Malawi largest prison facilities, was still in bed Friday morning when his 23-year-old son, Stanford, picked a quarrel with his sister, Lusungu.

He said Chisi took a metal bar to try to separate the quarrelsome children but Stanford wrestled it out of him.

This angered the father who went to his bedroom to take the gun which he shot fatally his son twice.

The police publicist said still raging with fury Chisi went to the store-room where his eldest son, Russell, 29, was working. He shot him dead too.

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8 years ago

Kudekha ndi kulingalila usanapange zinthu nzofunika, mayeselo amabwela njila zosiyanasiyana. Kumaubweza ntimawo.

8 years ago

Indeed Mr Chisi was my Boss and Instructor, aaa very sorry.What agreat lose.

tilape kuopajehena
8 years ago

titani pamenepa? ana awiri tsiku limodzi? maliro ake ndi otani abalellll

nthawi yatha
8 years ago

ukakhala ndi mavuto umangoona ngati ndiwe wekha, can you imagine 29 year old man not boy kumazunguza pakhomo aaaaaaa zimalilitsa izi osapeza tulo Ambuye tithandizeni munasintha Paul nanga ifeeee?

blessings kandota
blessings kandota
8 years ago

boko haram in mw

8 years ago

Kodi mpemba boys home ndi mpemba girls home manambala anu ndi chani ???

Wanawa akamwa masacheti ndi kusuta fodya iwe kholo loti supanga zimenezo aaaash

Kuzunguza pakhomo ena mpaka kufuna kugwilira ana kapena mayi wawo ndithu !!

Manambala a ku mpembawo mtipatsire ndithu
Mwina mkutumizako wenawa ndithu

8 years ago

His boss told him shoot kill but why not just jail them?

Charles Elias
8 years ago

to answer two murder charges,thus a fair trial and rest peace in hell.

8 years ago

being a prision boss he knows how people are suffering in there.more especially chichiri prision.he can not just do the killing ndiye kuti this man anatopa ndi zomwe amadusamo i’ve seen ana omamenya bambo ao.imagine if you have tiana like aki na papal,i totally agree with the investigation.may be the investigation could have been done first before being judged.

chindele ndine
chindele ndine
8 years ago

dada chisi ngopenga,zimene wapanga zimutsata

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