Pro-Pee rubisshes Piksy’s ‘Tsoka Liyenda’ video

Renowned record producer, Percy “Pro-pee” Manyozo, has publicly attacked Afro rapper/singer, Piksy’s, latest music video Tsoka Liyenda.

The Blantyre-based producer expressed his aversion for the video Saturday morning, saying it was a waste of time and resources. He said this on Facebook.

“PIKSY TSOKA LIYENDA video is a waste of time and resorces TERRIBLE video Please Malawians a good video is not only Good picture or how u dress in the video it’s the story line and concept that matters in a video MALAWI PLEASE Wake up nthawi ya just good quality picture inadutsa,” posted Percy.

“Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion so I respect that,” said the Blantyre-based award-winning musician, who is also known as CCNB.When  Nyasa spoke to Piksy for his reaction, he said he respected Pro-Pee’s opinion as he was entitled to his views.

Piksy: I respect his opininon
Piksy: I respect his opininon

Tsoka Liyenda is one of Piksy’s newest singles, produced by DJ Sley in Lilongwe. The video, which came out last week, was directed and produced by Eric Chandilanda aka Eric Chan.

“Even if he didn’t see the concept it doesn’t mean everyone didn’t see it. Eric is good at what he does and I believe in his work. And me and my team are not moved, things like those are not supposed to bring us down but to work even harder,” said Piksy.

Piksy added: “Lemme also take this opportunity to give him a shout out for the work he did on my first single Unamata, it’s still a hit till now”.He however lamented Percy’s channel of expressing his opinion, saying, “…to make it public like that, I don’t know what he was thinking.  Still, I respect that and I don’t hold any grudges against him.”

But in a telephone interview later on, Percy said he was not attacking Piksy but was just raising a concern to Malawian artists on video production.

“Piksy is my friend, I have worked with him for so long and there’s no beef whatsoever, I’m just raising a concern as an industry player,” said Percy.

“I did not attack him. I said ‘Piksy’s Tsoka Liyenda video’ not Piksy, but the whole crew behind the video. It also goes out to all the artists, including video scriptwriters, directors, producers and everyone involved,” he added.

Percy went on to observe that as an industry, Malawi was past the level of focusing on good picture, saying the country’s videographers and producers had already achieved that. “We need to start focusing on concepts now.”

On the observation that he used the wrong platform to put out his concern, Percy said: “If Piksy and everyone feel I used the wrong channel, then let me apologise, but my concern still stands.”

You can watch Tsoka Liyenda video here:

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