Prophet Bushiri shocked with honour given in Uganda: Gets  24hr military protection, churches bay for his blessing, locals crash to catch his glimpse

South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) ) and Shepherd Bushiri Ministries says he is shocked by the scale and level of honour and love Ugandans bestowed on him and his mission in the three days he has been in their country.

Prophet Bushiri goes deeper in Kampala as thousands of Ugandans come to worship with him
Bushiri watching the dances with gospel songs
Major 1 Bushiri flanked by Uganda military officers during his spiritual visit in Kampala
Bushiri convoy with Ugandan State security escort
Thousands of worshippers in Uganda at Prophet Bushiri crusade in Kampala

He made the statement Thursday evening in Jinja District where the tourism department hosted him for a boat ride on the prestigious source of Nile River.

Bushiri, also known as Major 1 or Papa, jetted in the East African nation Tuesday morning for the three-day Prophetic Good News Conference.

From the day he jetted in, thousands, from various corners of not just Uganda but most East African countries, had already camped at the conference venue waiting for the prophet of our day to share a gospel of his master, Jesus Christ, with them.

With a 24 hour police and military escort and protection, the ECG leader was the talk of the town so much that every drive in the streets stirred traffic chaos—what with the Wednesday afternoon scenario where motorists, cyclists and pedestrians crashed with the police just to catch the glimpse of his passing convoy.

Despite being invited and hosted by the Embassy of God Ministries, different other ministries took the advantage of his presence and requested to have the Man of God step in their churches.

Though he could not manage to meet all the requests, the Prophet, according to his Communications Director Ephraim Nyondo, managed to visit a number of ministries and prayed with them.

“I have travelled with him to different countries, but the Uganda experience has been phenomenal and awesome. There was hardly a time to relax. We were hoping from one church to another and, surely, I have seen God at work through his servant, Major 1,” said the soft spoken Nyondo.

Apart from church services, where people stayed the course to as late as 2 or 3 in the morning, the Prophet was also hosted by the church and the tourism department to a serene and magical boat ride on the historical source of the Nile River. He was also treated to a number of traditional spectacles.

The prophet, who returns to his Pretoria base this Friday, says he is happy and contented with the Ugandan experience for it demonstrates the power of God—in fact, mission accomplished.

He underlined that the visit was purely a spiritual one and, though he might not have laid his hand on everybody as they would all have wanted, the power of God moved in Uganda and the hunger for the gospel in the country was quite satisfying and encouraging.

Embassy of God Ministries leader Bishop Dennis Emojog was all smiles saying the visit of the Major Prophet is a historical moment for his church, something that will be treasured as a watermark of greater things to come.

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Amanani Niwakogoya
4 years ago

Zopanda mchere zazii mxii. Akadakhala kuti major one sibwesi akufuna chitetezo. Ndimamkumbukira Antonio Santana wakwa Angola once he called Bushiri that you think that you are projected by you bodyguard but you are not protected…. This got furious with this Bushiri the vampire or the empire of satanism one day the Almighty shall expose him venomously for his shady dealings, lets wait and see very soon believe me. Why is he seeking protection if he is a man of God, others call him major? I want answers from some of you grinning supporters of doom whom with your thinking capacity… Read more »

4 years ago

Why you call vampire or empire of satanism? Do you have a proof or any evidence that he is a satanism? Stop judging others as you are judged. Concentrate on your faith with God, how it is connected?

4 years ago

You should be protected by Angels to Military akulu

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
4 years ago

Christianity flourishes in Uganda as observed in the large numbers of Catholics and Anglicans who dominate religious groups. Seventh-day Adventists, Baptists and Presbyterians also comprise the group. But the rise of Pentecostal Churches indicates that Evangelical Christianity is flourishing which is attracting millions of converts each year thereby changing the social and political landscape of the country. Ugandan churches, like their counterparts in Malawi, play a big role in providing humanitarian role, building schools, health centres and orphanages. Aid agencies come and phase out. But churches are there to stay. Kaguta Museveni, the country’s president, often calls Uganda a Christian… Read more »

A Malawian In England
A Malawian In England
4 years ago

I think your the word “shock” is misplaced here as it usually refers to a state of being appalled or disgusted.

What you’re looking for to describe this situation is: overwhelmed, speechless, overly impressed!

Ben Hill
Ben Hill
4 years ago

Kungoima ndi msilikali opanda ndi mfuti yomwe ndi winayo wanyamula gogodera ndiye mwati 24 hr military protection? Museveni samafuna zopusa misatinamize apa.
Kodi Major amafunanso alonda heti? Okhe

4 years ago

Thumbs up for Major 1!

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