Prophet Kambale stuns believers for refusing to collect offerings at a crusade

Senior Pastor of the Life International Church, Prophet Amos Kambale, recently stunned Christians for refusing to collect offerings during a crusade he held from on 23-24 October, 2021, at Zamkutu Trading Centre in Lilongwe.

The amazed Christians said the refusal by Kambala to take offerings was a departure from institutionalized norm and culture among many churches, which collect offerings from almost every church gathering.

Life International Church had spent nearly K1 million to organize the two-day crusade; hence, the expectation of the congregants was that he would collect offerings to replenish the church coffers.

But this was not the case! In an interview with Nyasa Times, Kambale said he wanted this to serve as a lesson to other pastors to serve and save souls without expecting financial returns from the congregants.

Prophet Kambale–Photo by Watipaso Mzungu, Nyasa Times

“The aim of the crusade was to win souls, not to make money. When God called me, one of the things he emphasized to me is that he has called me to make disciples for Him by all means,” he said.

A week earlier, Kambale told his faithful that there would be no offerings at the crusade, stressing that winning souls was the prime reason for the spiritual gatherings.

Quoting 1 Corinthians 9:12, the Prophet said he did not want any act that would prevent the gospel from being accepted by the people.

“Secondly, I decided not to take offerings from the people at the crusade to counter the notion that most churches are after making money from their members. In recent times, many persons have come up with ideas that the aim of the mushrooming of churches in the country, is to collect money from the members, but I have decided to stand up to counter that notion by not taking offerings,” he explained.

He added, “The crusade at Zamkutu Trading Centre was aimed at giving e people things that money cannot buy, such as healings, deliverance, life and salvation. We went there to give the people something- Healings and deliverances that money could not purchase.”

Mzuzu-based social commentator Felix Katemula said in this era where some persons may think that churches are no longer after the goal of winning souls, but to make money, it is only proper to commend Prophet Kambale for demonstrating to the world that serving God should not be seen as a money-making enterprise.

Katemula urged other church leaders to draw lessons from what Kambale did at the crusade.

“It is of paramount importance among church founders that the aim of the church is to win the souls of people, and not to make money from them. This is in tandem with the great command that was given to the early disciples who were commanded to go and take the gospel of Christ to the ends of the Earth,” he said.

Katemula added that another lesson that both Christians and church leaders need to take is that pastors must try their best to counter wrong ideas or notions that are being held by some members of the general public.

Additionally, pastors should also learn to given, not only taking from their members, he said.

This is not the first time the prophet conducted a crusade where he did not collect offerings. In 2016 when he conducted a week-long crusade to launch the church, Kambale also refused to collect offerings.

During the recent crusade, 577 people got saved and so many countless miracles took place including a mad woman who was instantly healed, HIV and Aids and many crippled people instantly walked without any pains after the prophet prayed for them to this day.

Prophet Kambale has a philanthropic heart, as he also supports the needy and underprivileged families in Lilongwe and surrounding areas.

Earlier this year, he donated duvets to the elderly, he bought mattresses for the disadvantaged and pays school fees for some needy students.

His followers say his teaching is deep and usually characterized with revelations, which is always present to heal, deliver and bless people from very critical and complicated conditions.

Life International Church congregates at Mbinzi Secondary School Hall in Area 3 in Lilongwe and is one of the fastest growing churches in the country.

Prophet Kambale says he draws his inspiration from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of Zimbabwe whom he claims is his spiritual Father.

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Evans Mwale
Evans Mwale
2 years ago

These are just charlatans masquerading as ministers of God. The first notable thing is his title ‘Senior Pastor’ which is non existent in the bible and secondly no such thing as spiritual father who is on earth exists in the bible. Makandiwa has been proved beyond doubt to be a fake prophet!!!!
God’s ministers are fourfold i.e apostles,pastors,teachers and evangelists….any believer is a prophet bcz the bible says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy Rev 19:10.
As for spiritual fathers I will quote just one scripture Heb 12:9-10

Dona Gondwe
Dona Gondwe
2 years ago

It is indeed proper to commend the fact that he clearly values the saving of souls for Christ above financial gain. May the Lord reward this faithfulness.

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