Public calls to impeach Lilongwe Mayor Bikoko

 Irate Lilongwe residents have called the council to move a motion and impeach the just crowned Mayor Desmond Bikoko for his lack of knowledge of how the Council is run and for his personal attacks on council secretariat staff.

Mayor for Lilongwe Bikoko

The mayor is being accused to have demonstrated lack of understanding of the council matters through his persistent self posturing as an executive mayor instead of a ceremonial mayor that Malawi has.
“Iam very disappointed in this man,” said Caiphas Malonda a businessman in Lilongwe.
“As a Mayor his work is to source partnership to work with the secretariat and not antagonizing the secretariat that has operational mandate,” he said.
Two days ago, the Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Moza Zeleza proceeded on forced leave until the local government investigated what it termed as “misconduct” on part of the the CEO.
However, this decision seemed to have been orchestrated by a ” bag of lies” that was piled in the Mayor’s letter to Principal Secretary for Local Government.
In his letter to the PS, the Mayor seem to be personal, use scathing attacks on CEOs persona and fails to substantiate his allegations against the embattled CEO.
“Mr. Moza is a great orator and verbally convincing with little to show for on the ground,” writes Bikoko in the letter dated May 11, 2017.
Local Government Finance Committee official laughed out Bikoko’s letter describing it as childing and show of lack of knowledge.
“The CEO submits all financials here are per standards. He has no mandate to submit them elsewhere. The CEO has no direct control of road construction funds nor the street lights projects. These are being done by the Roads Fund, direct financiers of the projects,” said the official who opted for anonymity.
Meanwhile councillors are holding parallel meetings led by MPs in the City to oust Bikoko and elect Akwame Bandawe whom they think can spearhead the development in the City.
“Bikoko is a waste of time, bickering like a child and emotional and rude, we want a new Mayor,” said one councillor.
Currently, the City Council staff are on a strike demanding reinstatement of their CEO and action on the Mayor for his embarrassing conduct.
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18 thoughts on “Public calls to impeach Lilongwe Mayor Bikoko”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Malawians should learn to accept change and stand-up for themselves and not listen to other people. Noel Chalamanda made a huge difference in Blantyre, in such a short time but was taken off. WHY?

    Give Bikoko a chance and allow him to serve the remaining term and if he hasn’t done what is expected of him then you are allowed to point fingers.

  2. sheshe says:

    izi sizandale tiyeni titukule dziko,LL mchombo waboma ulemekezedwe ndi kaonekedwe kake. aBikoko gwirani ntchito!

  3. Useless DPP propaganda, nothing will materialise, DPP is a walking devil,

  4. Aphiri says:

    BIKOKO is a hard worker and has backing from the president himself . He told these cadets that I will support this young guy he is too shap. Can’t you see why the PS has to listen to him . Muone city isinthe tsopano. Viva BIKOKO viva LLz

  5. Angoni says:

    The CEO took advantage of the former Mayor Chapondera and thought he could do the same to Bikoko but he has put his foot down. No one at Lilongwe City Council works. The CEO was always busy at political rallies. I wonder why he was hired because he was a failure at Malswitch and Reserve Bank.

  6. John says:

    Bikoko is cleaning house, Akwame is dancing at Chez. Like it or not, Government has Bikoko’s back 100 percent. I am A DPP NEC members and we have decided to give Bikoko 100 percent support.

    No one is replacing Bikoko but he will replace you lazy and corrupt council employees.

  7. Angoni says:

    Bravo my Mayor, you are doing a good job. Forget all these haters. Moza Zeleza does talk too much. Check the Guest House deal, he wanted to give it to his relation to run. This guy failed at Malswitch and Reserve Bank. He is a failure with a big mouth. Akapume basi. He did not have a job before City Council.

    Now deal with Mombiwa and Mumba. I will bring you information on these two idiots

  8. masha says:

    bikoko momwe munalowela NOTHING TO SHOW ON THE GROUND, if i were you i could have started with vending issue in town, atleast somethin pipo can look at and appreciate, but mmmm it seen you cannt do your Job hence mwayamba kungopanga miseche basi, just as acheya said, kuyendesa boma simasewela, you thot being a Mayor is just sitting and eating in that big car( not yours) LL1. ma sukulo oseaja koma u dont have dzelu. i understand the CEO was a man of corruction free ku asembly and am sure bikoko being a business person samawapeza mitaju hence kungolowelela zaku officekwa eni

  9. Mgoloso says:

    Bikoko – public relations ndi deal. Education without public relations is nothing

  10. Kalyoto says:

    Bikoko, Bikoko chani apa! a failure some councillors said it just after the elections about this man.

  11. WALIKO MAKHALA says:

    Let Bikoko do his job.Akufuna kuti aziba.

  12. Concerned Resident says:

    I think as a country we have to be ashamed of ourselves. Are we really serious about making our Capital City (Seat of Government) develop? As a new resident, I have been impressed with the new developments unfolding in the few months His Worship the Mayor has been at the helm of the City Assembly such as street lighting, grass slashed roads, etc which was not the case previously. And now we want to return to the old Administration, really? SHAME! Let competent people run the Assembly.

    And I think the title is misleading. Why should comments by 2 individuals be construed as representing all residents (Public).

  13. Thyolo Thava says:

    Dont say Lilongwe residents.. .say DPP Lilongwe branch wants Bikoko out…..rubbish dpp.. U did the same ku Poly disguising as concerned parents… last week mwapita ku CHANCO ……ati kuti muchotsetse ma lecturers…………concerned parents ,….rubbish….

    Worshippers of Peter Mtalika…

  14. john says:

    tili matsiku osiliza basi

  15. Harawara says:

    The issue here is about resistance to change and political interference by DPP. The Council needs drastic changes which should start from top down. Business as usual attitude must go. Malonda, how can you say CEO knows his job when the city is in darkness and firth. Bikoko won on the promises of change for improvement. So let him do the job. Your CEO is incompetent; just look at the roads: you can not blame on Roads Fund because the Council has huge stakes in roads planing and improvements. Ngati umachita katangale ndi CEO yaduka imeneyo. Let him go. Bikoko aluta continua, make deep cuts on rotten flesh

  16. Maunits says:

    DPP wants to bring another confusion at the city council after failing to distubilize MCP by bringing and financing rebels against party leader leadership. You have failed and you will not succeed at all you stupid people who has put the country at awkward situation. Never never dpp again in this country we want mighty MCP to govern this country and bring the lost glory to Malawians. Thieves out of power come 2019. A MEC go go with 50+1%.

  17. kamulonde says:

    Nsanje a Malawi. Tisamangomvera chilichonse some are haters. Aliyense akakhala used to the job amagwila ntchito. Musiyeni ali pa probation.

    Mr Malonda, inunso pali ambiri amene amati mumapanga katangale pa business yanu komanso kuba but we can not just take that and start insulting you chifukwa some are haters.

    Musiyeni agwire ntchito yake. Amenenso mukunfunayo ena adzampezera zifukwa.

    Move on Bikoko i support you.

    1. mlomwe says:

      kodi Mayor walakwa chani . ine i suport him ndimunthu oti atithandiza mu city amene akudana naye ndi anthu a chipani cha DPP amenene amapanga katangale so yo journalist if youu use probability formula you will find that most or 95% ya anthu aku gwirizana nazo mfundo za Mayor . kodi pa city pazikhala polemelera ma politicians ? Bikoko safuna mphwephwa he is aman of integrity and wants to deliver . I usually follow councils deliberation and resolutions , you will find out that its the Chief executive who downplay and sabotage the plan. Mr Malondawo kale ndi amene amaperekera katundu ku city sono awona zathina . Bravo Bikoko . I wish you a strong mind and show them that education is powerful

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