Public funds abused in district councils – Malwi govt admits

Government has admitted that there is widespread abuse of funds in district councils, the ministry of local government has confirmed.

Dr. Kang'ombe: We have witnessed increased transfer of resources
Dr. Kang’ombe: We have witnessed increased transfer of resources
A cross section of Officials from Local Government Ministry and Ntcheu district Counci
A cross section of Officials from Local Government Ministry and Ntcheu district Counci

The ministry’s principal secretary Chris Kang’ombe said on Monday in Ntcheu that there was “need for transparency and accountability in handling government resources in districts.”

Kang’ombe spoke during an orientation session for Ntcheu District Council Finance Committee and Managers.

According to him the “orientation was organized with the aim of orienting the Ntcheu District Council to clear their audit queries and ensure that the future Audit Reports are clean.”

Kang’ombe added that the Government of Malawi is transferring a lot of resources to Local Authorities for instance in this current financial year alone, a total of 34 billion kwacha was allocated for Local Authorities.

“We have witnessed increased transfer of resources by the Local Development Fund (LDF) and other cooperating partners such as UNICE,” said the PS.

He explained that over the years significant initiatives have been made by Government and Local Government Ministry towards capacity building of Local Authorities.

“Some of the initiatives include, the automation of the accounting system of Local Authorities using the integrated financial Management system (IFMIS) to all the 35 Councils, the recruitment of Chief Accountants in all the Local authorities to strengthening the Directorate of Finance,” he said.

The PS said despite all the initiatives, the Ministry of Local Government has noted that there are a number of audit issues presented in audit reports of financial statements for the period 2010, 2011 and 2012.

“Councils have challenges in the preparation of the financial statements that comply with the international accounting standards,” the PS said.

Kang’ombe said it is worrisome that there are gaps in complying with financial management policies, procedures and regulations.

In the just ended Public Accounts Committee session of the Parliament, 14 Councils were summoned to appear before the Committee of Parliament for a healing on Audit queries for the 2010 audits.

The National Audit Office is yet to release all the audited accounts in all 35 Councils. Some of the notable figures present were Inkosi Gomani VI, Mr Harry Phiri, DC for Ntcheu and Council Chair and Councilor Shimika Njovu.

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Nankununkha sadzimva
Nankununkha sadzimva
5 years ago

Mr PS if you know that there are financial loopholes then for you the best solution is to reward these thieves with a workshop instead of hiring governance institutions to probe them. Kumeneko ku Ntcheu district council ingogulitsa malo mwachinyengo. Mwachitsanzo malo oti bwezi ali ukulizitsa district hospital kungogulitsa mosadziwika bwino. Nawonso mafumu a mu Ntcheu kaya saona zimenezi

Malawian Q
Malawian Q
5 years ago

Not only that, allot of people in Malawi are building huge houses, and when you look at their take home pays from work— it does not add up. Government need to do allot of home work on this . Please check each and every one of us, from the South to the North. we all need to explain to the MG where we got the money to build these houses. We are always complaining we are not paid enough and yet we are able to buy expesive cars; farms, and huge houses. Which is which? Government need to look at… Read more »

Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri
Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri
5 years ago

Mkandawire the DC mbava inaso

5 years ago

Ndizoona abwana PS some DCs and DHOs are plundering government resources kukanika kugula water pump yenieyeni iyi ndarama kumathera ma allowances especially ma DHMT kawafufuzeni muone mumene adyera zima allowance zopanda justification drawing them from ORT. I can give you ma examples like Khotakota DHO, Ntcheu DHO, Mzimba North DHO, Mzimba South DHO ndi Karonga. Despite ka small funding amazipanga squeez iwowo kuti ziwayendere

5 years ago

zoonama izi ndalama zimadyedwa ku capital hill konko

5 years ago

Dc wa ku Mzimba wamanga rest yayikulu pa Jenda opposite ndi new police buildings, ndalama wazitenga kuti? Ma DC aba ndalama zambiri mu Malawi muno. Afufuzeni bwino

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