Public hospitals to have non clinicians as DHOs: CHAM, Malawi govt sign MoU

Government says it is replacing medical doctors with specially trained administrators as district health officers so that the clinicians can be well utilised in their area of medicine.

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe:  DHOs will be non clinician

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe: DHOs will be non clinician

Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said the ministry is piloting this in nine districts where there are non medicine personnel heading public district hospitals.

He said the aim is to ensure that the few medical doctors Malawi has are well utilised in the field of medicine than administration. Reports say a group of these special public hospital administrators, who are not clinicians, are undergoing special training at College of Medicine in Blantyre.

The medical doctors who also doubled as district health officers were said to be too busy to look into hospital administration including ensuring no drug thefts, attending to patients and also most of times away for meetings and workshops crippling the running of public hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Christian Health Association of Malawi (Cham) has finally signed a memorandum of understanding, giving ordinary Malawians access to free or heavily subsidised medicine in the church run hospitals.

Chief executive officer for Cham Dr. Mwai Makoka said the new agreement stipulates that there should be talks between the government, the principal secretary for Health and Cham executive secretary every three month and ministry of health and Cham board chairperson twice a year as a means of dealing with emerging challenges.

Cham terminated the agreement with government after the cash strapped ministry of Health failled to pay Cham huge sums of money leaving the mission hospitals bunkrupt and failling to pay some of its employees.

The new agreement allows free maternity services and other prescribed ailments.

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The small voice

For your information not all DHOs are Doctors,some are nurses and clinical officers. In addition the health district management team already has a well trained non clinical personel who is called a hospital adminstrator trained and equiped with adminstrative skills.
Besides at the very beginning madokotala samkafuna kumakhala mmidzi as DHOs amkachita kuwawumiliza pano you have your own selfish ambitions ndiye kufuna kuwathamangitsa mwachipongwe, anthu wosayamika inu eti.

Onena Zoona
Koma madotolo mulipo? If government stops you from prescribing drugs, you have valid reason to argue and protest because you were trained for that. If your are removed from DHO position, dont hestate. leave the office immediately and go to your medicine and you will recieve a credit. But if you cling to DHO position, you will be removed by forces and great shame will be on you. Another challenge you face is COs are better than you when it comes practically so its time for you to turn this around otherwise COs with BSc will have final say in… Read more »
Ok so nurses and clinical officers aehos etc can become dhos but doctors should not. We have to understand that sometimes u go to college graduate & realise that what u qualified for is not what u r best at, so u seek other options. There r doctors who would rather be administrators than be doctors & they have a right to do so. I guess I should go get a masters in hospital administration & see if they will still say doctors can’t be dhos! Screw this government, it has some personal vendetta against doctors & its sad that… Read more »
Government should not only think of thefty of Drugs but also the population of Malawi,the amount of money it reases to buy drugs and the price of drugs at the Market, when you look at these 3 things hope the Government can easily come up with the Idea of paying services in all public Hospitals . Because trueth telling people in rural areas are the ones who pay now, because most mission hospitals are in rural areas, People in town who are rich are the ones who fight for free medical services. Changing Administration wont bring any change will just… Read more »
don malibu
for 52 years the health system has poorly performed as far as the delivery of the health services is concerned. Not all DHOs underperfrom no but that problem can originate from the grassroot and generate an underperformance to the DHO and that is a well known fact. you can argue all you want that the Bsc Health management Students will never bring change but truth of the matter is the training they undergo is specialized for the DIstrict Health Office /hospital Administration position therefore by all means change is bound to come. Talking of the salary grades these structures were… Read more »

I feel this change is too political. I feel politicians know that with no direct donor aid, donors will directly funding health sector at district level. As a result, they want to strategically put swindlers in the leading positions to harvest the donor money. Also they need bootlickers in these positions so the problems aint made known to the voters. Its ill timed actually and malicious in nature. Lets wait n see wat unfolds.


I, for one, would have wished that the doctors continue heading health services in the district. I don’t believe that these administrators will be any more competent than doctors in this role.
Actually, this could be a coup by some sections against doctors. AMA, you may need step in, to defend doctors here.

Mlowe boy

This will not be long term solution . Lets government deploy the right systems .

Kkkkk koma mbuli ndizoseketsa,busy fighting doctors by hiding your names on internet,ati thank you Dpp,APM bla bla bla,who told you dpp prefers less educated people at the expence of well educated for the challenging positions like DHO? For those who dont know,health management is the only 2 years degree program done at college of medicine,a programm which was introduced in bad faith just to fight doctors by some hate-filled clowns at this college,if you go scrutinize the quality of students in this programme,you will feel sorry for this country already,all of them once failed to qualify or make it to… Read more »
Benson Chirwa

Not non clinicians because all the people trained under this management course area health oriented personnel. Zivuta bwanji? DHO ayimva? Just thinking of some senior civil servant in the old capital.

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