Rapper Jay Bee chasing the Malawian dream in US

Renown Malawian hip hop artist Jay Bee left the country six years ago for the United States, since then very little has been heard about him musically back home but the rapper says he is still making gains and recording songs.

Jay Bee

Jay Bee real name Alberto Zacharias, established himself as one of the passionate local hip hop artists in the country with his hard-hitting, no holds barred lyrics and his self-made beyond reproach presentation endeared him to many youths.

He was a symbol of a generation which showed unparalleled determination to usher in a new understanding of the hip hop/rap genre which was replete with well marked beef and the everyday stories of ghetto life struggles and dreams.

But the pursuit of his musical dreams in the country was cut short as pressures of life and other personal ambitions forced him to relocate to the United States (US) in 2011 where he has been living until now.

In a Whatsapp interview on Wednesday from Lilongwe, the 34 year old rapper said though some quarters back home may feel he has gone into a music hibernation, he is still so much active having done so many projects during his six year stay in US.

“For those who love the brand I represent know that I am still the same guy who loves his music. Musically I have matured a lot and I have learned so much having had the opportunity to learn and fuse the demands of the two music cultures of US and Malawi,” he said.

Zacharias said since he trekked down to the US he has been involved in numerous projects which have seen him record over 30 songs which are available for free stream and download in various internet platforms like Malawi music.com and reverbnation.

“I have done songs like Get money, Ankadziwa ndani, Give me your love, Amfiti amandifila, Akufuna JB, Magic touch just to mention a few. I just love recording music and nothing could separate me from that passion,” Jay Bee firmed.

He urged his local fan base to make their own efforts to find his music and not to wait to hear them being played by local radio DJs whom he accused many of them of being biased as they do not play music on merit.

“If you have not had a chance to sample my current productions then you are missing out big time because my music is far much better to what you are guys are getting from your local artists. I am a trend setter and a master when it comes to music hip hop culture.

“Most DJs are my friends on Facebook, I share links for my new music all the time but they do not make any effort to check them out. They want me to come to them, beg or pay them to play my music but I will never do that, am already famous and am not trying to get any fame,” Jay Bee proudly boasted.

The rapper who is never short of lyrical controversies, said no matter how hard other players in the industry try to suppress his music, but his loyal fans are making full use of the other platforms and are playing it.

Zacharias took time to pay tribute to his American fans for the manner in which they receive his music, saying that a majority of them find it hard to believe that he was born and raised in Africa.

“My music so much represents their own culture and because of the way I do it they think I grew up here. They see a lot of potential in me and they love my music, they see a genius and a very talented African who is more ‘Americanized’ than most of them,” he said.

The hip hop artist said for some reasons he has not been in a position to follow the progress that local hip hop artists have made in the country since his departure.

“I left Malawi for a good reason, I wanted to take a break from the affairs of the country and a break from the spotlight because of some hidden dangers,” he said without elaborating much.

The rapper said apart from doing music he is also currently studying, working, doing arts and spirituality, role modeling and acts as a motivational speaker too.

He says if all goes according to plan he will visit Malawi next year with several music projects lined up as part of his visit.

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