‘Rebel’ Chidzanja confirms interest to challenge Chakwera for MCP presidency

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  ‘rebel’  Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has confirmed that she will challenge the party president  Lazarus Chakwera for prthe top post at the party’s convention.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma: Eyes MCP presidency

Chidzanja Nkhoma, a former close allyof Chakwera made the revelation in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times following rumours on the development spreading across several media platforms.

“It is not a rumour that I will contest for MCP Presidency and the term rebel [as used to label those against Chakwera’s leadership] is or was propaganda tool to discredit our concerns”,Chidzanja Nkhoma said.

Asked on how and why MCP followers should trust her with such a highest position, she said: “whether I should or can be trusted with the task lays in those who know me and my political career better”.

She added that just like any other Malawian and based on democratic values and principles, she is free to contest for any party position.

Chidzanja Nkhoma further boosted that she can unseat  Chakwera at the convention.

“Recent events and happening have made it imperative that the best candidates for this position should be one with vast knowledge and passion for the party. I have both and that is why I am going to challenge him,” said Chidzanja Nkhoma.

Last tyear, the presidential aspirant was expelled from the party along side another senior member Dennis Nanthumba.

Chakwera led administration accussed those against some of his decisions of bringing confusion into the party.

They were among other things accussing Chakwera of diverting party funds to build a personal mansion located in the suburb of Area 6 in Lilongwe estimated at around K650 Million.

The funds were allegedly sourced from private donations and allocation from parliament.

But the party officials argued that they were party detractors trying to fish out anything to dent the image of Chakwera.

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I like MCP but with you I can convince my village not t to vote at all


I don’t understand mukasowa chochita nkhani ndiyosaukitsa malawi bas?malawi never allow this sht to be happen again ife siolamulidwa ndi Azimayi.Pass this massage to Ur friend kt Simulimba f u can go to GIBUTI mukayese mwayi Amalawi siolamulidwa ndi Ovala zitenge check this out!!


How much has DPP given you madam?

Riff Valley

Mwalandila zingati mfumakazi?

konda nzako

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha koma abale maloto A CHUMBA ndithu hahahaha kazitape wa boma uyu kkkkkk

Yahya Jameh

Blue notes have exchanged hands to challenge Chakwera because he is a threat in 2019. They want a weak candidate that they can simply walk over. At her age she is still using a maiden name, meaning she is single – something is wrong certainly. Kwinaku ndi mphamvu za umbeta. Remember people were almost rejecting APM for being single. In Malawi traditionally people believe good leadership is associated with marriage because it demonstrates a high sense of responsibility and seriousness as opposed to the West where no one minds about their leaders’ marital status. Mamuna ukantenga ku naNkhoma – Kuchigwiri?


“Kwinaku ndi mphamvu za umbeta” is totally uncalled for, and unacceptable, in 2017!
And, contrary to your “tradition” of not wanting to have unmarried leaders: How about that Richard Armstrong (aka (Kamuzu Banda)? He was leader “for life” of your dictator Party, and was unmarried. In fact, according to the principles of your God fearing nation, he lived in sin with his personal assistant, Kadzamira. And what did you do about that?

ngumbe boy

That’s mansion gate


Be sensible, mayiwa akutaya nthawi, let her challenge Chakwera for the sake of democracy, the fact is that sangawine, she cannot even challenge Peter Mutharika in 2019, Only Chakwera can challenge him!!!


Izi ndizo zopusa


Maria, zopepera ife sitizifuna ngati ndi chontcho tell Kabwira the intellegent one and not you, which MCP are talking about? can you really convince people to vote for you in the country( north,& south even central)? Nanga kunyoza Chakwera kuja nkhani yake siyomweyi? That is colonial politics for the illiterate possibly you can be some of them. Go to hell.

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