Mutharika denies claim of selective prosecution: Challenges PAC to probe K236mil cashgate

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has denied accusations of selectively instigating prosecutions against opposition members while those in the corridors of powers are shielded.

President Mutharika: I don’t decide who to prosecute

Mutharika  has come under fire for selective in its prosecution of suspects of Cashgate—the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill exposed in 2013.

Critics argue that there has ever been Cashgate on Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)’s watch, including during the era of his brother Bingu wa Mutharika.

But when he met commissioners of the Malawi Human Rights Commisison on Thursday on the status of human rights in Malawi, the President said  he is not the prosecuting authority.

“I don’t decide on who to prosecute, Its the Anti Corruption Burea and the Ministry of Justice that have the mandate to prosecute people,” said Mutharika.

The President maintained that there no Cabinet ministes involved in Cashgate, challenging Public Account of Committee  of parliament to investigate the K236 billion cashgate and “close the chapter.”

“You can investigate my government and bring the evidence than you should be painting a negative picture that my government is the most corrupt,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also challenged the citizenry, civil society and foreign nationals who criticise him for his stance on the fight against graft, that none of his Cabinet ministers are mentioned in the K236 billion forensic audit report covering the period between 2009 and 2014.

Mutharika said he asked Accountant General, Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] director on the matter and” there are no seven ministers.”

Then president Joyce Banda ordered a forensic audit which British firm RSM (formerly Baker Tilly)  undertook, covering the six-month period between April and September 2013.

The audit established that about K24 billion was siphoned from public coffers through dubious payments, inflated invoices and goods or services never rendered.

In May 2015, a financial analysis report by audit and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also established that about K577 billion in public funds could not be reconciled between 2009 and December 31 2014.

However, the K577 billion estimated in the PwC report was revised downwards to K236 billion in a forensic audit conducted by RSM Risk Assurance Services LLP of the United Kingdom in April last year.


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APM anamulumbilitsa usiku chifukwa cha court injuction i think anapeleka ulemu wake kuti akhothi agamule and tsiku lomaliza limakwana mid nyt ,now inu mumati atani asamulumbilitse mai wanu uja kuthawa kunali komweko simudati watsala ndi mai wanuo akhala kunja konko

Mtanga Laston

Kodi president utu wawapanga challenge kangati apac? Nanga apac mukupangapo chani?Ngati mkudziwa maina 7 amaminister anaba ndalama zathu nanga bwanji osabwera poyera ndi mainawo kuti dziko la malawi liadziwe,Ngati APM mukuti maministers anu palibe ndiye kuti mkudziwa maina aanthu alipowo bwanji osawulula nanga kuti tidziwe kuti simkuikila munthu kumbuyo.

Jocol wa Jocol

Sooner than later the truth will come out…bliv u,me. God has heard our cry

Zaya ku Nkhongo

Bwana Mutharika that is the way to go! Give these idiots a long rope to hang themselves. By the time elections come there will be nothing for them to throw at DPP and we are going to whack their bums once again at elections.


This president is a liar. And I hate all of you who have gone to him and again lie to him.

APM bought Blantyre City Council houses dubiously. What other evidence does he want presented to him? Inu a MHRC you are very stupid bcoz you don’t tell him the truth in the face, but when you come out from the State Hoyse, ndiye bwe bwe bwe, useless twarts.

As long as he is president (and midnight six) in power, malawians will never know the truth about K236bn cashgate.

The money was used to fund 2014 campaign and rigging.


Facts being facts the President is not the prosecutor in fact if he can be then we are back to autocracy which we did veto in 1994. Maizegate ndiye zaonekeratu kuti ndi ndale played by opposition and CSOs. The Govt, opposition and CSOs are playing politics with our lives its such a shame even the church? Can u guys get organised and transfrom Malawi please. Zamasewera tatopa nazo ife mwamva..

Mbonga Matoga
He is not the persecuting authority……….yeah right………….is this the same president who ordered the arrest of Mr Aniva in Nsanje for sex / hyena related matters but he can not order the same police and the ACB to arrest the people involved in corruption? So our president is more interested in sex related matters only and not in the fight against corruption? Is this becoz he benefits from the proceeds of corruption? If none of his ministers were involved in the K236 billion cashgate who was involved then? Did he ask the AG and the ACB about this or did… Read more »
Rift Valley
Account General and ACB are under APM’s armpit and can, therefore not bite the figure feeding them. As for the opposition always rushing to Zodiac and the court, this is because the only National TV and radio are also controlled by APM/DPP. The bottom line is that APM is doing every thing possible to protect his partners in crime. Fortunately time is running out for these thieves. Poor APM. He is not in control Take, for example, Chasowa murder case. The Common of enquiry made it’s recommendations. Why, then waste time and money hiring foreign investigators. I am sure Masangwi,… Read more »

Wild accusations that come with no substance are typical of zombies like Kamlepo, PAC and other stupid fools who are very vocal on social media due to their pathological hatred. Come 2019 you will flip flop and cry that mwabeledwa. How come the opposition are only on Zodiak and Courts? Signs that they have nothing to oofer. Ya njiri madzira kuswa njeee. I think somebody wil have the best laugh, and all zombies will realise their stupidity.

Mwatero eti

As a country we are not moving forward but why mr president? Dot u admire ur fellow presidents in the neigbouring countries with visionary competence in economic empowerment & spearheading of development.Shame to malawi as a nation.Look just an impostor

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