Rising marital suicides worrying -Malawi govt

Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati has expressed worry over the rising incidents of suicides due to marital squabbles, warning government would deal with men who use power to settle marital problems.

PS Mary Shawa (left) and Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare: Dealing with sex tourism and children exploitation in Malawi

PS Mary Shawa (left) and Patricia Kaliati, Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare: Dealing with domestic violence

Kaliati said this at a news conference in Lilongwe following the gruesome murder in Zingwangwa, Blantyre of a 44 old woman and her 13 year old son by the woman’s husband on allegations that the lady was flirting with another man.

The killer husband also turned a gun on himself.

“As ministry, we will not sit and condone such behaviour. We had a child killed who had nothing to do with the marital problems in the family,” said Kaliati.

Police southern region publicist Elizabeth Divala said the focus is now on the man alleged to have been flirting with the slain woman, Grace Chipanda who worked as a stores clerk at Soche Anglican Church.

The police however dismissed reports that the killer husband Charles Chipanda, 52 was on police wanted list.

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Ngozi iyi, ngati mkazi amapanga uhule akanangothetsa banja bambowo not point apanga, azimai amasiku ano ajayila safuna zautsilu nde abambo ngati ali mchibwenzi amai nso angaponga zomwezo, kutha kwa kwa dziko uku, mwana osalakwa mwaphelanji bamb6, mukayankha mafunso


Sometimes, men who are less empowered economically compared to their partners, they feel intimated and mostly they misinterpret zinthu. They would think mkazi akuwadelera even when truly its not like that. they would say u are cheating just because you were able to buy something. by twisting kuti akugulira ndi amuna ena. All this imakhala insecurity.
Mukawona between these people, mzimayiyu ndi amene akukhala ngati anali pantchito pomwe bamboo zomwe amachita zenizeni sizikuoneka. Too sad


The best option where things are not working is divorce. But ankhoswe and the new marriage law makes divorces so difficult and costly. So what do you expect? That men will stay in marriage by force? Mxii!

Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
If Police want to question the man who allegedly might hsve had an affair with the slain wife, they are really on the wrong track. Can’t legally blame him for this gruesome act. Criminality rests with the husband, who unfortunately, killed himself too; and the truth, the real truth, will never be known. Not uncommon in most suicides: motives are usually based on rumor, innuendo and hearsay. Akweni would be wrong to target her laser beam of blame on men in general. There are many other causes of marital trouble. Finances being the major one, but not the only cause.… Read more »
Fundo ndi madzi

To be honest, Malawian married women alowa uhule too much. They find simple reasons, endless demands infact, to justify their uhule. Make diverce simple than forcing people to be in families. Kuntchito kwatu 3 married women involved in affairs, kumachita kuoneka, kugulillidwa lunch, air time, kupempha lift mamuna waini all the time, wina osachita manyazi akuyenda ndi ka mwana nde kamangomuyalutsanso, akuti fungo ndi madzi……..

Men do not own women and therefore no man should kill a woman or harass her because she is in love with another man. If women killed men because they are going out with other women, how many men would still be there today? Women have a right to have relationships with other men and this includes married women – they have feelings too and like men they want to have change. – nkhwani, nyemba, nyama, nkhuku etc. When that happens it is up to the man to leave the woman or forgive her – after all women have done… Read more »

akulu imeneyo sinkhani


A PS Ndi Honourable Kaliati pitilizani kuuzitsa anthu za nkhani za mbanja chifukwa zachitikazi ndizoopsa, mfuti sungasungire nyumba ayi, mapeto ake yaphetsa mwana osalakwa. mwanayo wandipweteka kuposa zonse RIP


i remember a certain woman also killed her husband last year by chopping his manhood. It seems that story is now water under the bridge. So its not good to only focus on males. Please women do not cheat on your husbands.


She was in love with police man

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