Malawi Police blame influx of guns on Mozambique

Malawi Police say the influx of guns in the country is the aftermath of war in Mozambique where rebels Renamo fought Frelimo for two decades.

Gondwa:   Gun crime concern of Malawi Police

Gondwa: Gun crime concern of Malawi Police

The police comment comes after Malawians were shocked of a gruesome murder of a 44 year old lady Grace Chipanda and her 13 year old son Gift in Zingwangwa, Blantyre gunned down by the woman’s husband, Charles Chipanda, 52, raising questions why more people are now found with guns.

Nicholas Gondwa, police spokesman said the pistol used by Charles to kill his wife and step son was unregistered.

“People with licenced guns do not misuse the firearms, it is only those with illegal firearms,” said Gondwa.

He said more firearms find their way into Malawi from Mozambique although there are controls at Malawi border with Mozambique.

“These people use unchartered routes from Mozambique to Malawi, they don’t go through the normal border posts,” said Gondwa.

There are fears that more guns will be smuggled into the country threatening more lives as civil war in Mozambique has resurfaced especially in Tete.

Renamo has been engaged in insurgency war with Frelimo after Alfonso Dlakama, the Renamo leader lost the presidential election last year.

Mwanza district commissioner Gift Rapozo estimates 3,000 Mozambicans have trekked to the border district to seek refuge.

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zebron henry banda

Those found with illegal guns should face stiff sentences ie 20years behind bars.If they commit crimes with those guns,ie,murder,hang them.Forget Europeans and the west’s protestations of so-called “human rights”becaause: 1-It’s your problem to solve.2-you will be the victims,not them.Criminals know nothing about human rights.4-Everyone should be a spook.Have a toll free cellphone number to which pple can call for tips(info) on criminality.Women make the best spookies.Alternatively,use tactics employed by late Kamuzu-Young pioneers-to track and teach the bastards lessons in ngodya zinayi.

Nyapapi Petulo Muthathalika
Nyapapi Petulo Muthathalika

A police mukuchitano chani?

tractor salesman

then it’s a good thing that ‘we’re ready for any terrorist attack’ eti?


Malawi Police and MRA has to be extra careful and not to be corrupted with money frm those who are bringing the guns and the ammunitions

Daw banzi

I don’t care where the guns are coming from all I want to know is what mechanisims do you have in place to control the influx of guns and violent crimes.


Mayiko anzathu pena paliponse pamene pali kafootpath kolowa mu neighbouring country amaikapo apolisi amaika ka gate koti munthu sangangodutsa asanakambirane nawo. koma ife apolisi ndi ambiri angomwa nkalabongo mmakhwalalamu. mmalo momawatumiza malo ngati amenewa basi angoyenda ntaunimu kusowa chochita.

Laston sakwata

Plz allow them to enter due to mmawa ndife.

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