Road named after Getrude Mutharika, Malawi First Lady

First Lady Getrude Mutharika now has a road to be named after her in Blantyre.

First Lady Gertrude Mutharika  now has a road named after her

The Chimwankhunga-Zion  road will be named after President Peter Mutharika’s wife to be ‘Prof Getrude Mutharika Avenue’.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre  City South Constituency, Allan Ngumuya (Democratic Progressive Party –DPP) said  they are naming the road to appreciate the “influence” which the President’s wife had to ensure it was constructed.

Ngumuya said  he asked the First Lady in 2015 when she attended  prayers  at Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church to tell the President that the road was “terribly bad” and his constituents needs the  the road to be constructed.

He said the First Lady was equally concerned and promised to influence events that the road be constructed.

“It was in 2015 during International Women’s Day of Prayers when the First Lady attended prayers at Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church. I as an MP for the area was in attendance too. So I asked the First Lady to tell the President that people in the area needed the road to be constructed. The First Lady confirmed that she saw how bad it was herself and therefore promised to tell the President about it.

“It took about a month before the official response came and in no time we saw Blantyre City Council and Eastern Construction Company running up and down on the road. In about 6-7 months the construction of the road was complete,” Ngumuya said.

According to Ngumuya, it was in view of this that him and the majority of people in his constituency, particularly the areas surrounding the road want the road to be named after the First Lady.

Ngumuya said before being constructed by the DPP government the road has seen, the then Joyce Banda government refusing to construct it despite the Joyce Banda Foundation being in the same area. He said the once MP for the area, Moses Kunkuyu also turned down people’s wish to work on the road.

The First Lady, who served as an MP for Balaka North and lost the seat to musician Lucius Banda, is the President’s second wife. Professor Mutharika was once married to a Caribbean woman during his stay in the United States, a marriage that bore three children. The First Lady also has a son from the previous marriage.

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Let Peter Mponda win this seat

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

A Ngumuya nthawi zonse kumachuka pazinthu zolakwika zokhazokha chifukwa chiyani. Koma ndale zakuMalawi!

I live in the area near the said road and I don’t remember – ever – as a resident, giving my views to Allan Ngumuya that the road should be named after the First Lady! And, I stand to be corrected, my fellow CDam residents will agree with me that, save for the said road, there is another one in the area i.e. the one that passes by Manja Primary School, that remains in an awful condition. What is Ngumuya doing about it? With this type of mediocre and myopic representation in Parliament, woe betide Malawians as our beloved country… Read more »

Dzina la msewo mpakana Prof…………………kikkikiki. Koma Allan. Dr. Kamuzu Stadium . Kikikiki. Wandiseketsa.


Of course. In the UK some roads start with Sir…..hopefully one day you will have the privilege to see for yourself.

Prof. Mathanyula

DPP mediocrity at its best. With dpp at the helm this country will be progressing backwards. Who’s getrude mutharika to be honored with her name on the road?

Hallucinating Mutharika
Hallucinating Mutharika

Iyi ndiyo example ya mediocrity. Allan Ngumuya has a mediocre mindset.

Road construction assessments and works is the jurisdiction of the national roads agency and fully funded by a tax payer not the first lady’s responsibility.

No need of changing the original name of that road.


Zonse zimene za Gretrude Muthairika ukwati wo ukazatha azasinthanso dzinalo??? a Ngumuya sukulu yiti munapita inu yakwacha kapena??coz iyi ndi misonkho yathu yomwe amangira nsewu yi so influence yomwe mukunena apayi its just like you’re worshipping the lady,boot licking her yerrr!! thats too primitive


Is Ngumuya a lady? So the first couple is MARRIED AGAIN


In 54 years we have not seen Tamanda Kadzamira Road, Anne Muluzi Street, Shanil Dzimbiri- Muluzi Highway, Esther Wa Mutharika Bridge, Calista Mutharika House, Richard Banda Roundabout, you would think all these people did not contribute meaningful development to Malawi? Why start this stupidity now?


Ngumuya has just confirmed that he is another bootlicking ignoramus who is on his permanent way out of parliament. We do not need such stupid people in the national assembly. Mngoni opusa, mwina matenda alowa kubongo…..there are living examples of such stupidity, ask one Leckford Thotho

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