Road signs vandalism contributing to Malawi increased accidents — Roads Authority

Roads Authority has expressed concerns on the removal over sign posts along the Parliament Bingu National Stadium dual carriage way.

Malawi desperately need these road signs throughout the M1 Road and at trading centre

Public Relations Manager for Roads Authority, Portia Kajanga expressed the concern Friday in Lilongwe during stakeholder’s consultative meeting on Health, Safety and Environment.

She noted that despite being a new road some people have already starting removing sign posts along the dual carriage way.

Kajanga said the act has increased incidents of accident along the way as a result of such acts.

“The construction of the dual carriage way included the safety component which is being supported by the road signs that were placed along the way. It is disturbing to learn that some people have resolved to vandalize sign posts,” the Manager explained.

She said this has negative affected most road users including motorists and cyclists as a result of the removal of sign posts.

Kajanga urged various stakeholders along the dual carriage way to ensure that the sign posts along the road are always protected from such acts.

“Community policing members along the carriage way need to provide adequate security and should step up security arrest involved in the malpractice. Let us join hands to safeguard government property for our own safety on the road,” Manager added.

One of the stakeholders to the meeting, George Makina noted that the road needs to be properly marked and installed with adequate road signs.

He said there are over four places along the road which could be considered to be hotspots for accidents.

“Apart from vandalism of the sign posts, motorists and cyclists too need to observe roads signs along the way. Speeding among most motorists has increased due to good terrain the dual carriage way has. Motorists too need to observe speed limit for road,” Makina explained.  

Chief Road Traffic Officer for Awareness on Civic Education, James Gumulira said the speed limit for the dual carriage way is 60km/h and driving beyond this limit attracts a fine.

“Motorists should always observe speed limits of every road and failure to do so Traffic officers using speed traps will catch them up. The dual carriage provides two way lanes and motorists must use the left lane and the right lane should be used for over taking not for normal drive,” he pointed out.

Gumulira added that motorists could be fined if he keeps driving on the right hand side of the roads where there is no congestion.

He said motorists parking on bicycle lanes along the dual carriage way would be liable to fines and some have been subjected to this already.  

Stakeholders to meeting included Roads Authority officials, Road Traffic Officers, Lingadzi Police Station Officer, Contractor of the road, MotaEngil, Block leaders, members of Bicycle Associations, Lilongwe City Council staff and the media

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Kapado Chimuthawirenji

The issue presented by Roads Authority is vandalism, not theft of road signs. One thing that is certain is that vandalism of road signs is done by children when they have been erected to the height of their reach. Most countries within Africa and Europe alike their road signs’ height is such that no one can easily reach them. The moment you make them short, they are prone to vandalism. So, the solution to this problem is so simple, but you do half baked job in the name of saving money when the same money you are claiimg to save… Read more »

3 years ago

One major problem with our laws and regulations is that they are too flexible and prone to be manipulated by the prosecution/prosecutors,over the years it is a known fact that tampering/stealing telecommunications equipment,road signs and railway equipment is called sabotage yet our prosecutors twist it and call it vandalism. Penalty for the two criminal activities are different one calls for a lesser sentence than the other.but back handing is the order of the day hence the twist. Magistrates and judges should time and again question the prosecution how they came with a particular type of a crime as opposed to… Read more »

Yasser Arafat Hamdani
Yasser Arafat Hamdani
3 years ago

What of kabaza bicycles and motorbikes without reflective wear and lights? These should actually be prosecuted. Other signs should include uncontrolled dogs and unruly juvenile drivers who do not follow their lights to oncoming traffic.

3 years ago

Koma nzoona mpaka kuba chikhwangwani cha pa mseu? Kusauka kapena kulodzedwa?

Che Wanimiliyoni
Che Wanimiliyoni
3 years ago

I have never been on this new BNS dual carriage road but my question is simple how do I turn from left lane to the right junction with switching to the right lane?
Inunso a Roads Authority you pretty know steel in Malawi is prone to theft why can’t you use plastic or concrete signposts? Nkhani ndikufuna kudyapo pa ma replacement contracts

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