Santana’s plot to defraud Prophet Bushiri reported in South Africa media

An Angolan businessman  in Polokwane, South Africa  Pico Santana known as Antonio Martins, who filed a lawsuit demoing 15 million Rands from South African based Malawian well-known prophet Shepherd Bushiri for defamation over  a “prophecy” in church, has been reported to be  “a celebrated conman” who had plotted to defraud the billionaire preacher, according to reports in South Africa media.

Screenshot supplied by one of the informants clearly shows Martins using Xenophobic rhetoric to raise tensions against Bushiri, despite himself not being a South African, or at least being a dodgy one. Antonio Martins is himself an Angolan.

Pico Santana: Bushiri’s prophecy has damaged reputation of our family

Prophet Bushiri

The Southern Daily  reported that Antonio wanted to “harass”  and “bully” Bushiri after he prophesied to Antonio Martin’s wife, that her husband was cheating, and at risk of contracting HIV, since he was in the habit of sleeping around.

The Ghana Breaking News also reported the story that three women and one man, were approached by Martins and offered R20,000 each to launch a massive disinformation campaign which involved making outrageous and unfounded allegations, then spamming groups with links to the false and fake material.

Citing unnamed sources, the reports said Antonio would bully Prophet Bushiri until he was able to extort at least R10 million from the Prophet.

Martins even went as far as creating xenophobic posts attacking Prophet Bushiri, and posting them in groups where people with similar xenophobic sentiments are found, it was reported.


A South African news outlet  Morning Post reported that Martins had tried to hire thugs to kill the Prophet, while another website Daily Express revealed that Anthony Martins wife left him, after catching him in bed with over 10 prostitutes. 

Antonio had been irked when  Bushiri prophesised that Gabriela Belem, Antonio ‘son, was cursed.

The prophecy is said to have been delivered on 20 January during a church service in Johannesburg.

Antonio said the prophecy which was aired on Prophetic TV channel has tarnished the family dignity and reputation hence suing.

The Angolan has meanwhile gone flat-out on social media to attack Bushiri.

But the ‘Major 1’ has been uequivocal about his capabilities to people who behave like Antonio in a video footage captured from his church.

“One of these notorious man in Polokwane is playing around with the anointed for some of you who know him, warn him that he is touching a wrong person. Do not say I did not warn him. I hear his name is Antonio. He is busy attacking my God. You do not fight God’s people,” said Bushiri.


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I remember the ancient Christian . who were burn alive for their faith. They never use the word they will react if I react they will die.
I remembered Stephanie was stone to death before they stone him he said father forgive them . watching and listening how our Christianity as turn into.


I think the man of God was not suppose to retaliate unto this person santana,He is not Christian,you know when people speak bad against you us the man of God we give it to God.


Ambuye Mulungu athana nazo zonsezi very soon don’t worry


He claim he believe that Jesus is his bodygaurd.An unfaithful cheating man like him he must just keep Jesus away from his issues and feel the heat of the fire he started.He’s a lowlife opportunist and he really need physical and spiritual deliverance

prince mudziri

he needs deliverance indeed and to my papa prophert bushiri dont make him suffer ,,,pray for him to know that who is god.he dont know our god forgive him.


I think Antonion needs deliverance directly from God himself ….

Calvin Simelane

You cant fight against a man of God, its time now that the settings of the world understand that GOD is GOD and his servents are his mouthpiece. Imagine, this Santana is attacking someone who does miracle which we last heared about through Jesus and he think a court is something, YOU ARE JOKING…not with MAJOR 1…aaaaaah are you crazy Santana???????? God will always defeat you and your courts. We operate not from heaven but from the throne!

dziko ndi anthu ake

keep it up PB we are behind you


Ine zama Prophet zanuzi zisandikhuze



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