Saunders Juma of Maenga faces immigration matter in South Africa

South Africa based  Saunders Juma of the social media grouping called Maenga is facing immigration  battle over a right of abode in the rainbow nation after people reported him to authorities.

Juma of Maenga

Juma is based in Pretoria and  was reported to South African authorities by suspected fellow Malawians.

He has of late been making statements promoting lawless society in Malawi.

If Juma is deported to Malawi, he has promised to continue with his “warcry” talk which he has been making on social media.

“Maenga would like to break the chain of ignorance and remove the shackles of fear and wrong perception that government and its leaders are masters of the people not servants.

“We are aware DPP and President Peter Mutharika may feel offended knowing that if Maenga bring her legs on the soil of Malawi thieves will not have upper hand in the government,” Juma said in a recent statement.

He said governing Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP) supporters are against Maenga or label Maenga as jealous and rebel group.

“Maenga has professionals who are willing to help change the country so that state system is run with clean hands and purge theft mindset of those running it.”

Juma said  Maenga is after “ a better Malawi.”

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What are you saying? Its hard to understand what you have written.


” OSAOPA ” Move on Maenga….. join the revolution!