Scandals galore: Teresian Nuns boss under fire in Malawi

Remember the airport sex scandal between a Catholic priest and a nun in around 2004? The nun, Sister Mary Moyo belonged to Teresian Congregation of Catholic Sisters and she ate the fruit of the garden of Eden with Fr. Kalino. The same Teresian Sisters Congregation is at it again today.

Young and elderly sisters in the congregation are living in fear for their vocation as the current administration under Mother General Magdalena Ndawala is known for firing nuns over petty reasons that include jealousy and gossip.

Ndawala’s term which expires next year after five years has already fired 16 nuns, a shock among other congregations of nuns in Malawi.

Sister Ndawala: Under nuns fire

Some of the fired nuns have challenged the administration over the firing and refused to sign dismissal letters.

Lilongwe archdiocese authorities have on many occasions engaged the administration of Sr Ndawala over the maladministration but the leadership has remained adamant forcing young girls to regret just after joining the convent life.

Bad treatment

During the ordination of priests in Lilongwe archdiocese two weeks ago, Sr.Ndawala fired a nun at a podium right during the Holy Eucharistic celebrations at Maula Cathedral. Some of her friends later said their boss did not act well by doing that because there are proper channels of firing people.

“She is not comfortable with intelligent and beautiful nuns. For example, most of the fired nuns are very beautiful. One nun got a donor for her education to Domasi Education College but Ndawala grabbed the money to her friend leaving the other nun helpless.

“And again without shame she fired Sr Adelaide who was even one of her counsellors because she was the most educated nun. Sr Adelaide wanted to establish a branch in one of the dioceses in Zambia where she went to teach. The sister challenged the sacking and wrote Rome for intervention. The response is yet to come.

“Another sister was told to leave the convent in Lilongwe for apparent reason and she refused. She is still there but management does not give her anything for her living apart from food. She depends on the support of her friends for soap and other things. They even ridicule her.

“Recently, [last week] Sr. Ndawala involved police to arrest one nun because she wrote her a text message accusing her of ill-treating nuns,” said one priest.

Some of those who were fired also confirmed the bad treatment.

Another priest from Lilongwe Archdiocese said priests and fellow nuns have talked to Sr Ndawala to change but she does not listen. Even bishop Lungu of Zambia summoned Teresian Sisters and questioned why their population was going down when new congregations like Good Shepherd Sisters were growing.

Scandals galore

The leadership of Teresian Sisters in Malawi is also allegedly said to be involved in love affairs with some priests.

The allegations further say that Sr Ndawala is involved in witchcraft as some nuns who have gone to witch doctors for help were told that their boss was behind some of their misfortunes.

“Old nuns are complaining that they are receiving bad treatment. Young girls who join quickly regret and some leave immediately. The mother general wants to be praised as a god. She does not take opposing views. She is not democratic. Nuns have been offering novenas and fasting that she should leave even before her term. When she hates one, she will do anything to finish that nun,” another source told Nyasa Times.

Sr. Ndawala refused to comment on the allegations and accusations.

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