Self-boarding school fuelling drop-out rates in Karonga

Teachers in Karonga the northern part of Malawi have asked government to fulfil its promise of reducing school distances by constructing schools for not more than seven kilometres from the people’s villages as one way of abolishing the self-boarding initiative in the country in order to minimize the dropout rate cases.

Mwalwanda with some students who have benefted from the donation

Mwalwanda with some students who have benefted from the donation

Mwalwanda with Msukwa presenting a cheque

Mwalwanda with Msukwa presenting a cheque

According to the Head Teacher of Mlale Secondary School in Karonga, Belliam Msukwa,   said most drops out cases occurs due to early pregnancy the incidents which comes because students stay alone in self-boarding schools.

He was speaking when receiving a cheque of K167, 000 for 17 orphan students donated by the former minister of Finance Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda,

Msukwa said student face appalling challenges in the self-boarding facilities.

He said girls are subjected to various abuses, including rape, because their boarding houses are not secure.

The head teacher said about 25 girls have dropped out of school only for the last term school season due to early pregnancies and marriages.

“It is so pathetic that government as well as other organizations are reassuring girls’ education while in various schools we are encountering a number of drop out cases from the same girls just because of long distances,” said Msukwa.

“As of Mlale Secondary school some people cover 20 kilometres to reach at the school,” said Msukwa,

He adds that some girls are involved in prostitution to earn a living.

The District Education Manager Scotch Kondowe concurred with Msukwa saying “we are indeed registering more number of drop out cases here in Karonga as only for 2014 school season we have encountered over 2000 primary school learners dropping out of school and in Secondary schools we have registered about 200 students and most of them is because of early pregnancies and marriages.”

In his remarks after presenting the donation, the former minister Mwalwanda express his worry towards the development which he described as a setback to the government goal of educating more girls.

He however revealed his plan of constructing some girls’ boarding schools in his area as one way of reducing such problems.

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Patrick Majoni

Bigup munthu wankulu.Zikoli likusowa anthu oolowa manja ngati amenewa.Malawians,we must learn not to politisize anything.This is just adonation not campaign.

kamtaye kapila

Why didn’t you make this donation during campaign period . You lost your seat and you want to lose your money for what wadada mwalwanda . I thought you recently announced that you had joined DPP because JB was a bad president . Please be patient whilst APM is thinking of what to give you . But remember APM has never forgotten the words you said about his brother Bingu in parliament that he was a Dunderhead who never listened to advice .

Dr. Mwalwanda
Please allow me to make observations on comments made on the donation I made to orphans attending school at Mlare Secondary School. I thank those who have noted my commitment to education and dedication to helping those less fortunate than many of us. I feel sorry for people like Kalyoto who would like to use Nyasatimes to make false accusations, which they cannot prove. I have never slept with any of the girls I have supported. People like Kalyoto can be sued for defamation were it not that this is an Electronic Media- Furthermore for correction am not 85 years… Read more »

A mwalwanda at 85 years you are still aspiring to become an mp . Why don’t you just enjoy your retirement and enjoy the rest of your life . Mwenefumbo should also retire having served as an MP for 3 terms .


Northern region is second to Southern region in terms of teenage pregnancies and early marriages (MDHS 2010), and this is not a surprise.


Shaaa 20 girls dropping out of sch in one term, thus shameful. Asi anakazi achitumbuka mwachitika uli?, mwaposatu alhomwe kkkk suja mumati mumakonda maphunziro kkk panyakhe asambizi are involved hede, inenso i was at a self boarding ku migowi- phalombe but imanaged to swing pa university. Anawo ali ndivuto likulu chomene

Mbewazikathaanona nswiswiri

Congrants for the donation,half bread z better.K167000.00 ndi yambiri zikomo bwana


This is double standards at its best . You were an MR of the area and Finance Minister for 5 years and yet you did not use your influence to meaningfully address these shortfalls . And rumour has it that you slept with many of those girls . If this is your debut fir a come back then it’s a bad start . Please our honorable MPs don’t full us . What will that change do to make a difference in the girls plight . You are a pathetic sadist .

Computer Scientist

Good Job Mwalwanda. I can feel your help coz I know this school.

Ronald K.Kalira.

Thanks Mwalwanda we lack such people in Malawi,this is a lesson to us all who are blessed with enough which God meant it for the less privileged class of people.And the second thing you our friends privileged to be in power with alot of money you have made education something very difficult for Malawians to achieve their goals due to the costs.And you are covering all possible ways by pushing your own children first.The nation wont progress allow the nature be in control and think of the costs to come down to enable the less privileged.

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