Senior citizen Garnet Kamwambe strong worded open letter to Malawi President

Dear Mr. President,

Why an Open Letter?

I have decided to write an open letter to you because as a citizen of Malawi, the standing Malawi Democratic Constitution gives me freedom of expression and freedom of opinion on all matters of public interest.

President Mutharika: Letter from Kamwambi addressing issues of national interest

 Secondly, as a citizen of Malawi, where we originally opted before political independence 52 years ago, to adopt and practice a political system of democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution, I have an obligation to respect and protect the said political system of democracy in  Malawi, to respect and protect the standing Malawi democratic Constitution and indeed to respect and protect human rights of all Malawians, particularly Northerners whose rights were seriously  and continuously violated by the center /south state Presidents of Malawi during the past 52 years!

Thirdly, even although you are surrounded by advisors including ubiquitous snoopers all over the place in the country, it is still possible that some valuable information to help you govern the country properly may in fact be lost on the way up and thus never reach you due to a tendency for some of your unscrupulous supporters to want to present to you only information they consider palatable to your eyes and ears!

Last but not least, I am a senior citizen who has seen politics of this country unfold from the early nationalists days up to now and therefore in the interest of the country, I can point out your governance blunders or successes without any fear or favor as you will subsequently note in this letter. I believe that such a strategy is most beneficial to you and the country than simply telling you a pack of lies!

The current Problem.

The bone of contention in the current debate on domestic affairs is the observed problem of your despotic governance style of the country whichis diametrically opposed to the people’s preferred political system of democracy originally chosen by all Malawians as a better mode of managing activities of the country before political independenceday!

Due to lack of time and space, I will single out the national policy of receiving refugees in Malawi, the Land Act Bill, and the transfer of a refugee camp from Dzeleka in Central Region to Katiri in Karonga, Northern Region,as illustrations of my condemnation of your style of governance in terms of how you have handled these policies despotically rather than democratically.

Mr. President, in order to enable you see clearly my line of thinking, I state hereunder the premises of my arguments, that is, the current poor state of the Malawi economy, among other stipulations of the Malawi democratic Constitution, the relevance of Section 12 of the Malawi Democratic Constitution to your legal and political authorityand to which you have to pay attention and consideration all along when governing Malawi and specifically the need for your respect of the democratic ethical principle of “transparency and accountability” in implementing policies.

Analysis of Your Policies and Governance Style.

During the fifties, Dunduzu Chisiza and I had a meeting in the house of Akogho Adamson Kanyanya at Chitawira location, Blantyre, in which we reflected on the necessity of immediate political independence of Nyasaland at the time so that we could govern the country on basis of pure democracy as opposed to the non-democratic despotic and repressive British colonial rule which we were experiencing!The meeting which started at around 8.00 pm lasted up to 4.00 am when Dunduzu exclaimed, “I think Garnet we can run this country democratically on our own!”

Mr. President, by abandoning democratic practice and embracing a despotic style of governance in Malawi, you render our early vision and gallant fight for political independence of Malawi in vain! Are you being fair to us, your predecessors? Why don’t you care about democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution for which we spilt blood? Where, exactly, do you find governance of Malawi based on a Malawi democratic Constitution “Rocket Science”?

Around late seventies, at the request of late Aaron Gadama the then Regional Minister of Central Region of Malawi, I had a meeting with him for several hours at the Malawi Embassy grounds,Kabulonga, Lusaka Zambia, to discuss how best we could source funds from United Nations to improve the poor health services delivery system in rural,peri-urban areas of Lilongwe cityas well as shanty compounds of the city in order to decongest the out-and in-patient population at the only district hospital in the now Lilongwe  old town.

Mr. President, to-day numerous clinics which we envisioned in our discussions do not exist in Lilongwe and what is worse, medical drugs are not available in the few health institutions throughout the Lilongwe district. Where do your ministers and controlling officers hide the medical drugs? Our vision at that early date has been renderedlost labour and an effort in vain! Are you being fair to us, your predecessors, to neglect our vision and permit the suffering of Malawians through despotism and poor governance?

Mr. President, let us now come to comments on some of your bad policies in the country. The national policy of receiving refugees in Malawicannot be right to remain open-ended! The economic conditions in Malawi have so substantially deteriorated that the policy ought to have been already revisited and scrapped—for the following grounds:

First, Malawi is among the last four least developed countries in the world and by to-day Malawians are poorer than when Hastings Banda left the political scene, thirty years ago!

Second, the population density of Malawi at about 115 persons per square mile is approximately three times the average population densities of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania which are more developed and very large countries compared with Malawi! How then does Malawi become a strong candidate for receiving an influx of refugees almost every day at Songwe and Kanyala borders in the North? And, yet the incoming economic migrants (self-styled refugees), as alluded to earlier on, pass through bigger and more developed neighboring countries than Malawi!

 Third, to be a signatory to the Geneva Convention does not oblige Malawi to receive refugees from outside the country by hook or crook! You and your friends in cabinet definitely need to put your house of Malawi in order first before you meddle with unjustifiable problems of economic migrants from east-central Africa who cheat you by feigning to be refugees when they are simply economic migrants to displace local Malawians in getting jobs and starting up businesses etc!

Fourth, the alleged cut of a fraction of the money from UNHCR by DPP leaders is a criminal reason for maintaining a policy that hurts all Malawians badly! If true, close borders immediately!

Fifth,52 years down the line, despite removal of Asians from rural and peri-urban areas of Malawi, to give way for local business-men and women, your current policy of receiving Burundians, Rwandese, DRC elements, Nigerians and Somalis etc every-day into Malawi, is simply a replacement of Asians by these worse elements than Asians!  Local businessmen and women are crying foul about the unfair and harmful policy to their struggle to improve private sector in the country, but your Administration is just watching! What are you up to?

Sixth, your so-called refugees openly tell some local Malawians the following: There is no trouble as such in our countries. That is why we go and come back without any trouble. We prefer coming to Malawi as refugees because this country is porous in everything. It is easy to do business, it is easy to bribe any official –politicians or controlling officers, it is easy to use fake certificates to get jobs, it is easy to put our children in any school by simply bribing Headmasters, all of us have guns because those who visit our countries from time to time easily smuggle weapons into Malawi when they come back! Most of all, the state President of Malawi protects us. Sir, on what basis does the pact to protect economic immigrants into Malawi exist?

Mr. President, in terms of unruliness of your economic migrants, one of your top security officers in the DPP Administration lamented in the Week-end Nation of early March 2017 about the problem of insecurity in the country because of these same refugees! He said they do not want to stay in the camps. Theysneak into cities causing a lot of problems. He went on to say “we deport them but they sneak back into the country as fast as they left the country etc!” Are you aware of these problematic developments caused by your immigrants into Malawi?

Mr. President, what justification can you offer the nation for maintaining such a meaningless policy which is very disruptive of traditional Malawi life? Have these economic migrants, self-styled refugees, not started to flood Malawi with hand guns for sale? I hope you have not forgotten that most of these so-called refugees have been buying Malawi passports from your DPP corrupt immigration officers, all of whom culprits are in fact your tribesmen and women who are still retained in your Administration!In view of your apparent indifference to these national problems, have you really got the interest of Malawi and Malawians at heart?

Seventh, for the interest of the country, please stop taking in refugees from east-central African countries forthwith and deport all thosealready in the country since they need to spend time developing their countries instead of loitering all over other African countries!Mr. President we have never fought civil war in Malawi We have never fought a civil war in Malawi and therefore we do not want to unwittingly import guns in the country because of your foolish policy. We want to live peacefully here! Do not forget that Malawians are under-developed by your very poor governance policies, and therefore we would rather have you spend time solving our acute problems than allowing immigration of foreigners carelessly to worsen our sufferings!

Eight, Karonga District is a flood-prone district, therefore the rising lands across Katiri area constitute a “safety net” for relocation of the population from lowlands to a higher area in time of floods disaster. In addition, that land is reserved for our children and grand-children. How dare you, Mr. President, contemplate giving your dubious economic immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda, Somali etc priority to occupy our only available Katiri area?

Further Analysis on Questionable Policies

Mr. President,on the Land Act Bill,evidence of your despotic or totalitarian conduct is very clear. Why do you seem allergic to the political system of democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution?

Of course, to conceive the idea of the Land Act per se is quite in order since any social action to serve a community usually tends to start with an idea of one or two persons.

But in a top-bottom strategy for evolving a policy such as the Land Act Bill, the democratic practice demands policy-makers to follow steps that respect the constitutional democratic ethical principle of “transparency and accountability”.Unfortunately for you, there is no trace of transparency and accountability in how you initiate and implement your policies as exemplified by the strange conduct and actions of your Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu her associate in Karonga District!

For example, your conduct and approach in trying to implement the Land Act Bill was totally unacceptable by standards of democratic dispensation precisely because to operate secretly in mooting the idea, you succeeded in taking action despotically but, in the process, you violated democratically the democratic ethical principle of “transparency and accountability”. That is disgraceful and very embarrassing for a state President who ought to know about simple democratic practices! You know as well as anybody does that Malawi in not your family estate therefore those who gave you authority to govern under Section 12 of the standing Malawi democratic Constitution must at all times know what you plan to do.

Mr. President, just imagine, you chose to neglect or by-pass the required meticulous consultations with communities throughout Malawi before making an agreement on a sensitive matter of transferring land-ownership from Malawian peasants to your foreign (so-called commercial farmers) and wrongly considered the exploitative policy of the poor peasants in Northern Region as a viable way-forward for development of Malawi! What a blunder!

I think your advisors, cabinet ministers and you yourself must have totally run out of ideas of development and you therefore needed to seek advice from outside your tribal government. Note that if you do not seek advice from better informed Malawians, it is feared that you might end up selling Malawi by auction one of these days! I say this because your policy prescription for development of the country is, surprisingly enough, an age-old 17th century colonialist policy of grabbing land from indigenous peasant folks to give it to foreign farmers in the name of development instead of the Ministry of Agriculture teaching peasants in Malawi to manage commercial farming!

 Besides, don’t you know that land is very scarce in Malawi vis-à-vis the total population of the country and that the livelihood of peasants in the country who constitute over 90% of the total population of Malawi, depends entirely on land? So, how dare you propound a policy that ends up snatching land from the indigenous peasant Malawians?

From past hind knowledge of currents and cross-currents of migration in this part of the world, you would be well advised to shunt your commercial farmers to villages and expansive land of Mozambique where your parents came from before settling in the south-eastern part of Malawi. You can contact political leaders in Mozambique who have land to throw away some into Indian ocean there, to rehabilitate your economic immigrants! We do not have land to play with in Malawi!

What is worse, the short-cuts which you and your Minister for Home Affairs take to carry out wrong policies directly violate human rights of innocent Malawians, particularly Northerners from whom you plan to snatch their very important and precious natural resource of land! Please you better stop that crime! Do not forget that as long as you violate human rights of Northerners, you are in the same breath violating Section 12 of the standing Malawi democratic Constitution since your legal and political authority derive from the very people you carelessly want to exploit and  hurt! Please Mr. President, read the History of European colonization and then the Constitution of Malawi!

After you had omitted the necessary wide-spread consultations with all communities in Malawi and Karonga in particular, which defines you as a dictator, your Administration is alleged to have passed Khaki envelopes to some opposition members of Parliament who are said to have been told to either abstain or absent themselves from voting in Parliament in order to enable your Land Act Bill to pass! If this allegation is true, Mr. President, then your governance conduct was criminal and very much in consonance with works of despotic leaders and never associated with democratic leaders!

 Mr. President, do you sometimes read the Malawi democratic Constitution?What surprises some of us is that you go headlong to do some things which are overtly inimical to the standing Malawi democratic Constitution. For example, the culture of money hand-outs to obtain support for your policies, isclearly undemocratic.  The money hand-outs to solicit support for your policies violates freedoms of opinion and freedoms of choice of the recipients of your money! At the same time, payment of such money defines the giver(you and your Administration) as dictators since democrats get support from the people through persuasion and not payment of money like you frequently do!

Relocation of Dzeleka Refugee Camp to Katiri in Karonga.

On the contentious issue of shifting the refugee camp from Dzeleka in Dowa to Katiri in Karonga, there is virtually no step which was democratic in the initiation and execution of steps to relocate the refugee camp from Dzeleka to Katiri in Karonga by your Administration.So, what do you know, Mr. President, about democracy if almost everything your Administration does is despotic and therefore wrong practice under democratic dispensation?

And, it is a sad truth, Mr. President,that the leaders of DPP administration do not seem to know any other governance system and practices than practices in line with totalitarian rule! Yet, we are supposed to peddle a political system of democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution, in Malawi!What do you find Greek about democratic practice guided by the standing Malawi democratic Constitution Mr.President? Do you ever read the democratic Constitution of Malawi?

Mr. President, note that your right-hand surrogates, that is, the Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu unilaterally made an agreement to shift Dzeleka refugee camp in Dowa to Katiri in Karonga long before they consulted communities affected by that DPP Administration policy. Why do your supporters take an overtly undemocratic approach as something that is normal? What kind of DPP political party ethics do you maintain, if any?

In other words, your Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu unilaterally made an agreement to move the refugee camp from Dowa to Karonga long before Paramount Chief Kyungu consulted chiefs and subjects under each chief in Karonga! And, your Minister who should know better in matters of democracy, could not correct the Paramount Chief Kyungu! Mr. President,the pertinent question is, who gave your two agents powers to make district decisions minus prior consultation with the people who elected them into their positions?

A DPP Undemocratic Problem of Cutting Corners.

 By making a secret agreement between your Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu to relocate the refugee camp from Dzeleka in Dowa to Katiri in Karonga, your two surrogates violated the democratic ethical principle of “transparency and accountability”, violated freedoms of opinion(Section 34 of the Malawi democratic Constitution) and expression (Section 35 of the Malawi Democratic Constitution) as well as violation of the democratic principle of equality of opportunity for all citizens to partake in discussions of public interest in the district! In addition, they undermined Section 12 of the Malawi democratic Constitution which underscores the fact that the legal and political authority of leaders derives from the people who, in this case,were ignored when making an agreement! This, Mr.President, is despotic style of governance of thecountry in defiance of the standing Malawi democratic Constitution! We vehemently condemn your shameless and blatant disrespect for the democratic Constitution of the land!

Secondly, they went on to arrange a meeting of all stakeholders in Karonga at the DC’s Office with a pre-set agenda of explaining to Karongans steps to be taken to set up a refugee camp at Katiri! But, this step was taken minus prior consultation and agreement to set up a refugee camp at Katiri in the first place! Your people either deliberately or ignorantly chose to jump the gun and proceed ahead! There was also no contemplation of an apology for the mistake they had earlier made to clinch an agreement, behind the back of Chiefs and their subjects in the first place!

The point is that In this second move and action, they again by-passed a very important democratic step of consulting chiefs and their subjects first on the need to go ahead with the Katiri refugee camp proposal!This type of arbitrary manner in governing the country speaks volumes about your failure to practice democracy. No wonder, when the meeting was in progress, all Karonga stakeholders at the DC’s Office meeting condemned and rejected the relocation of a refugee camp from Dowa to Karonga! Your Minister and Paramount Chief  Kyungu, out of ignorance of democratic practice, and anxiety to please you including their attitude to take Karongans for granted, got stunned by the overwhelmingly “No” decision for the refugee camp!

Thirdly, the condemned and isolated duo shamelessly suggested a visit outside Malawi to observe how refugees fair there! Given that all stakeholders had said “No” to the creation of a refugee camp at Katiri, none of the stakeholders was enthusiastic about a visit outside the country since the proposal had already been overwhelmingly condemned and rejected! As we dispersed, everybody resigned to the idea that the creation of a refugee camp at Katiri in Karonga had been effectively killed by the decision of all Karonga stakeholders!

Fourthly, accustomed to totalitarian conduct based on under-rating and disrespect for the local people as well as open defiance against an earlierclear “No” verdict by Karonga stakeholders, the Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu were at it again!

Behind the back of all Karonga stakeholders,they adamantly began to arrange for a trip to Dzeleka, using tax-payers’ money! Thereafter, they travelled to Uganda again using tax-payers’ money and all along being accompanied by Paramount Chief Kyungu who appears to have an unusual itching palm for allowances!

And, contrary to submitting a report to stakeholders in Karonga when they returned from their two trips, which would have proved a point about the rationale of their secrettravels to Dzeleka and Uganda, vis-à-vis the necessity to create a refugee camp at Katiri, they, from nowhere, informally told us that Paramount Chief Kyungu and your Minister for Home Affairs had formed a secret committee to run affairs of setting up a refugee camp at Katiri, again in total defiance of the decision of “No” by all Karonga stakeholders including all chiefs other than Kyungu!

What was worse, the Chairman and Secretary of Kyungu’s secret committee happened to be known money-mongering elements in Karonga most probably hand-picked by paramount Chief Kyungu himself as appropriate socio-political mercenaries to help Kyungu as his errand boys who could cause confusions on the Katiri issue by supporting the rejected creation of a refugee camp at Katiri!

The said Chairman and Secretary of the secret committee with only experimental and pedestrian academic education are alleged to have had serious problems whereby the chairman miserably failed in his earlier job as Chairman of a committee that took care of interests of Karonga community on matters related to uranium mining at Kayelekera while the Secretary had earlier sustained criminal charges connected with a swindle of substantial amount of money belonging to a businessman in Karonga! As can be clearly seen, Mr. President, you use the wrong type of characters for the right assignment.

Mr. President, exactly who gave your Minister for Home Affairs and Paramount Chief Kyungu the criminal  mandate to form a secret committee of individuals paid by DPP Administration to help Chief Kyungu and your Minister for Home Affairs forge the Katiri project dictatorially? This criminal act sabotages the political system of democracy, the democratic Constitution of Malawi and human rights of the majority of Karongans who have a right to participate in every step taken to put in place a refugee project or not in Karonga!

In other words, the creation of a committee by several individuals (your Minister and Paramount Chief Kyungu), behind the back of all stakeholders in Karonga, violates the political system of democracy, a Malawi democratic Constitution and human rights of Northerners and Karongans in particular as well as violates a constitutional principle of equality of opportunity to participate in public affairs of Karonga by all citizens of the district. But your two surrogates excluded the Karonga majority from the equation which act violates human rights of all Karongans who did not have a chance to compete to enter the secret committee!

In connection with the secretly selected Chairman and Secretary of a secret committee, a review of the progress of the work of a committee which represented the interests of Karonga community vis-à-vis Kayelekera mine, carried out by Undule Mwakasungula, at Sumuka Inn, revealed that  Kyungu’s hand-picked chairman of a secret committee had in the past,  failed miserably in his previous job, as chairman and all chiefs in Karonga represented at the Sumuka Inn meeting,castigated and condemned his committee as most corrupt! Kyungu’s hand-picked Secretary of the secret committee is alleged to have had a criminal track record and that he is likely to face indictment for using, to his pecuniary advantage, the name of a South African education institution without authority! These types of characters, Mr. President, are Kyungu’s choices to support your condemned policy of creating a refugee camp at Katiri in Karonga! Mr. President, avoid tarnishing the image of your Administration.

Fifth, before long, an intoxicated Chairman of the secret committee of Chief Kyungu, operating as a socio-political mercenary, took Malawi law into his hands saying, “whether anybody likes it or not, the refugee camp project at Katiri will go ahead!”Obviously, the character had been invigorated by receipt of a Khaki envelopes from DPP Administration. Does this conduct and utterance, Mr. President, in any way show knowledge of democracy on the part of your DPP supporters?

Sixth, meanwhile, the paid errand boys of Paramount Chief Kyungu, operating as a socio-political mercenarieswent on a rampage to infiltratesome churches to tell members of congregationsfalse information to the effect that a refugee camp at Katiri would bring developmentto Karonga District! The distortion of issues was not surprisingsince both the Chairman and Secretary of Chief Kyungu’s secret committee are, by normal academic standards, quasi literate!  They have blank minds on matters of development! There is no way it would dawn on their minds that no  nexus exists between construction of a refugee camp at Katiri in Karonga and development processes connected with transformation of sectors of Karonga economy in terms of political, social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions! Money plus paucity of academic background makes the socio-political mercenaries obliged to use parrot-wise fake information as grounds for claiming development in Karonga! These socio-political mercenaries are dangerous pests to Karonga people!

Seventh, in the aftermath of activities by paid errand boys of Paramount Chief Kyungu who, as already alluded to, were spurred and continue to be spurred by money to support the unwarranted refugee camp project, a conflict arose in the Katiri area whereby one individual stabbed another as they quarreled about the desirability of a refugee camp at Katiri or not! The Karonga Police handled that conflict.

In another similar development, some Karongans who expressed fury against a refugee camp at Katiri, in “hushed tones” talked about the potential of using axes or spears in the event refugees were forced on their lands at Katiri!

If your snoopers, Mr. President, are honest to tell you everything including sour information, there are strong feelings in some Karonga communities regarding contemplation of removing chiefs from their positions if such chiefs are proven to decide affairs of the said communities with government, without prior consultations with all the people in the District in the first place!

Mr. President,to be honest with you, almost everything has fallen apart in Malawi. Nothing is working properly in the economy of the country, you need overtime to spend on fixing the problems which afflict Malawians to day and in connection with which everyone in the country is complaining about!

A sample of problems which Malawians face to-day and on which you are supposed to spend time to find solutions are as follows:

  • Quick removal of economic refugees from Malawi, who irritate everybody every day.
  • Examine the Malawi economy where all development activities have become stagnant
  • Fifty-two years down the line, all main roads remain undone in Northern Region of Malawi.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, none of the many feeder roads in Northern Region is done.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, some colonial bridges are not replaced in Northern Region.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, electricity black-outs occur every day throughout Malawi.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, water for domestic and industrial use is inadequate.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, telecommunication network is dysfunctional in Malawi.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, health services delivery system is in a state of collapse in Malawi.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, the education services system is dysfunctional(we live with permanent quotas instead of adequate supplies of goods and services).
  • Fifty-two years down the line, proper mining law is non-existent and investors are uncontrolled often messing up things as they please! You just observe like a toothless bull-dog!
  • Fifty-two years down the line, the center/south state Presidents make secret agreements with investors (as if Malawi is a personal or family estate).
  • Fifty-two years down the line, no National Economic Council exists to vet and oversee the choice and sequencing of investments.
  • Fifty-two years down the line, the center/south state Presidents form tribal governments which are dubbed by them as democratic governments!
  • Fifty-two years down the line, the center/south state Presidents of Malawi have been rigging elections but nobody has taken steps to seal the loopholes, let alone to stop the scourge!
  • Fifty-two years down the line, Malawians say that they do not want Burundians, Rwandese, Somalis and other foreigners in the country, but you do not listen to people’s sound objections and the foreigners themselves brag off saying they are protected by you as state President of Malawi. What secret agreement have you made with the leader of Burundian refugees who is alleged to have been hidden in the country by your Administration, after committing untold number of atrocities in his country (genocide)?
  • Is it that secret agreement which obliges you to force foreigners into Karonga when all the Karonga people do not want economic immigrants in their district? Do you know that what you are doing is totalitarian governance quite contrary to the democratic Constitution of Malawi?
  • Fifty-two years down the line, you defy demands of the Malawi democratic Constitution to bring to book those in Administrations of your late brother and yourself alleged to have master-minded the killing of Chasowa and the Anti-corruption officer. Is that type of governance which disrespects practice ofdistributive justice in consonance with a democratic dispensation? No wonder you are creating unnecessary troubles with Karonga people just because of non-democratic and often pompous attitude for nothing!

Mr. President, if all these areas of governance of the country by the center/south state Presidents of Malawi have been poorly handled for over half a century, would it not be correct to say that you have been managing and continue to manage Malawi as a failed state? If you have failed in every department of governance, why should Malawians elect you again as state President? Unless the current rotten unsatisfactory situation of governance is expeditiously corrected for the better, you have no chance of winning an honest next election!

In the case of creation of a refugee camp at Katiri, in Karonga, the people of Karonga have unequivocally said “No”. If you respect a political system of democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution, which guarantees protection of human rights of all citizens in the country, particularly Northerners, do not provoke citizens by implementing a rejected policy in their district by force! That is, unfortunately for you, a totalitarian mode of governance of Malawi which is likely to brew unnecessary conflicts in the District!

Last but most importantly, Mr. President, according to History of Political Thought, unlike the first four centre/south state Presidents of Malawi, who were irretrievably lost in commission of political crimes in governing the country,you MUST stop immediately to practice a political system of “MACHIAPARTRIB’ since this ongoing political system is diametrically opposed to the political system of democracy guided by the Malawi democratic Constitution!

To reiterate, the political system of “MACHIAPARTRIB” which you currently practice, is a blend of ruthless Machiavellian rule exemplified by brutal violence and commission of rampant atrocities, obnoxious colonial South African apartheid exemplified by systematic marginalization of Northerners in Malawi in exactly the same way Boers marginalized indigenous South Africans, and, naked regionalism against Northerners exemplified by shameless creation of tribal governments for 52 years now in which Northerners are denied recruitment they are qualified for, denied promotions they deserve etc.!

Your continued practice of a political system of “MACHIAPARTRIB” places you in rebellion against the political system of democracy, rebellion against the standing Malawi democratic Constitution as well as violation of all human rights of all Northerners in all areas of human endeavor!

It is this crimes-friendly political system which has plunged you into a lot of political problems e.g. the apparently politically-motivated brutal murder of Chasowa—a Polytechnic student and the apparent obstruction of justice on the case till to-day!Also, a politically-motivated murder of an Anti-Corruption officer whose case appears to be dilly-dallied for very obscure reasons! When will you dispose of these clear cases of politically planned murders against innocent citizens in response to the demands of the democratic ethical principle of transparency and accountability?

Because of pointing out the truth about aspects of wrong governance of the country, my premises in Karonga sustained ruthless burglary which ripped windows of three big rooms where my lap-top got stolen, books and files got ransacked and taken (some), some chattels got stolen etc. The theft was reported to Karonga Police Station (which is about four hundred meters from my house) first thing next morning. But, for about two years now, not a single police officer in Karonga set foot at my premises to investigate the burglary, till to-day! Was this not a politically-motivated feigned robbery?Would the orchestrated assailants have spared me if they found me in the house?

And, most recently, Mr. President, Father Peter Mulomole of Mulanje pointed out lapses in your ongoing governance of the country in connection with which all Malawians agree with the Father’s assessment.Instead of listening to the wise advice of the people and correcting your style of governance, much sooner than later, without even an iota of shame and embarrassment, the Father’s home got attacked. You then shamelessly called chiefs to Lilongwe who got manipulated, most probably with the usual Khaki envelopes, to disagree and condemn the wise and correct advice of PAC when in actual fact what PAC echoed was  supported by all Malawians! Mr.

Mr. President, Malawians are not babies! So please do not disgrace yourself with very cheap and unrealistic assumptions about the stupidity of Malawians? Stop politicizing chiefs since your conduct has already made almost all chiefs in the country very unpopular vis-a-vis their subjects! You may get a dozen votes of chiefs but you lose thousands of votes from their subjects who do not agree with chiefs who parrotize what you want said by them!

Who are your advisors? Some of your advisors carried over from Hastings Banda’s past brutal regime and who were accomplices in the commission of many atrocities in the past,and have not yet accounted for their past sins, will land you into a lot of problems later on!You ought to know as anybody does that  Malawians to-day are aware of all evil tricks which state Presidents use to commit atrocities and violate human rights of innocent citizens!

So, Mr. President, tell your Minister for Information to refrain from making false and insulting statements on matters where Malawians know the truth already. His statement on the politically-motivated attack of the home of Father Peter Mulomole was an insult to all meaningful Malawians in the country since he apparently assumed that all of us were babies while he himself had supernatural intelligence, wisdom and general cleverness! He should stop swimming in self-deception!  Malawians to-day are not exactly the same as those he used to help manipulate and sometimes attack during Hastings Banda’s era!

The immediate challenge to you now is to abandon the wrong political system of “MACHIAPARTRIB” which is crimes-friendly and get back on the rails of the political system of democracy guided by a Malawi democratic Constitution where you will be able to see non-democratic mistakes very easily!

Best regards and good luck in your effort to correct the ongoing wrong political system, wrong laws, wrong policies and wrong governance practices which are rampant in your DPP Administration!

  • Garnet Ngubola Kamwambe (Harvard University).

-Strategic Advisor to Northern Region Development Association(NOREDA)

– Member and Advisory Services to Karonga /Chitipa Cultural Heritage

– Senior Citizen.


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5 years ago

A cuntry full of Idiots

Peloma Pepe
Peloma Pepe
5 years ago

Hastings Banda left the political scene, thirty years ago? Really? Are you sure? Check your facts again.

5 years ago

Kamwambe is one of the few interllectuals we have in Malawi. Those who have comented negatively don’t understand him. He’s saying Mutharika is failing to run the country well. For example, people who come to Malawi are economic refugees and find it easy to settle because of corruption. Govt need to control these so-called refugees. They are everywhere. To be honest, Mutharika is a failure.

5 years ago

Bwana Pulesidenti pitilizani ntchito yabwino mukugwira mwatichotsa kunjala.Mulungu akusungeni ndi moyo wautali.I hope you northerners yo want to divide Malawi.Personnely Idont see any promblem for a refuguee camp being in Karonga.Remember we have Dzaleka in Dowa and Luwani in Chikwawa.Do we complain?What you have to know is that you have a lot of unutilized land in your un devoloped Region.Wy are refusing this development.Akulu musamanyoze azanu kulamula boma simasewela ayi.I know you are looking for money osangopempha bwanji ndalamazo.Inu anthu akumpoto simuyamika.Mukufuna chani kwenikweni?Boma lidakumangilani RESERVE BANK ndizitukuko zina ndizina zili mbweeeeh.Vuto mulinalo anthu aku mpoto ndilakuti Mumachita chitukuko kwanuwake… Read more »

Northern Southern
Northern Southern
5 years ago

It very unfortunate you stupid people exist in our country. Like Lumumba said and I quote ” those with ideas have no power, and those with power have no ideas.” Am commenting on your stupid comment that shows hatred towards northerners that you have just like your President APM, Bingu and others. you think northerners are biggest? no coward, they are not. actually that are hard workers and have a focus on development than you may think. you think being enlightened is expensive then idiot be in your stupid state of ignorance that you cannot even see that your neighbour… Read more »

5 years ago

A senior citizen with insufficient wisdom. Is all what I see in his writing.

5 years ago







Nesra Misra
5 years ago

I do not think the arguments in the open letter to the president deserve to be from “Senior Citizen”. In one sentence: They lack public relations. Or the other: fuelling division. They are nepotistic. There is centre/ south somewhere; the “senior citizen” (drumming own trumpet) should look back and 51 years versus 2 year this current DPP has been in the government. The so called senior citizen with Dorothy Ngoma should go in NGOs and see whether centre/ south have equal employees are north. There are so many issues that need reconciliation and tell the present generation unity (togetherness) and… Read more »

5 years ago

Mdala Garnet Kamwambe you have spoken as a true son on your father! a true son of the soil and a true son of Karonga. How i wish we were voting for chiefs. We need statesmen in this country like you. Thats patriotism we know. A chief should put his or her subjects first. Mr Kamwambe Since we changed regimes from autocracy to democracy, Malawi has been saddled with many unprecedented economic, social, political and spiritual upheavals. The wounds sustained from selfish and shameless parasites that made and still make profit on the penury of others continue to bleed heavily.… Read more »

Zako izo
Zako izo
5 years ago

Atumbuka Nenani zomwe mukufuna.choyambilira choti mudziwe ndi chakuti Dziko lino simudzalamulira.Ku central ko komwe kunali refuge camp munawamvapo akudandaula?inu kutani?dzikoli so lanu nokha.kuli asena ayao.alomwe.amang’anja achewa.nthawi zones tizimva za inu atumbuka basi.ine ndinatopa nanu mwamva.

Norther Souther
Norther Souther
5 years ago
Reply to  Zako izo

the point is our president and his corrupt ministers and officecial should stop taking in refugees on an infinity basis, read property you moron. No need for shifting the refugee camp, Burundians have invaded our cities, go in area 49; 18; 3 and everywhere all shops are owned by Burundians and others what can’t you get?

Dende Mphangwe
5 years ago

Mr. President, don’t bother waste your time responding to this idiot. Neither Dausi should try to respond to his nonsense. This bastard is trying to advertise himself so that Malawians are aware he is existing. What I see in him is that, the man is stone broke and has nothing to rely upon. He is crying for support in terms of better position or financial support. Leave him like that.

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