Short busy February in Malawi

So the door closes on 28th for poor February. Short but precise, a number of things have happened law key and silently.Masinga HA  HA HA

I have in mind the traffic jams and crazed frenzy in the cities of Blantyre and capital Lilongwe.

Studious Big Bullets, yes that red and white coloured peoples team made Malawi proud when they beat some “wee side” Fomboni.

I do not know how good or bad Fomboni as a team is, least what that name means, and that is for the Pilirani Kachinzili and Garry Chirwa to tell, but I know that Bullets is one great side in Malawi.

Haters may exist, but I thought the divide in the team briefly ought to have stopped here. Bullets, from Ndirande or Makata as it may come from, for a moment is flying the national colours for us. Let’s support our boys.

“Ukatopa ndikubereka!” singing.

Then the ugly face showed itself up from nowhere. Malawians feigned surprise to learn that the country is the poorest of all UN gazetted nations on planet earth.

Just when old man Goodall Gondwe boasted Malawi had made a significant ‘earning’ on its GDP, in waltzed the World Bank with its stinker.

Malawi, said the WB, is the ragtag of global poverty!

Any true Malawian is not surprised at this news. We only may be ashamed at its mention. Look, our capital city is full of potholes and tight roads to show, with a thumb fill of buildings not worth pointing at.

Without Kamuzu and his Capital Hill, Capital City Hotel, Kamuzu Palace, Chief M’mbelwa Building (whatever its called today), Reserve Bank, City Centre Arcade, ADL House, and Kamuzu Institute for Youth, we have nothing much in this time and era to show for a city.

And of course, Bingu’s Chinese touch has helped spruce up things a bit, but we still crawling almost shoulder to shoulder with Chipata across Zambia.

And Chipata is Mchinji or Mponela for the people under new broom HEEL (His Excellency Edgar Lungu).

They may have copper and other minerals and we have always had our green gold for size!

Then we seem to love what we can exploit. Look at our Members of Parliamenrt who now and again give each other hefty loans. Latest being a K25 million each, arguably which will end up used in breaking poor peoples families, buying expensive cars not befitting our roads, contracting and spreading HIV amongs cash starved wives, spinisters and school girls, and the list is endless, where their lady folks will use it at shocking makeup and unbefitting night dresses worn during parly sessions!

And yes, where government and parastatals will move to purchase multi million vehicles for the so-called executives. Rumour has it Blantyre City has on its scopes a K57 or K47 million worth vehicle earmarked for flamboyant Mayor Noel Chalamanda.

Meanwhile, the water and power works are at an all low, refuse not collected, no adequate and trusted fire engines, etc.

In the middle of all this there are people languishing due to floods in the Lower Shire, Phalombe, Salima, and other natural disasters in Karonga, Mzimba, Lilongwe, etc.

It pains to watch this picture unfold, and in colour. Where millions were also siphoned in the infamous cashgate debacle, rightfully denying us medicines, education, infrstructure and social amenities.

Why one Nankhumwa and local World Bank office want to live in deny of our stinking poverty levels beats everyones’ lowest possible level of reasoning.

Even the toilets at the so called Kamuzu International Airport are in a sorry state. Dry cisterns and broken toilet seats that were once clean only during Kamuzu days, am sure. And the visa processing corner, my foot.

Putting our poverty in the front to greet our visitors!

And we want to deny that we are the poorest nation. Well, its a chuckle that we accept we are people, but for God’s sake, not the poorest – thats what government through Nankhumwa is unfortunately saying.

And February is shutting the door on us, poorer by the day.

Imagine where the only thing we can show to the world are strikes. Civil servants – teachers, judiciary, Anti Corruption Bureau, parliament, teachers, nurses, and hell-yeah pupils!

Next it will be cops and soldiers if we are not careful.

As Feb says goodbye, Malawi remains poor, with minibus fares that rise even when fuel goes down, and where traffic cops make a killing of the cash on the roads.

Where the leadership is busy partying and kissing as thousands dont know what will next make their meal, and when.

Goodbye February. Just ease it on those hailstorms and floods. You got but a day to go!

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7 years ago

you have just hinted what many people fail to understand.
so few citizens have the idea where and why the suffering come in to their perspective lives.
we need to switch on in our heads and show a concern, no Leader is held accountable for all these nuisances,nothing!!!

7 years ago

malawi has just shown how ,disorganised the APM and the all board in power of the nation ,that they dont have any ,crew and strategy as to how they can handle the country….they are lacking priolity and foresight ………,maybe some day things will work but APM acitepo kathu

7 years ago

Malawi at 50 with worst roads network on earth, just take a look on the cities with nothing befitting,indeed our leaders have failled us

7 years ago

Akanakhala kuti akulamulila ndi a chipani china Nankhumwa ndi gulu lake akanavomeleza kuti tilidi pa mavuto,komano poti ndiwo Ali m’boma akuona ngati akavomela anthu tinena kuti alephela,koma choti adziwe nchakuti zimenezi sizimathandiza ndipo zimangochitsa zinthu kuti ziipile-ipilebe.

7 years ago

Malawians are to blame!Malawians are too complacency. They don’t want to change their behaviours.malawians were born in the house of pigs were manure of pigs are.their brains are full of nasty and dirty feaces of pigs.malawians are full of timidity that they cant react.they like life and they dont want to die for the betterment of the others.malawians will cry forever.

Mphongo Zidana
Mphongo Zidana
7 years ago

Patricia, all things you have mentioned do pain me as a Malawian. Other people have written about them, but there seem to be no care at all. The writers have even received nasty feedback.

May be lets keep on writing may be one day there will be a listening ear on the side of the government. Whether it will be the APM government or the ones to come after his.

7 years ago

Yes its true we are the poorest nation in the world. 50 years depending on donors.Shame to malawian.

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