Solicitor General Chikaya Banda walks out of ‘maizegate’ presidential inquiry: Commissioners to visit Zambia

Solicitor General (SG) and Secretary for the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Janet Chikaya Banda has staged a walk out of  presidential commission of inquiry on the Zambia maize saga after members of the civil society organisations (CSOs) criticised her on comments she posted  on social media platform, Facebook.

Dr.-Janet Banda:Stgae walk out

CSO leaders  called a spade a spade questioning the independence of the commissioners as they deemed  Banda’s comments on Facebook as  improper when she seemed to imply that the Judiciary was clueless on its powers and functions.

Banda’s post followed the High Court order stopping Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda from carrying out his duties pending findings of the commission of inquiry on the maizegate.

She wrote that Malawi was in a “democracy of anarchy” where “some of the three branches of government don’t know exactly what their powers and functions are.”

The CSO  questioned commission whether their findins will be respected considering the bias that Solictor General showed  by publicly supporting Chaponda in her criticism of the court’s decision and   that Minister Chaponda is  defying court order.

But Solicitor Genreral stormed out of the inquiry room in protest when the CSO team openly declared her Facebook post as “unnecessary, untimely, immature and unfortunate.”

She was seen walking out of the room hitting tables and making vile remarks  as she found her way out.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) already rebuked Chikaya Banda’s remarks as blatantly undermining the decision of the court, describing it as a reckless and a regrettable assault on the Judiciary.

Zambia probe

Meanwhile, the  Commission of Inquiry says it will be going to Zambia for more investigations on how State-produce trader Admarc procured the grain from Zambia.

Secretary of the Inquiry Mike Chinoko said inquiry officials would be able to gather the needed information on the maize procurement.

“We are still discussing as to when we can go to Zambia,” he said.

The parliamentary inquiry officials  on the maizegate also say they will head to Zambia on the same probe of how Admarc bought maize from Zambia.

Chinoko said the decision to go to Zambia will not affect its work and the inquiry will meet the January 31 deadline.

He defended the decision of the inquiry to hold the hearing in camera.

“Some people cannot be comfortable to give the evidence live on radio or television,” he said.

Chinoko said the decision to hold the hearing in camera was reached at by the commission members.

Some sections of Malawians think  Minister Chaponda and Admarc CEO were involved in suspicious dealings in the procurement of the maize, allegations both the minister and the chief executive officer deny any wrong doing.



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15 thoughts on “Solicitor General Chikaya Banda walks out of ‘maizegate’ presidential inquiry: Commissioners to visit Zambia”

  1. Chabwino Palibe says:

    Musoyeni Janet Banda, mkazi wokongola kwambiri, wachingoni. As all Ngonis, she loves her bottle which is very good. Go to hell haters

  2. Malcom says:

    Something people in position of public trust don’t really know about is to avoid commenting on sensitive matters. These people in position of trust includes but not limited to the Judiciary staff, the police, the army etc.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re commenting in your personal capacity outside work or in your official capacity. If you are Janet Banda and you comment on a sensitive issue that challenges your public trust, and you do it not in your personal capacity as Solicitor General, the comments still comes from the Solicitor General. This everyone should know.

    Imagine if President Peter Mutharika decides to post a comment on his Facebook account in his personal capacity as a mere citizen of Malawi and not as the president of Malawi saying Chaponda is Innocent in the maizegate… do u think people will understand his chameleon style? No way!

    Whether you speak on official capacity or not the speaker is the same person. Take it or leave it.

  3. james Amin says:

    Why do these committees all want to go to Zambia? The joint parliamentary committee was also talking of going to Zambia when the chairperson, chidanti malunga was interviewed by Brian Banda. It is an investigation about the wasting of government resources and you are choosing a wasteful way of doing your inquiry? Why don’t you just invite the people who need to be questioned, send them a ticket and accommodate them here and save the forex instead of the whole group buying tickets for airplanes, getting allowances, accommodation in hotels in Zambia, transportation while there etc.

    Just let the witnesses come to Malawi basi! send them the air tickets basi! Zakubanso apa!

  4. Nankafumbwe says:

    Kukwiya kumeneko mwina a Chaponda ndi Achibwenzi ake.

  5. Chimanga says:

    Poor lady, how can you advise Government if this is your behaviour? Ndakumvera chisoni zedi

  6. informer says:

    Janet Chikaya Banda …. I know her personally. ……….
    Ndiye mukamatiuza za Janet Banda, timangoseka.

  7. DPP CLUELESS says:

    the woman is rude, where is she from? I guess she is from Lomwe belt and she has backing from citizen number 1. where does she get power to utter such nosense? If chaponda is clean let him clear out his name alone through following all the procedures.

  8. ndatopa says:

    we are just waiting for your report on 31/01/2017 as stated.

  9. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:


    Let me put it on record that while it is true that Dr. Janet Banda recused herself from the meeting and expressed displeasure at the issues that the CSO representatives pointed out on her alleged conduct in the media to the Presidential Commission on Zambia Maize Procurement by the CSO delegation, it is, however, an unfair exaggeration that she “banged tables and used vile words.” This is a deliberate distortion of facts. I wish the journalist responsible had red the report and cross-checked the information with those who were part of the delegation. Those seeking clarification on the matter please call me on 0888435629 so they can get the truth and nothing but the truth. As a nation let’s begin to build our country which is facing numerous challenges right now and we can only do so by speaking truth to each other in an objective manner. However, going personal (negatively reflecting on each other’s personality) on critical national issues is not the best way to handle national matters. Janet is a senior person in society and she deserves respect. She has the right to make decisions that she deems fit for the good of herself and Malawi in general. Sin, such as lying, is a reproach to a nation while righteousness, such as truthfulness, exalts a nation. Let’s choose righteousness. I rest my case.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre

    1. Mwananyanian says:

      Nice to hear from you again, Kent Y.G. Mphepo.
      People perpetrating lies or untruths should be called out, alright. Especially those in privileged positions, like reporters and journalists.
      Hear, hear! (if I may say so)
      Even when we disagree with you sometimes, always respectfully, we enjoy your presentations. No kidding.

      Respecting the individual is a good principle to follow in treating others; regardless of position. And irrespective of gender, race, age and what have you.
      That Committee needs to come down from its pedestal: Committee members should remember that they are NOT exhibiting personal powers, but rather ONLY official powers. In other words, “they do NOT own the place”.

  10. chikopa says:

    Just ask Reserve Bank whether money was externalized or not. Going pa Zedi
    will be worse of money and time. Anthu alibe ma pant in many villages and you
    waste time on this matter? Probe local maize purchase and that is where there
    is a lot of wet dung.

  11. koma abale inu eeh says:

    This Committee seems to be abusive, whenever they perceive someone to be vulnerable.
    They think, because Janet Banda is a woman, they can just pile on? They could have easily bypassed the Facebook postings, or mention them only as matter of record, and zero in on the substantive matters. But, No! They wanted to put her in “her place”. Kunyadira (and they are proud of this: unbelievable).
    Some of the Committee clearly require a course, or at least instructions, on etiquette.
    Treat people with respect. This is 2017.

  12. mwedyo says:

    very interesting……………

  13. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    Infact she was supposed to do it a day after posting her comment on her Facebook wall. Ethically and morally speaking, it’s wrong for her to be among these commissioners as she has already shown her true colors and who she is siding with. This is just vindicating the general public’s views on the outcome of the Commission of Inquiry set aside by the Big Kahuna. In developed countries where democray and rule if law is respected, she could have not reached this day mutu biii in the commission, she could have thrown in the towel long time ago. Kafike mkazi opanda Nzeru iwe, I thot being a lawyer you could have been the last person to undermine a court’s decision. Being the Solicitor General, you could have appreciated the independence of the Judiciary. You should have known that the three arms of the government have got each the role of providing “Checks and Balances” so that each one of them should be transparent and accountable in their transactions. Nde apapa mwachita bwino akuka, musapezekenso tang’a-tang’a ulendo opita kaya ku Zambia kukupitidwako chifukwa mwaonesa kuti ndinu chidude, hand clapper, boot licker. I rest my case.

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