Speaker throws out ‘insulting’ MP Kaliati

Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati drew the ire of the Parliament’s Speaker Richard Msowoya on Thursday when she was overheard shouting insults and threw her out from the house for indiscipline.

Kaliati: Thrown out of Parliament

Kaliati: Thrown out of Parliament

Msowoya evoked standing order 103 to Kaliati after she over head shouting insults when he was consulting with one of the house clerk on issues to do with procedures following the heated debate in the house on the motion raised by opposition Lilongwe South West Louis Chankhwantha on the independence of Anti Corruption Bureau director and deputy.

It all started opposition side was in support of the private member bill, the government side was against it with Minister of Justice and Constitution affairs Samuel Tembenu rising to ask the Speaker to curtail the debate.

Tembenu argued that he amended act in question was in violation of separation of powers and that the member was supposed to bring to the house the proposed amended daft before they discuss the changes to be made.

The Speaker as he was trying to seek guidance to one of his clerk on what the law say about it, Kaliati was overhead shouting at the Speaker mocking him of not  owing what he was doing and shouting the clerk’s name.

Msowoya who upon receiving complain to the clerk on his name being mentioned told the house that it is not allowed for the members of parliament to mention names of parliament staff in deliberations as they are not part of the discussion.

This didn’t go well with Kaliati who continued shouting at the clerk Jeffrey Mwenyeheri and the speaker before she was given marching orders 103 amid hand clapping and ululations from opposition benches.

Kaliati challenged the  Speaker  when he told her to go out.

“For what? I will not go out if you don’t tell me why,” said Kaliati.

But Msowoya urged MPs to observe decorum in the Chamber.

“Let’s observe decorum in this House,” said Msowoya.

“It is not about the Speaker, it is not about Richard Msowoya. It is about decorum in the House,” he added.

Reacting to her eviction from the house, Kaliati told Nyasa Times that she was not surprised by the move taken by the Speaker who she said is not acting as head of the legislature but partisan as Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

“He is handling himself not as a Speaker but vice president of the party,” said Kaliati.

Asked by Nyasa Times is she indeed mentioned the clerk’s name, Kaliati admitted.

“I mentioned Mwenyeheri because I know him, he comes to my office  everyday to borrow money,” said Kaliati.

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Winston Msowoya

Mr.Editor,I beg kindly to apologise again I meat to write on Kachali and not Kaliati.

Winston Msowoya

Mr.editor or any other Nyasa Time,I would like to register my exasperation for turning down some of my contributions you deem duplication.For instance,I had written something about K.Kachali for the first time,but was turned down.I do not think that is good journalism,you better be impartial its when you will enjoy your profession.I apologise if I have caused mental pains on you.

gift kalivute

mbutuma zija akunena chilima zija ina ndi patricia yo. mmene dziko likuyendelamu munthu aleke kubwele ndalama


Shameful woman.

Henry choose

Chuma chobwela utakula kale ndichoncho. Infact she always not ashamed when it comes to showing her foolishness


Kudzakongola ndalama daily? Something not adding up. Mr Kaliati afufuzeni akazi anu. Mayiyu kudyetsa katundu Kwambili

Chosen Lace

If he comes kudzakongola ndalama everyday kwa inu mai kaliati and you take it kuti ndi chomutonzera then I feel sorry for you. Let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing more especially when it comes to kuthandiza ena. You are lucky you have everything.

Kwali mwekha

Nfiti ya ikaziyi,palipose basi umafuna kumaoneka wa nzeru,..u hav met ur friends ,,,if all women were lyk uuu,,,I knw nt what cud hav happened,,,,,,,,……..

Kwali mwekha

Kaliati munthu angadyeko Kwanu Koma,kungopemphako 500 kwacha,basi Malawi yose kuziwilatu ,,,,,,,,

Atonga Nzeru

They say an empty tin makes alot of noise. We still have a long way to call malawi a politically developed country.

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