State House denies Mutharika has fired Chaponda

State House has described as hoax reports making rounds in social media that President Peter Mutharika has  firedthe embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development George Chaponda following recommendations by presidetinal commission of inquiry that he should be investigate by Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the Zamiba maize saga.

Kalilani: The President has not fired Chaponda

State House spokesman Mgeme Kalirani said it is only the President who has powers to hire and fire cabinet ministers therefore people should ignore false reports to the contrary.

“The President has just received the commission of inquiry, he is looking at it. He has discretion of the matter,” he said.

However, Mutharika is on record dismissing reports that Chaponda is linked to the suspicious maize deal in the procurement of maize from Zambia.

Speaking on Friday in Lilongwe, Mutharika was in defence of Chaponda, describing the reports as false.

However, a day after his statement, a commission of inquiry he appointed to look into the matter found that Chaponda’s involvement in his dealings with Transglobe was most inappropriate, suspicious and raising issues of corrupt practices.

The commission therefore recommended that the graft busting body, the ACB investigates the matter further.

ACB spokesperson Egritta Ndala said the bureau was already investigating the matter.

She, however, refused to say the level at which the investigations are.

“The investigations are progressing well, we are not looking at individuals but the whole matter surrounding the maize procurement,” she said.

However, Malawians are expressing worry that ACB might not do a good job of investigaing and prosecuting the matter taking into account the current position of the ACB which is a mere handclapper to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party officials.

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Likongwe Ligomeka

Zonse zikuchepera kaba koma Grand Corruption of the times is in the LAKE MALAWI WATER PROJECT by Khato Civils. Pamenepa anthuwa or akuliwa a pakula mosamvera chisoni dziko ndi anthu ake.

There are too many gates in this small poor country many of which you cannot see because they are done under extreme secret. There is no way this country which used to be admirable shall be admirable again. We just have too many professional thieves which are devouring our country left and right.

Go deep to find out how LAKE MALAWI WATER Project is a scandal of all scandals.

Namasupuni you are right. They steal together that is why the President is finding it difficult to fire or even suspend Chaponda-Chimanga he the president is fearing that he too will be revealed. But they should know that la 4o limakwana and God reveals his presence. Why is Goodal Gondwe being mentioned by Chaponda he knows there are many who are involved. God will reveal his presence and rescue Malawians from these wolves. Naye Chair is the one who wronged this country he welcomed these machonas gave them positions without suffering and they are plundering the nation and bleeding it… Read more »
Dipipi wa yudiefu

When Peter decided to stay put in the USA a few months ago, what did you think he was doing.?Ofcourse renewing his green card. His plan is that when he will be through with his first term, he will simply migrate to the USA, so he does not care what Malawi is or will be. As long as he makes hay while the sun shines. He will also make sure Chaponda takes over as President whether Malawians like it or not.Ndemukamaganiza zoti anthu wa akhoza kuchotsana, iwalani.


Sangamuchotse. Amadya nawo zakuba zomwezo. During campaign we used to hear lousy statements like ‘Eeee I will ensure that corruption is rooted out’. ‘Eee nonse akuba ndikumangani.’ Now the whole HE is part of the game. He can not fire a corrupt minister even after an inquiry implicates him. That is why people are saying Chaponda has a GOD FATHER behind him. Akasonkhanitsa amakadyera limodzi. Mutha nonse muona. Ngati ndi untchona wanuwo umene unakuphunzitsani kuba, kuno ndi ku Malawi. Thieves don’t go far in their career.

Mtumbuka watsankho

If the report said he was corrupt and that he has stolen why then did it recommend that ACB should investigate him? Your hatred of Chaponda will kill you my mbwenumbwenu friend!!!


You idiot under the guised name of ‘ mtumbuka wasankho’ do not seem to understand English! The report does not say there is evidence that Chaponda stole but that his activities and manner in which he acted points to the fact that he was involved in corrupt practices and this warrants further investigations. Read news in local languages if your understanding of English is limited! And tribalistic people are failures in life. They cannot tolerate the fact that people from other tribes/regions are doing better than themselves! You are surely a failure in life, just examine yourself, devil!

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