Staying focused while in Diaspora: Radio Yako's creator

As many Malawians are leaving the country heading to many parts of the world for higher education and better paying jobs, many tend to lose focus on their goals as soon as they explore and settle.

It’s the excitement of a new life outside Malawi, the Food, Entertainment, Clubs, and new friends of different culture and tradition. Any person has total control over the ability to focus on what they came here to do.

I’m Chimwemwe Ncozana a Malawian top graphic designer for a multimillion private company in Florida USA. One of my accomplishments is that of being the creator of Malawi’s First Online Radio –Radio Yako.

My main focus has been perfecting my art (graphics) skills to the point that today thousands are either reading or using some products I designed for the largest leading retailer of premium cigars, Corona Cigar Company. It was an honor when I was given the job to design the “House Resolution 1639 Cigar Band” House Resolution 1639 – The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Jobs Preservation Act is a pro-active bill written to prevent the FDA from taking away the freedom to purchase and enjoy cigars.

Chimwemwe Nchozana

My love and interest in art was inspired by Malawian Artist like the late Vic Kasinja, Brian Hara, a local painter Kathumba and the disabled artists at Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA).

“There are many distractions in our path of big goals. Big dreams and current jobs but if you stay focused and till you reach the end, your dream will be there and only waiting for you.”

Working in the graphics and publication industry here in the United States has given me an opportunity to learn more from the other skilled and more experienced artists. It’s no surprise then that my skills have got better. Opening up to new ideas from others not just in my line of work but where ever you go will definitely broaden your skills on how to work as an open minded team player. To all Malawian’s I say “Nzeru zathu pamodzi zitha kusintha umoyo wathu ngati aMalawi” meaning “if we Malawians were to put our heads together, we can accomplish a lot in our lives.”

With today’s technology there are jobs out there hiring people who can work remotely internationally. However, in the case of Malawi and the problems with blackouts (power outages) chances for that opportunity is really low. Until the country comes up with a solution for the power outages, the use of the internet for the required online jobs is not doable.

A graphic designer’s job requires a lot of resources that can be available instantly while in the United States and I would love to provide the same for my own beloved country Malawi. “I feel I am putting a Malawian mark around the world by providing my services elsewhere and also creating a relationship with the countries I do work for.”

A third publication of the 2011 Corona Cigar Catalog that I designed and is to be circulated Nationwide, in the US, comes out right before Christmas giving customers enough time to order great deals like Christmas Cigar gift boxes and more. In this year’s publication, I have added personal elements to have a more better and attractive feel to the catalog so customers find it more fun to order and as well as enjoy the creative artwork in it by the art department and the staff here at Corona.

Being a Radio Yako presenter with a pleasant personality I find it very easy to work with the great staff members of the company. I’m known as “BCD” (Black Cigar Dude). The name has caught many people’s attention and I hope it will carry a line one day if it grows strong.

The owner of Corona Cigar Company Jeff Borysiewicz at the headquarters in Florida, Sand Lake has been very impressed with the work I and my team have done so far this year which has boosted sales of the company as far as promotions and advertising.

I would like to encourage every Malawian out there to stay focused on their dreams and goals and not to be discouraged or lose track of why they are in the Diasporas.

“Once you are in Florida, USA, please stop by and I will personally give you a tour of the company I’m proud to be a team player of and you’ll experience the artwork of a Malawian appreciated by many regardless of their background or nationality.

Chimwemwe Ncozana is the CEO & Founder of Radio Yako. He is also Owner of Brand BCD USA

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