Stop running and let God deliver you

Today I would like to encourage those that have convinced themselves that God is no longer with them in the midst of their situations. God will always be with us, but it is us who moves away from Him. Many times we have tried to wander as sheep has from the right path thinking our ways would be the best yet that is why we have all the problems we are facing now (Isaiah 53:6).jesus bible

Jonah thought he could flee from the presence of the Lord, which is where most of us are right now. It is not that we don’t know God, but we are still trying to run away from God. There is no way that we can run away from God because He is the only one in total control over all His creation.

The bible tells us about the story of Jonah and how he thought he could run away from God. The book of Jonah reveals that God is always where we are and knows our hidden thoughts that no man is able to see. Jonah did not discuss His plans of running away from doing the work of God with anyone, but God knew what was in the mind of Jonah.

Many of God’s children are in the same situation as Jonah was, trying to do things using our own ways yet you can see things are not getting where you want to be. When we are running away from God, nothing will work the way we want unless we decide to back to what want us to do.

All that is required is to surrender again to God and confess to God for not listening to His voice.  Our God is a God of love as you can see from Jonah that, when Jonah was cast forth into the sea, the Lord had already prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. Still in the belly of the fish, Jonah prayed to the same God that He was running away from to deliver him. If you talk about love and mercy then it belongs to our God because God knew that Jonah was running away from Him yet when he called on His name, He heard his cry and spoke unto the fish to vomit him upon the dry land (Jonah 2:1-10).

The situation that you are going through may feel like you are in the belly of the fish that swallowed Jonah because there does not seem to be any hope that you will get out of it. The God that heard Jonah’s prayer while in the fish’s belly can also hear your prayer. In times of desperation comes an earnest prayer from the heart that is able to turn around a situation that seems impossible. The fish that has swallowed you will not be able to stand the heat of prayers that will come from you but to vomit you.

Even though it is our fault that we have turned away from God, just like the situation with Jonah, Our God will not look at that, but to speak to the situation to vomit us out upon the dry land. The most beautiful thing about our God is that He does not judge us based on what we did yesterday (Jeremiah 31:34).

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