Sulugwe puts positive spin after removal as Prophet Bushiri’s PRO

Journalist-cum-PR guru  Kelvin Sulugwe has confirmed that he was “ceremoniously” relieved of his duties as the Public Relations Officer for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church but has stressed that his relationship with the ‘Major 1’ remains cordial.

Sulugwe: Major 1 wants me to be a billionaire

Sulugwe: Major 1 wants me to be a billionaire

Bushiri announced on Sunday that he was replacing his PRO Sulugwe but did not give reasons.

However, there have been speculation and rumours on the reasons for the removal. When pressed by Nyasa Times to comment on rumours that he may have been removed over embezzlement church funds, Sulugwe trashed the assertion as “utterly rubbish.”

“My job had nothing to do with accounts or money. I was a PR man and my removal is not in bad faith,” he said.

Sulugwe, who once worked for Nyasa Times and was a youth activist, pointed out that  he has had  “ most fantastic three and half years” of his life working to ‘Papa Major 1”, adding those years  he will “forever cherish, regard, respect, and look back on with fondness.”

He told Nyasa Times: “As the President of ECG, Prophet Bushiri oversees the vision of the ministry, as well as his person. He appointed me to achieve certain goals, objectives, and targets. These were met. As the President, he now must steer the ship in the different direction. As such he must make decisions as these ones.

“His ability to think on his feet, and make proper business decisions devoid of emotions is the reason why he has successfully built an empire of global proportions.”

Sulugwe said he leave Bushiri’s ECG church work with “memories, and promises of certainly bigger things to come. This is assured by the glory of God, and the grace of my father, Major 1.”

He said negative speculations on his exit at ECG have no foundation, saying he envisaged that the end of his  professional relationship with Prophet Bushiri  as “a man of global fame” was always going to be newsworthy, “perhaps in sensational manners devoid of truth.”

“At the simplest level, we need to understand that I was appointed to my position. A person who is appointed can be disappointed. He who appoints can also disappoint…his is normal and expected,” said Sulugwe.

Sulugwe said he strongly believes in Bushiri’s leadership and when he chose to relieve him, “I supported his decision because he has always known best. I love ECG, I love my father, and I love Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI). I care about these deeply, far beyond my personal ambition. I am happy that these are being re-born and taken in a new and greater direction.”

He stressed that his remains committed to ECG, to Bushiri as his spiritual father and to his interests.

“That will never change. His heart is equally committed to me, and my interests. Above all, he hopes to see me grow,” said Sulugwe.

He added: “You must also understand that, at some point, a parent should let a child grow, so that the child grows into something, into someone he has always destined to be. My relief is an opportunity for me to fully involve myself in my business interests.”

Sulugwe known for his flamboyant stunts on social media, added: “Major 1 is in the business of making millionaires. I am already one. But now, he wants me to be a billionaire, and that involves me concentrating on my personal business work, which he will support. Anyone who tells you otherwise is smoking weed.”

He maintained that there is no animosity between him and the Man of God.

“I would equally like to state to you that reports claiming I was dismissed for committing fraud are also false, if not outright stupid. ECG is a fully registered and functional entity. Should one be dismissed on grounds of fraud, criminal proceedings would follow, such that audit standards are met,” he explained.

He also downplayed assertions that his dismissal could be a stunt.

“Some people in life are either conspiracy theorists, or perennial jokers, if not both. Let us leave them to their fantasy like thinking. They are entitled to it anyway,” he said.

He rubbished claims that he was revealing secrets, saying: “What kind of secrets? For starters, secrets are indeed there, but I already made these secrets public.  Let me remind you of the first secret. It is indeed a secret made public that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri once filled FNB Stadium last year and he will do it again this year.

“Other secrets made public include the launches of PSB Network, PSB Mining, PSB Airways and the recent purchase of multimillion hotel in South Africa.  These are the type of secrets that I will continue to reveal because they are the only secrets I know.”

Meanwhile, Sulugwe has apologised to anyone who he wronged accidentally or unknowingly when he served as Bushiri’s spin doctor.

“I take this moment to apologize. It was simply business and not personal. I hope you will forgive and forget,” he said.

Asked on his next step, Sulugwe said he will take time e to be around his family and structure his re-entry into the business world.

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Thats life,still goes on nothhng new in this life tizikhala okonzeka to face good or bad things.Be a good challenger




Osamasangalala azanu akakhala pamavuto.


Indeed Major 1 has done a lot for Kelvin. Maybe some of you do not know that Major 1 was paying for university education
in Johannesburg for Kelvin and he has managed to obtain a masters degree. Why should he not feel grateful for that.

Major 1 has indeed done a lot for this young man and many others. Welcome home Kelvin, life has to go on.


mipingo yalero imeneyo




No one is 100% good Mwalowerera ntchito ya Mulungu nanunso u will be judged. Borani Sulungwe yo wapepetsa.A Malawi tiyeni tizikhala ndi chikondi muzathu a kamalakwisa tizimuika mumapemphero osati kumutukwana ai.God cannot be happy with that

major 2

Whelther you are sulungwe or sulungwi I dont care so long have heard. Come down and find here.If you are on the back of an elephant dont say there no dews in the jungle. Now you see bonya on your table. That the best dish you have here in nyasaland. Well done Mama Bushiri. Ha ha ha thus why I like social network.

Sacrifice lol

Akumva ululu uyu asaname. Pompano he will start exposing Bushiri


Sulungwe ndiwe gwape and kape, kuliratu uku, ungamanene anthu kuti amasuta chamba?. Wachotsedwabe nanga tikukunamizira?

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