Tembenu hits at EU, Britain for demanding Malawi corruption report

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has criticised the European Union (EU) and Britain for demanding government to finalise and circulate a report on corruption to enable stakeholders to take action.

Tembenu: What report?

In April last year, the Malawi Government held a high-profile conference on corruption where stakeholders discuss how to combat corruption in the country, among other issues.

EU representative in Malawi Marchel Gerrmann  has been calling on government to release the report.

“As EU [European Union], we financed a conference last April on corruption, which was also attended by the President, but so far we still haven’t seen a report or recommendations a year later.

“I think it is important if this done if the fight against corruption is to be won in this country.”

British High Commissioner Holly Tett also has been asking for the report, saying is crucial as it will guide stakeholders’ action plan.

But Tembenu said trashed the calls, saying on  the second day of the conference all delegates were given the  recommendations and that a report would not change anything.

Donors argue that improved service delivery for  ordinary Malawians will  be made possible if corruption is clamped down and amounts of public money that vanish are significantly reduced.

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Typical behaviour of thieves and looters. They devour and destroy carelessly and irresponsibly but NEVER want to ACCOUNT. Like ntchemberezandonda they only look for the next meal and more to destroy, kubibila (kumaso) even their very source of a meal today.
That’s DPP thugs for you!!!
Malawians brace yourselves for more miseries ndi Malawi a moto wa DPP.


How can a person boast that he gives you help for 50 yrs and yet you are still poor? Nde mbudzi zina they glorify these pink nosed bustards…….a Malawi kuzolowela kuthandizidwa.


In your face donors, in your face!!!!! that is what Tembenu is telling you


If the so-called help from donors was all we need, then how come we are still poor after so many years of receiving ‘aid’ from these pink-nosed people?

The day we shall chase these western hypocrites out of our systems is the day we shall begin to develop and prosper in real sense.


Biting the hand that feeds you hurts only when that hand is your own.


I am sure the funding was received with gladness for the report to be done and released. Now that the money was used the report cannot be released coz it won’t affect anything. Why didn’t Tembenu tell these funders there and then.

If you have nothing to hide release the report and stop taking Malawians for fools.


Mbavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Prince of thieves.

Resign Now Mutharika

This is what we keep saying it is a complete waste of time to think that mutharika can fight corruption. He is corruption himself, so how can you expect him to arrest corruption?

The only way to fight corruption is for everyone to go to the streets and demand an immediate resignation of mutharika, full stop.


Citizen????? Who is going to suffer with what you are suggesting?


Kharupa. Good question and the answer is simple. The thugs in power are the ones who are going to suffer. Malawians suffer every day to the point that being malawian it has now become synonymous with suffering. No difference for us when your beloved DPP balls are ground or squeezed as it were . Come again you sycophant.

Thomas ogwililira

Akulalata ngatitu akapanda kutipatsa ndalamazo apeza kwina kokuba.

Honourable Goodall Gondwe has made it clear to the parliamentarians and the citizens that budgetary support of K49,5billion is expected from donors or developmental partners without which the government will face major challenges in achieving its own developmental goals. EU and Britain are instrumental in the decision-making as far as the multilateral support is concerned. Through World Bank they have offered to support Malawi to the tune of K49.5billion. The least you can do is to say “thank you”. Castigating EU and Britain isn’t going to win you any favours save to say that Malawians once again will be the… Read more »

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