Lucius Banda continues war against Malawi corruption in Crimes: Album starts selling online

Three decades after he embarked on the crusade, Malawian music icon Lucius Banda is unrelenting and unwavering in his criticism of public looting, social injustice and political abuse as he demonstrates in his new album ‘Crimes’.

Lucius Banda: Has desire to keep going in music

Lucius debut album was the anti-dictatorship, 1993 release ‘Son of a Poor Man’ which had the hit single Mabala.

Twenty five odd years and 18 albums later, the ‘People’s Soldier’ is still at it, fearlessly speaking out on behalf of the people—calling out corruption, nepotism and abuse of power in high places.

In the 12 track album, Lucius delivers a no-holds barred upper cut blow to the establishment on several such as Chako, Zithumwa, Kulira kwa amphawi, and the title track Crimes.

In Chako, the Balaka North UDF Parliamentarian tackles Cashgate, the tractor scandal and the Zambia maize scandal, likening these to witchcraft. In one verse he even goes coy:

Madzi tikumwa adzithaphwi/mzipatala mankhwala kulibe/komwe chitsiru chaponda ndalama/sichimangwidwanso…

He challenges that the people that have been stealing public funds have for no love for the country because if they had, they would have invested in the country’s future and not loot resources.

“Chikakhala ndichako, umachisamalira. Kukadakhala kuno ndikwanu, abale simukadawononga…” he sings.

Lucius does not stop there, attacking the DPP led government’s leadership and their involvement in the Zambia maize scandal in the song Zithumwa, likening them to witches who have come to destroy the country.

Meanwhile, the veteran musician has announced that the Crimes album is now available for purchase on online music stores starting today.

The album can be purchased via online music stores such as iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, Boomplaymusic, Deezer, Simfy Africa and Akazoo.

The move, by Lucius Banda and Zembani Music Company, is to enable his fans to access his music from anywhere in the world.

The music icon says the decision has also been made in light of the ever-changing dynamics of the music market.

“We have to catch up to global trends. We have no choice, otherwise we will be left so far behind that it will be impossible to catch up,” he said.

Lucius alluded to the fact that he was able to sell over one million copies of his ‘Ceasefire’ album on cassette in 1995, but sales have been dwindling drastically ever since due to piracy.

“So these online stores provide us with an opportunity to reach out to our fans across the world in a simpler and much more convenient manner without the fear of piracy. The purchase is just the click of a button away,” he said.

This is Lucius’ third album to sell online immediately after launching after ‘Time’ and ‘Thank You’.

According to his management team of Zembani Music Company and Media 360, the intention is to upload all of his albums and music videos onto the online stores to make it accessible to a wider audience.

“Over the years, I have been getting requests from all over the world from people wanting to purchase my old music. So I think this platform is the answer to all these problems.

“Actually, at the rate at which the world is advancing, physical music sales will soon become obsolete and we will be selling music digitally so would urge everyone, musicians and consumers alike, to start getting used to this new way of buying and selling music,” Lucius said.

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@Nachisale Ndiye mukayigula ndiye kuti mwatenga boma? Nyimbo imavota? Makamaka nyimbo zodziwikiratu kuti ndi za campaign anthu womwe amagula amakhala wokhawo wodana ndi chipani chikuyimbidwacho. Ziri ngati kuti Jeffrey akamatukwana MCP amene amawombera m’manja ndiwosapota boma wokha koma sizingapangitse wa MCP kukhumudwa mpaka kutuluka MCP chifukwa choti Chakwera watukwanidwa ndi wa Jeffrey. Koma ngati ngati munthuyo akutulutsa mfundo ndiye mumawona anthu akutuluka mu zipani zawo nkulowa cha munthu yemwe akulankhula fundo uja. Mwaona nokha m’mene anthu akulowera DPP zigawo zones zitatu. Imeneyi ndi ngozi ku MCP cjfukwa mnzawo APM akutola mavoti a u president pang’onopang’ono pomafika 2019 mu April simudzachita… Read more »
So Achimidzimidzi you are associating Bingu’s death with Lucius? It is good that you have opened our eyes. So Bingu can be the second after Rodwell Munyenyembe was also associated with the same music icon. My point here is that his music is no longer a hot cake to Malawians perse whether MCP buys it or not. Lucius’ music has never damaged DPP otherwise the party would not be in power now. Look at CELL 51. He cried and gnashed his teeth in the song to make DPP lose ground but DPP is still going strong while his album was… Read more »

We all know you are a DPP cadre,besides,you are the only person who is supporting the DPP while the majority are suffering.Corruption has been the order of the day.Which people are joining DPP?You mean Dausi and Ntaba?Who doesn’t know that these are political chancers and prostitutes.They always go where the wind is blowing


I like the line
Wow! What is this if it is not Art? Is this CHAPONDA noun or verb? If it is noun which Chaponda?
I like this kind of deep reflection. I can’t wait to purchase and listen to the message.
No longer Soldier. You deserve a promotion now. Today you will be called PROPHET SOLDIER becasuse of being relevant to the current situation.

Times have changed. The guy is no longer a music icon. What has made him unpopular is his too much involvement in party politics. His album CELL 51 flopped because there was too much crying and gnashing the teeth because Bingu did him tintin when he boasted too much in the failed Impeachment. It is only the opposition who will be attracted of this album because the album is just saying what Chakwera has been speaking in MCP rallies. It is different from the album MABALA because in it everything was new to Malawians. This time whatever he sings comes… Read more »

I think you have run out of ideas and and from my understanding you are a DPP cadre.So you are very excited with what DPP is doing by stealing our resources?Can’t you see corruption is all over in each and every Government Department?Its high time for you to open up your eyes and if your ears have got problem go and see an ear doctor before its too late


@ Santana chamba iwe. Remember Lucius’ song “Pharaoh” — Bingu Wathalika amanganiza zo limbana ndi Lucius.. shame…He stopped breathing in the abundance of oxygen at his house…. aaahhh!!!. Lucius laughs best

@ Nachisale

@ Santana

Inutu uku ndi kulira. Lucious remains an icon. Ndipo simunati . Achita nanu. Ndipo ife tiyigula kuti inu muphye mtima kwambiri.


He is a Voice of the Voiceless people of Malawi.He has been doing that for long and i know this album will be a hit though am yet to hear/listen to it…BIG UP SOLDIER…UMATIYIMIRIRA!!!!!!!!!

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