Tempers flare at PAC conference over regime change calls: Wandale wants ‘corrupt’ Malawi govt suspended, Ntaba says DPP can’t leave power ‘we can be worse’

Simmering tensions exploded at the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre when self-styled activists Vincent Wandale and Billy Mayaya attempted to use the crucial meeting to push for regime change , calling on President Peter Mutharika and his government to be “suspended” and investigated for corruption allegations.

Ntaba and other delegates at the conference

Wandale and other delegates at the conference

The calls were rejected and discarded by the quasi-religious body which demanded delegates not to use the forum to advance their political agendas.

The two, Wandale and human rights activist Mayaya rose in sequence to demand for the conference to rubber-stamp the idea of pushing for government change.

Wandale, who seemed enraged with the smooth and objective discussions during the afternoon session of the conference, rose and demanded the governance watchdog to endorse a proposition to have President  Mutharika’s administration suspended to pave way for investigations on concerns over high levels of corruption within the ranks and files of the government and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“We have lost trust in those in the high table,” said Wandale while pointing to Pac’s executive committee members and mother bodies’ representatives on the high table.

“With whatever has been discussed here, I request in the name of fairness and honest to have the Head of State and his team be suspended to pave way for investigations on corruption,” demanded Wandale whose call attracted applause from some sections of the delegates.

“It is not fair that we have people involved in maizegate, cash-gate and Teveta-gate. We have to pave way to remove President Peter Mutharika and his team just as what happened in Brazil,” he said.

Wandale, who has been in the limelight over land and labor rights fight in tea-growing districts of Thyolo and Mulanje, argued that Mutharika cannot lead a fight against corruption with sober mind if he is still in power.

His calls were supported by Mayaya.

But Pac deputy Chairperson, Osman Karim and Reverend Misanjo Kansilanga of Blantyre Synod of CCAP swiftly dismissed the calls and urged the delegates to desist from discussing issues out of the conference’s agenda.

“This is not a Parliamentary committee nor is it a court of law. We can’t be discussing that, and such calls cannot be entertained by Pac,” challenged reverend Kansilanga.

Karim said it was premature for delegates to preempt and make propositions on behalf of the conference when the meeting was still in session.

“Whatever we discuss here should be unanimous. Not one person should preempt and make premature suggestions. Let’s discuss with sober mind come up with proper resolutions,” he said.

DPP’s vice-president for the central region, Hetherwick Ntaba demanded Pac to clarify the objective of the conference, arguing government was ready to respond to the proposed regime change at all cost.

“We have serious national issues to discuss no matter what political party we represent or organization we come from. Whatever we discuss, we should be discussing with serious attention. Pac should let us know if the theme of this conference is what is being proposed, let us know,” demanded Ntaba.

He warned: “We did not come here for that (regime change proposition). Please guide us. We can stand up to that, we can challenge that, and we can be even worse serious than that.”

And Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa joined in to disown the two and dismissed Wandale and Mayaya as not members of Pac, arguing they don’t have mandate to speak on behalf of the quasi-religious grouping.

“We are here to heal ourselves; to be able to listen and to be listened to. All of us have to make resolutions and not one person. Today is not a day to make resolution to remove government, if we change leadership, who is going to lead? Pac is a religious body and not otherwise,” challenged Msusa.

He urged the delegates to deliberate on issues being raised during the conference with sober mind inorder for the meeting to come up with tangible resolutions.

After his mini-talk, calm resumed in the meeting and the conference was subsequently adjourned to tomorrow, final day, when the delegates will make resolutions to key presentations made.


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25 thoughts on “Tempers flare at PAC conference over regime change calls: Wandale wants ‘corrupt’ Malawi govt suspended, Ntaba says DPP can’t leave power ‘we can be worse’”

  1. Jamax says:

    Kodi foreigner uyu akuti chaniiii???? ma pulezidenti anzake apita kunja kwa Azungu kukalankhula mfundo zachitukuko bwanji nanga simunapite??? kkkkkk!!!!!…..by the way makobidi omwe munatenga kwa anthu aja mabweza????? kkkk!!! Wa Ndaleeeeeeeee!!

  2. nophiya says:

    Go PAC. Go Pac. More fire

  3. Gonapamuhanya says:

    Why people are not talking about corruption in the civil society, in churches, private institutions and the church/mosque? Do you know that most of those who are making noise have amassed wealth corruptly? If we follow up church leaders, you will see that they have assets that were obtained corruptly. Some have empires with assets distributed amongst relatives. How I wish we had investigative journalists who could track religious leaders. We could be stunned to know that they have things that they acquired corruptly and some of them have children with women with whom they cohabited corruptly. Easy to point a spec in one’s eye and forget about a log in yours. Tiyeni mma NGO, CSO, mmipingo. Ask, for e.g. how Chakwera amassed wealth corruptly when he was a church minister? Is he now a saint coz he has joined politics? PAC has just lost its vision and direction. How can sober-headed men of God be raped by power-hungry failed politicians? Where is the clause in our constitution that PAC will be hiring and firing presidents in Malawi?

  4. wakikikiki says:

    Tiyeni amalawi tichangamuke , tidzuke mu tulo , Wandale siwopusa, wopusa ndi amene asutsana naye . Chifukwa chofuna cha Wandale sakuchivesa. Akufunika civic education kuti mwina zingalowe mmutu. Minda azungu anatenga liti? ndipo nthawi imeneyo anthu analipo angati? panopa tilipo angati? Nde musove samuyo mupeza kuti zativuta kale . Chofunika nkutenga minda yathuyo tizilima eni ake . Awandale ndili pa mbuyo panu tiyeni nazoni. Ngati mtsogoleri akulephela kutenga mindayo monga mmene anapangila Mgabe ku Zimbabwe nde utsogoleri uli pati?

  5. nyopex says:

    APM ali pheeeeee kunyumba yachifumu ku Lilongwe. And all of us know kuti zake (APM) zinayera kale. Enanu baavutikani ndi mtimawo ife 2019 tidzavoterabe APM.

    Ndiye APM akadzawinanso 2019 muzizati wabera agalu inu and yet you see how well he is governing this country. Mulira simunati.

    As for Wandale and Maya, and Kamulepo, these are the three mad people that are not yet gone to Zomba Mental Hospital due to too much smoking of weed(chamba)

  6. wakikikiki says:

    Antaba anawakana kale kwawo komwe. Anayesela kuyima pa u MP anthu anati ayi simunthu . Nde lelo anganene chani cha nzeru. Adaphadi Bingu ameneyu, sankamuwuza zoona prezidenti wanga wokondedwa.



  8. Lazalo says:

    Non PAC members are not supposed to make any contribution at the meeting, I quote ArchiBishop Thomas Msusa. So Wandale and Mayaya’s contributions are void. Read the last four paragraphs carefully and unbiasely.

  9. mo says:

    First suspend NRB its a tool for Dpp to steal ur votes,open up oposition open up Pac,they will use the same came 2019 mind we have census in 2018 another stone,azawina mwa mai wawayeeee listen carefully to Dausi if u cant c pls open ur eyes

  10. mlomwe says:

    Following keenly

  11. Chizito Wa Chizito says:

    I agree with Wandale and Mayaya entirely.

    1. Charombanthu says:

      I was under the impression that Wandale claims that he is head of state of another country called PLO. Has he been invited as a foreign dignatory? Koma kumeneko. kkkkkkkkkk

  12. Mopiya Mulupare says:

    I cant understand why the landless people of Thyolo and Mulanje and south in general don’t appreciate what Wandale is doing. He is their saviour. Their Ken Saro Wiwa!

    Boma ili lagwa kale. What we need to do is to tell every Malawian not to vote for it. Being a democratic country that is more safe than taking the Venezuel style which has caused deaths.

  13. Hedsge says:

    ProOpposition raping their own constitution. Muyesa DPP muitha?

  14. Bazooka says:

    I used to respect Ntaba before but all the respect is now gone. He man is the worst opportunistic person Malawi has ever seen. We used to call him the computer but now eeish.

  15. Maunits says:

    Ntaba was in the forefront to accuse civil society and opposition when Malawi experienced shortage of fuel and sugar in the country. Him Ntaba and Francis Mphepo killed Bingu because they have no advisory role to a leader very cruel and arrogant to enrich themselves. Once MCP is back in 2019 Ntaba and dpp gurus will be taken to Lumbadzi Police station for custodial sentence before taken to court for prosecution they are all devils. Malawi is run by people from dark kingdom.

  16. Saulos says:

    Alomwe wanzeru ndi wandale yekhayo amene akumatsutsa mtsogoleri wachilomwe pamene zinthu sizikuyenda bwino.enanu agwape enieni ,mbuzi meeeeeee! Coz you clap hands on stupid things coz mbuzi iyi ndiyakwanu.example yina mwayiwona ku Lilongwe kwawo kwa chakwera Anthu amudzudzula zinthu siziyenda bwino

  17. winston msowoya says:

    Ntaba,what are you talking about? The situation is already worst if you don’t know.Unfortunately,you are backing the unworkable regime just because, yourself you are used to support such regimes for your own greedy and opportunistic self-aggrandisement.In each regime you have been in,you have never contributed ideal leadership to help the poor people economically in the sense that,life was enjoyable and satisfactory to you and members of your family and friends,while the overwhelming majority of voters faces medieval life in their own country.Ntaba,you have lost your soul and shame upon you.The people of Malawi deserve change of regime because the present one has completely failed to lead but,instead the government is deeply involved in nation-wide corruption,tribalism never seen before in the country and your boss has lost sense of imagination.You have been in different governments for over twenty years but,nothing constructive has come from you provided you and your family live well.Let me remind you that whether you like it or not,ultimately change will come.

    1. karonga msowoya says:

      Winston Msowoya, you are unpatriotic. You are always complaining about the social-economic climate in Malawi. But what are you doing to make Malawi a better place to live in. If you have any balls come back to your homeland and form your own political party. Then contest in the 2019 presidential elections by selling your ideas to the electorate. Once at the helm of government you can sail the Malawi ship in the “right direction” or else shut your stinking mouth.

      1. bisalomu says:

        I wonder what you are talking about. Do you yourself live in Malawi? Cant you see what Malawians are going thru with this Useless DPP Regime? My Friend you better think twice and you are very useless and an idiot who is very Myopic

  18. joze says:

    Ntaba ndi wa mcp congress man in blue cloth..another devil

    1. Pida says:


  19. carsberg Malawi Ilipo kodi says:

    a wandale akudwala kwambiri moti mutu wawo sukugwira shuwa.

  20. thyolo man says:

    the idea of suspending the president and his team is good and must be done now. why should we keep the failurers to continue failing us? when will the malawians stand and say enough is enough? if we don’t have trust in leaders that are leading us why keeping them?

  21. DPP mbava says:

    Mutharika sangathe kuyendetsa boma. Amalawife kugona too much. Kuberedwa madanasana through Mota Roads

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