The bull that’s becoming Malawi

We like the rest of the world have closed the curtains on 2015, calendar wise, and are about to end our peep into the year 2016, now that the most dreaded month, January, is about to be out of our way.Masinga HA  HA HA

And in just less than the first 28 days into Happy New Year 2016, as a citizenry we have already had very eventful experience.

All the wrong things seem to be pointing at us. Not that there are no issues worth smiling at, but the shadows of  lost hope continue to crawl nearer, and fast are they!

Lutepo mishap

You can’t trust even yourself, now I can tell. In one breadth cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo is guns blasting at former attorney general and justice minister Ralph Kasambara as the devil incarnate in the Cashgate drama. In the next, he changes tune in the macro-seconds he switches between inhaling and exhaling his breadth.

Now Kasambara was implicated by former Police Chief Nelson Bophani.

And that’s not only confusing many Malawians and those that may be following our Cash gate Series. This is also greatly showing lack of seriousness in the way all those involved are handling the matter.

Most importantly, its also starting to reveal there are players behind the scene eager at creating trouble against each other. APM  troops trying their best to nail JB and the exiled lady spinning it all over the works.

The greater victim remains poor Malawians as this shitty debacle continues to drain tax payers resources for a case that is more of a ballgame.

No heads, no tails, no legs, no eyes, no direction.

We surely don’t need expatriates of donors to come and prosecute our case. We are failing miserably.

Gay donors

An area  with a lot of uncertainty on part of both our leadership and the donors.

The donors now want to make us believe they aren’t forcing the Monjeza-Chimbalanga rubbish onto Malawi, and yet they openly tied that as a condition for aid.

Looking across the seas and oceans, America as a united states has not legalised homosexuality. Many states and bigger numbers of people are against this. UK is not wholesale homosexual nation, many parts are against this. Germany is no exception, a few corners allow for such nonsense.

So why should they force an entire sovereign state like Malawi change its laws, its constitution, to embrace this dirty form of sexuality? Is it just because we are poor?

Well, they can keep their money and we shall keep our bottoms and clits clean. Their tongue twisting trying to explain how they view Malawi and homosexuality won’t bring us any rains better anyway.

And our leaders are also not straight. They talk a different language. Today they decree an moratorium to consider easing the anti gay laws and the next day they bang tables against pro gay donors and assertions.

Wake up APM, stand up and be firm with what position as a nation we stand about gays. The majority of us, excluding Trapence, Mtambo, Sembereka, and Sibongile, are against repealing if those laws!

We need one position. One strong  position. And by the way as a tip, the Chinese will not force us embrace nasty homosexuality. And they will still give us billions worth of aid – but for our ivory!

Dead witches!

Lord have mercy. For me the true witchcrafters are the gang of savages that attacked and killed the four old people. We all know lightening is no joke and kills, and that old age is no witchcraft.

Why should Malawians die before the age of 60 just because incoherently minded  devils will lust to kill them?

I ask those sick organs of society making noise about gays to for the first time do something sensible and campaign against killing of innocent old people on fake with craft allegations.

Government, please arrest and punish those that took hand in this heartless murder!

A hearty meal, no?

Minister of Agriculture Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza is a hardworking man. But asking Malawians to downscale eating habits from three meals a day to one or half a meal per day may be preposterous.

Firstly, even the three meals most Malawians survive on are just large lumps of nsima with two leaves of nkhwani, two tiny pieces of meat and five droppings of been seeds for relish.

Its hard to imagine all the food requirements in such a meal. And you want to chop down that already pathetic nourishment to one meal once?

You may wish to know Malawi is the only nation left in southern Africa where we are served and eat ndiwo in teaspoon doses when the rest have highly nutritious dishes and plenty  –mapwevupwevu.

And you know why? Because you greedy politicians have all the money to play with as we commoners suffer and go hungry.

You pay each presidential aid above K1 million a month and you ministers are on a shocking bloated take home.

You have snacks in between meals and wash that down with the best Xavier of all time.

Eating habits can change. Food diversification can happen. Can we also do the same with our national coffers, please?

And all this and many more, in just less than 28 days into the year 2016!

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6 years ago


pia likoya
pia likoya
6 years ago

do the editors at nyasa times actually proof read these articles before passing them for publication? if they did, inaccuracies such as, “looking across the seas and oceans, america as a united states has not legalised homosexuality” could never see the light of day in any reputable online media source. nothing could be further from the truth. homosexuality is legal across the entire united states without exception. a simple google search by the ‘author’ would have confirmed this (and i’m using the term ‘author’ advisedly). but then i’m not surprised. nyasa times has of late allowed itself to be hijacked… Read more »

6 years ago

“…the Monjeza Chimbalanga rubbish..” Rubbish?? Then this: “…dirty form of sexuality…” Dirty?? And then: “…we shall keep our bottoms and clits clean…” Ahh!! What is this supposed to mean? I don’t think the donors want you to become gay. Absolutely not. But then, again, one can understand why this issue has become a source of so much agony for many Malawians. It’s a cultural shock. Probably related to this, there was a “population” conference in Washington DC a couple of years ago in which Malawi was, again, cited as an example of countries whose population was spiralling out of control.… Read more »

6 years ago


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