Malawi should not become lawless -Anglican Bishop Malasa condemns mob murders

Anglican Bishop of Upper Shire Diocese Brighton Malasa has urged Malawians to always handle allegations of witchcraft with caution, observing that not all elderly people practice witchcraft.

Bishop Malasa: Condemns Neno killings

Bishop Malasa: Condemns Neno killings

Malasa’s remarks follow the brutal killing of four elderly persons in Neno district on suspicion of witchcraft.

The district is within his jurisdiction.

“It is sad to note that life which was supposed to be preserved is being taken wantonly like trees. God created a human being and said it was very good. No one was commanded to take someone’s life.

“Life is precious. Life is Holy as such we need to respect what God ordained. The sanctity of life cannot be overemphasized,” said Bishop Malawi, who is based at Malosa, Zomba.

He said no one is supposed to take the law in his/her hands, noting that mob justice is equally a sin before God.

“I call upon fellow Malawians to take issues of witchcraft with caution. It is wrong to think that elderly people are all witches and wizards.

“This generalization victimizes innocent people as there is no proof that those killed were indeed witches. Or even if they were, no one is mandated to punish, let alone to kill,” said Malasa.

He therefore commended government’s efforts through the Malawi Police Services to curb this “satanic and barbaric behavior”.

Malasa also asked Malawians to pray against this “satanic spirit” not to overshadow the nation.

“Malawi has always be known as a God fearing nation. Where is that spirit going? Why are we of recent hearing of murder and killings? Malawi should not become a lawlessness country. Lets us love one another,” lamented Malasa.

Meanwhile, the Police have arrested 12 people for their alleged involvement in the killing of the four elderly people in Chimbalanga village in Chief Dambe’s area in the district.

The four deceased—73 year-old Byson Kanjete, Eliza Enoce Kanjete, 83, Elenefa Kanjete, 76 and Julius Kanjete—were brutally killed on Mondayon suspicion that they had a hand in the death of a 17 girl who was struck by a lightning on the material day.

Those arrested include 36 year-old Staford Chifundo, Amosi Sida, 32, Samuel Kaudzu, 20, John Harry, 21, Lex Mayenda aged 19, Manford Dyson, 15, Patrick Kanjete, 14, Lyton Silence, 15, Ben Saukila aged 14 and 13 year-old Eliya Mapeto.

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Well said,Tt (post 2).

Such comments are unhelpful but revealing. Avoid being old, gay, albino, suspected of any crime, different, alive in Malawi.


Malasa is an absolute disgrace to humankind. How dare he make such statements? He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for lending credibility to superstitious claims about so-called “witchcraft”. He should be put on trial with all the murderers for attempting to lend credibility to their beliefs. He is as good as a murderer himself for promoting such out-dated, ignorant and stupid ideas as so-called “witchcraft”. It is hard to credit that in the year 2016 such an individual would be making such literally ridiculous statements.


…I can now see that there are more gays in Malawi!…whats the connection between the two stories? Even in the Bible sodom was reduced to ashes because of practising homosexual not witchcraft! Wake up Malawi and give no room to homosexual!


Why condemns, always singing the song of CONDEMN with your government.Wrong people perish and lose their property .Why cant you pass stiff laws on such actions.You make a lot of NOISE when it comes to GAYs .Do gays kill people.STUPID government.You never condole such victims or even visit such places to show your condemnations .I never seen anyone doing that.


There is a strong link between a belief in witchcraft and religion, you can get the sense from this guy! He believes witchcraft exist, it there in bible as well! This is a real problem coz killing of witches cannot happen in a society were people are more educated and non religious, it’s the religious kind that are most likely to believe in this nonsense! Another example of baseless discrimination is that of homosexuals!


Malawians are confucious! we dont know what we do. The government tells us not to take the law into our hands. What about if those people who were killed were alleged to be gays ? what will the church say ? The church clapped hands when Msonda said gays should be killed. Ang government dropped the charges againist him, what is this? Bravo Bishop Kumalasa ! Government should enforce our pinal code and dont apply the laws selectively !

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