The Chase is on… spinning that luck and not the bottle, for Malawi’s Natasha!

It was that fine dude who could not do his own national anthem as the first Big Brother Africa (BBA) Malawi representative. Zain Dhudha shocked me lots for that shortfall, but excited me more for his ingenuity, walking into that House as they call it, with Malawi’s favourite brew, Carlsberg Green.

He did not last long. He did not even have any impact, for all I care, but at least he will go down in history as the first Malawian to join that crazy game. Yes, crazyyyyyy!!!!

You have your opinion, and I have mine, and that is why the first week in the House for Natasha, that 26 year-old creative artiste and mother, is something that should give BBA Malawian fans some soul-searching to do.

First, Natasha may be a Rubies in the House, and she may be little know to many Malawians unlike counterpart Fatima, 30, a Diamond in the House, but she sure is someone we may all decided to save this week.


The problem, however, is that most of us may be fooled, as has been so many times before, about how to save her from possible and earliest eviction from the South Africa based home of dreams and opportunities.

If I go on the website and VOTE Natasha, am I adding my vote to kick her out or to keep her in the House?

Last game we almost made it last year through the Wati (paso) Kulemeka, 21 then, that deep voiced mucho from Lilongwe, and sometime back I remember we almost did it through Miss Warren, from Lilongwe – again. I can bet that it was through the committed voting that we gave the two contestants that almost helped Malawi get a forex boost – onlyhad we won.

Natasha and Fatima are our pride and our bet in the House. Smelling US$300,000 is no joke for an economy ripped to places by the recent important but devastating devaluation Mama JB chained us to, and it will be not just spinning the bottle for the Rubies to kiss each other that will save our Natasha, it will be our committed voting plus a
very big dose of luck to make our day.

Yes, some may say Natasha has shown she may be a glutton the way she gobbled bits and pieces of goodies on the table, but that could as well, perhaps for the ‘naïve’(?), just be her way of trying to sample the food for her eatery back home in Lilongwe.

That is some added value for her business, but for some of you, it may be a negative – of course, it had to take a ‘strapper’ from some SADC country, not Malawi, to christen her the ‘eat-bag’ of the House. That is no story, that is no problem, and that is no sin that she Natasha or Nats, as I may wish to call her from now on, has committed.

The Kulemeka boys brought us game and fun and close to the cash-load. Let us support the two ladies, Natasha and Fatima to bring us the big loot – at least this time around. We need that moneeyyyyy!!!

She has the right to the food. After all, it was put there for the Housemates. She therefore has a right to a vote from all Malawians that love the game and the many foreigners in the region that believe in her capabilities.

So, why not get either Betty, 21 from Ethiopia and a Diamond packing and headed for Addis? How about Selly, 25, from Ghana and a Rubies, flying back to Accra? After all, she has already had her dream kiss with bearded Biguesas, 29, from Angola!

We could also be thinking of sending Huddah, 21, from Kenya and a Diamond back home to Nairobi where airlines are easier connected; just as we could be safeguarding our lady to stay on to the game end.

As for me, I am decided, Natasha must stay on in the game, and every hour a vote surely is going her way. For those on SMS you have a 100 sms chance to save her from eviction.

Let’s start our game at the very start – last minutes may never yield positives as we learnt from Ms. Warren’s mishap and of course, Wati’s near win.

I may not have had anything to say; some of you will comment here, but so what…? Who knows, the Nigerian, Beverly, 21, who is head of the House for the Rubies, may also spin it in our favour when the trick to
decided ‘replacements’ perhaps comes up!

After all, Nigerian men have a soft but suspicious spot on our women. Ahem!

Just spin that luck, and not the bottle, in Malawi’s favour!Masinga HA  HA HA

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