The importance of security in real money online casinos

Online gambling has become bigger and bigger, especially in the age of COVID-19 now that more people are spending time at home and on their mobile devices. According to experts, the industry shall have grown to $92.9 billion in 2023, which means it’s generating some serious revenue for the operators.

exciting games that are offered in the world of online casino

Unfortunately, this year has also seen a rise in the number of cyberattacks. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) itself has reported a five-fold increase in cyberattacks, with scammers impersonating the organization to cheat the general public into donating them money.

The online gambling industry itself is also a potential target. Online betting operators know this and make their security extremely tight to protect their business and their customers. What ways can each protect themselves online when providing or using the service?

SSL encryption

This is one of the major measures that online gambling operators implement, fully aware of the responsibility they have to protect the data they’re collecting. SSL encryption ensures that information between a website and the visitor to the site is kept private. The browser forms a secure connection with the website’s server, ensuring that no one is intercepting any details transferred between the visitor and the website.

All websites that request personal information, such as passwords, email addresses or other information should have an SSL certificate. If a website displays the protocol “https” in the browser window, then this is a sign that the website is secure. If the protocol is just “http”, the user should refrain from entering any personal information. If they’re not sure whether playing at a casino is safe or not, they could try webpages like this, which recommend safe sites for players.

User support

A good casino or other online gambling operator should offer customer support. The aim of customer support is to keep players safe and allow them to enjoy their gaming experience. Gaming operators offer customer service around the clock, with chatbots, emails and contact numbers. They respond quickly and resolve issues speedily. It could be a payment issue, technical issue or security issue or a different issue altogether. Whatever the problem is, they’ll look into it with as little fuss as possible so the player can get back to playing.

Part of this user support means being transparent. Good operators will display their details clearly. If an operator isn’t clear about how customers can get in touch with them, this is a red flag and the website visitor should avoid playing on the site.

Holding a licence

Serving as a licensed operator is important because it provides the customers with safety guarantees. If a customer is not happy about something relating to the operator, they can approach the operator directly and voice their concerns or grievances. Being a licence holder also reassures the customer that if there’s a problem, there is a regulator who can act as an intermediary if the customer doesn’t feel an operator has resolved their dispute satisfactorily.

Licence operators work well to keep their customers safe. They’ll use encryption software and will also partner with trusted game and payment service providers. If the site isn’t displaying some sort of verification that they’re a licensed gambling operator, the customer should stay away. If they choose to play, they have no protection if things go wrong. The site could even be a scam site.

Offer safe payment options

Lots of people out there are wary of providing financial data, so a good operator will offer other safe payment options. The option to use an e-wallet such as PayPal to make deposits in an account is a useful one because, rather than provide financial details, the customer can just transfer money to the account by supplying their email address, which is linked to a bank account.

It’s also possible to use debit cards or credit cards on the sites of many operators. Some sites will also accept virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, but these sites are a lot harder to come by.

User reviews

Bad reviews can do an operator serious damage. In general, when customers aren’t satisfied with an experience, they’ll tell around nine to 15 people about it. They might even tell more. The internet and the facility to create online reviews gives customers a lot of power and they’re more than happy to use it.

If a customer is thinking of playing on a site, they can (and should) go online and do some due diligence before they part with their cash. Reviewers will warn people of any site they think is a scam or isn’t a fair operator. A site that receives lots of negative reviews is one from which you should stay away. Note that some reviews can be malicious, can be the result of a disgruntled customer who wasn’t as lucky on the site as they’d hoped that day. Customers should learn to distinguish these sour grapes from customers who are voicing a genuine grievance.

Some review sites make life easy by recommending safe places to play online. They may also have a section of blacklisted sites. If a customer sees a site at which they have an account, they should close the account immediately.

Playing online at a good operator site is safe. These operators take extra care to protect the customers and make the experience as safe and secure as possible, with measures including SSL and customer service. Anyone looking to play on a website can also conduct checks of their own to verify that the operator is a reliable operator and if they don’t feel comfortable, they can play at another site instead.

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