Threats will not save DPP from the K61billion stinker: Editorial

If highly charged emotional threats of litigation against property evaluator Yeremia Chihana and newspapers in Malawi is DPP’s shameless idea of how to deal with the K61billion stinker, then we dare say this feeble attempt at intimidation will not wash.

There is nothing that DPP can say or do that will alter the fact that its founder and former president of Malawi, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, screwed Malawians by amassing billions while they were languishing in dire poverty as a result of his lopsided economic policies and cowboy belligerent attitude towards donors.

The minimum Malawians expected from DPP, therefore, was an apology and promise that this will not happen again on its watch in the unlikely event that the majority next year decides to return the party to power.

Threats to the media and to people who are just doing their job on Mutharika’s estate such as Chihana are the last thing Malawians want to hear from a party whose leader and founder was a greedy glutton.editorial

In any case, does DPP expect the media to be cowed into submission to keep silent and look the other way when documents about Mutharika’s obscene wealth are flying around in court in the absence of an order to do so? What kind of journalism would that be and in whose interest: Malawians or the equally gluttonous DPP leadership?

Chihana was merely doing a job he was hired to do as a property evaluator and is ready to stand by it if he is called to do so in court and that is why he swore an affidavit.

Bringing into this equation Chihana’s past brushes with the law and link or personalise it as a vendetta on Mutharika is just a mere figment in the fertile imagination of Nicholus Dausi’s DPP department of publicity.

If the DPP leadership, in their wisdom, have another figure or any other piece of evidence about Mutharika’s wealth, we, Nyasa Times encourage them to make an application to the court and tender it.

To put it in simpler terms, if DPP is challenging that Mutharika did not amass wealth to the tune of K61, what alternative figure do they have for Malawians and on what basis?

As for the accusations of cheque book journalism against the media, DPP’s legal department should know better than to be told that it all amounts to crime apart from being unethical in the profession.

In that case, they know where to report if they have evidence.

But in its absence, it is once again a smokescreen to hide a real crime against Malawians which is that of amassing wealth against rampant poverty committed by the late Mutharika.

Finally, we, at Nyasa Times have got news for DPP. If gagging and filtering media content using the old-age method of flak by threats of expensive lawsuits is what amounts to their way of dealing with the fallout emanating from the revelation that Bingu wa Mutharika made it his mission in life to amass colossal wealth, Malawians know better than to be duped by an elitist party that wants to sweep past mistakes under the carpet in the hope of gaining more power to continue to enrich themselves.

Threats, we dare say, will not serve the DPP from the K61billion stinker.

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