Timau: Maybe JB govt is indeed childish

“Panic is sudden desertion of us, and a going to the enemy of our imagination”- Christian Nevell. 

The ruling Peoples Party (PP) is panicking.

That the stampede in PP has gone intense media coverage is testament to a party whose in-house panic is intense.

Malawi is going to the polls on 20 May and this is causing hypertensions in the ruling party. In their anxious mood, they have launched an attack on opposition Malawi Congress Party leader, Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera whose crime is his observation of several gaffes the government has made and he had no choice but to label the PP led government  “childish”.

In retaliation, the ruling party paraded, Mayi Margaret Chiponda, Beater Majoni, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma and Dr Isaac Lamba to harm the reputation of Chakwera’s character on state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

President Banda greets MCP president Lazarous Chakwera
President Banda greets MCP president Lazarous Chakwera

This gang of 4 did its assigned job and torn apart Chakwera. Did they achieve their mission? Nope! For God’s sake someone tell us which politicians to trust.

Maybe this government is indeed childish, they never learn from past mistakes.

In 1994, the MCP led government “crucified” Bakili Muluzi and branded him a thief. Malawians stood out and voted for the thief. This government should have known that parading people on radio to castigate someone only helps to drum up his popularity.

In their charge at the man of God, the four  PP members accused him of abandoning his cores as a priest to politics in which he his a novice. Come on, was Zikhale born a politician? Apart from composing songs in honour of Dr Kamuzu Banda former head of state, what else has Mayi Chiponda done for Malawians?  Let us not be harsh on this gang of 4 but asking the question why Chakwera abandoned the pulpit and join politics is indeed childish.

Maybe they deliberately chose to forget that Reverend Dr Chakwera is not the first man of God to decide on helping God’s people through politics.  Can we remind PP that, Bishop Abel Muzorewa served as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. PP should also be told that Abraham Kuyper, a theologian, founded the Anti-revolutionary party and was Prime Minister of the Netherlands between 1901 –1905.

Maybe this party is indeed childish in that they easily forget things. How can they forget famous people from United States of America like Martin Luther king, Reverend Jessie Jackson all who came from the church and dominated in politics.

Peoples Party should acknowledge the present reality that they are afraid and are starting to panic. This can be observed from their actions, opening poorly constructed bridges, tiny health clinics etc. The big mistakes they have committed like the capital hill cash-gate scandal where billions of money was looted in 6 months of PP being in power, the racket behind the presidential jet, all these, are sending waves of anxiety through their spines.

Giving credit to Joyce Banda and her PP led government for the freedoms they have given Malawian people is not enough in itself; they should walk the walk and talk the talk. The Malawi Electoral Commission announced that they want an issue based campaign and not personal attacks but the ruling party is going in the opposite direction. Chakwera attacked government and not an individual hence PP should do likewise, attack MCP and not the man of God.


We conclude that there is a sensation of fear which is so strong as to dominate or preventing reason and logical thinking in some Peoples Party members as seen from the way they were speaking on MBC.

Doing things under panic is very bad. “At eleventh hour Chelsea (an English premiership outfit) secured Spain star Fernando Torres for a staggering £50m”…but why do people do things under panic?

Why should the Peoples Party panic at the eleventh hour when they have been exemplary throughout? Maybe they are indeed a childish government.

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