It’s time to reclaim Malawi from thieves, arsonists, murderers in corridors of power

You don’t go into elections with a party of crooks, a party of thieves, a party of arsons, a party of corruption or a president who shields and backs looters of state resources.

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Malawi has set rules and constitution but stolen money has over ruled the obligations of the laws of the country.

The most stupid and foolish are us citizens who bow before stolen money and appease the thieves. This is the tragedy of our republic. We respect  evil deeds as long as money exchange hands and despise justice.

Educated people of Malawi have introduced economic apartheid against  uneducated common man and woman who never entered the class by discriminating them from social justice. No wonder knowing that citizens are chained into economic slavery the educated use dirty and blood money to rule and dominate the entire nation. Tragedy number two is that Malawi education is typical of Africanized mindset that get addicted to foreign traditions and culture of exploitation and impoverishment of own nation and citizens.

No wonder the past 52 years only politicians and their Indian agents control and dominate the economy of this country. Tragedy number three is that leaders in the political circles think national development is stashing cash outside the country, think economic growth is when the president and ministers are richer through dubious and crooked means.

For 52 years five governments have stolen much from the state and develop nothing on the country and citizens.

In 52 years we have failed to keep and maintain national flag carrier “Air Malawi”, we have destroyed the beacon of development “Malawi Development Corporation  (MDC), we have failed to maintain the status of having Reserve Bank of Malawi replacing with feelings of owning a Bank of Malawi because we are unable to keep any cash for reserve purposes.

We have failed to educate 80% of the new generation, state companies that were supposed to be the engine of our economy by providing and facilitating services in energy, water, finance and mortgage have all been politicized and become political parties financiers instead of being economic muscle of growing our economy and expanding GDP.

When Malawi becomes the bottom least poorest nation on Earth we question why forgeting that educationists, professors, doctors and economists running the government are the source of these tragedies in Malawi.

The dumbness and muteness of the 17 million citizens have given these thieves space and opportunity to destroy our nation.

There is too much apartheid of citizenship in Malawi. There are few that are first degree citizens than the rest, these are the people that have destroyed the silk and fabric of Malawi. The Muluzis, the Mutharikas, the Chapondas, the Gondwes, the Mussas and the Kaliatis are the people that have destroyed this country because of their wrong attitude of thinking they are more citizens than the rest of us.

Our biggest tragedy has been our cowardice to stand up and tell them that “we too are citizens more than them because we are the voters”. In this regard we have more power than these red carpeted thieves.

We must stand up and show them, tell them, indicate to them, point to them that they cannot take this country and citizens for granted.

Citizens owns the country permanently while politicians are contract employees subject for dismissal when contract expires or midway if found breaching and abusing the mandate given.

Which is what Peter Mutharika and his DPP administration have just done. Peter Mutharika has been told to act on corruption even before he came into power, he has been told to act but chose to display his academic nonsense when he challenged the country for evidence.

He made fool of the entire country and made loyal citizen and patriot Kamlepo Kalua look like a mad person in front of the nation.

Peter Mutharika thought his academic nonsense and intellectual stupidity can flow into the heart of the country, little did he realise ruling a country is far much different from teaching a segment of students “similes and metaphors.”

Just as Peter Mutharika challenged comrade Kalua to state house with names of the seven ministers, today we as citizens and pressure group challenge the president to fire George Chaponda and declare war against state theft and corruption within 24 hours or risk be removed by mass actions from the citizenry.

Fellow citizens! This government of Peter Mutharika and the party called DPP have forced us to read Dambisa Moyo’s book ” the Dead End” these crooks have led us to nowhere.

It is time we borrow the philosophy of the Kenyan proffessor Lumumbas ideology. “Sometimes liberation and true freedom can  achieve logical sense through illogical means.”

Time has come for  all of us citizens to seek logic in Malawi by using illogical means, methods and ways.

We cannot live another day in Malawi seeing Peter Mutharika in power. His welcome at state house has outlived “achoke” he must go.

Many innocent souls are languishing in Malawi prisons from petty cases yet big thieves that have bankrupted the country are left scot free and remain ministers.

This nonsense must be blasphemous as far as our national state is concerned. If Malawi has no people to be made leaders let us go into the streets of Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu we will pick anyone; believe you me we have quality leaders on the streets than these thieves.

In the next 24hrs if no action is taken against George Chaponda and the other 7 ministers Malawi will use illogical means to justify logic.

The poverty of the country, the dying sick in  hospitals, the foodless patients in hospitals, the massacred souls, the imprisoned innocents, the down trodden citizens are enough weapons to seek illogical inorder to find or make logic.

It’s time to reclaim the country and give it back into the hands of citizens.

  • Saunders Jumah the Utopian
    “the war between David and Goliath has just begun”

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5 years ago

Beautiful article. Malawi has become a laughing stock. Let’s get rid of these corrupt crooks!

5 years ago

Operation Bwezani II basi.

5 years ago


5 years ago


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