Times feel vindicated as ‘agents of death’ are exposed on maizegate after Malawi MPs kickstart probe in Zambia

Malawi’s leading news organisation, Times Group feel “vindicated” with the “facts”being unearthed in the probe by our Members of Parliament (MPs), who have travelled to Zambia to establish the truth in the controversial maize deal between State grain trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) ,   Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF), a government agency, and  private company Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Ltd.

The Times Group: Malawi media giants

MP Chidanti Malunga: Leading the inquiry

The Daily Times,  the flagship newspaper which published the leaked documents of the deal and declared that  is on a mission aimed at bringing to light all clandestine dealings that have proven costly to the poor Malawian, on Thursday welcomed that start of MPs probe in Lusaka as good news to all hard working and patriotic Malawians.

“We at Times Group have always blown the whistle saying that we smell a rat in the whole transaction. As expected, we have been targeted by forces of darkness that are happy to see Malawians suffer as a few people enrich themselves,” the paper said in an editorial comment.

It was commenting on the story that ZCF has disowned a tax invoice for clearing over 1,000 metric tonnes of the grain, saying it may have been forged.

“The forces of darkness have used every means at their disposal to shut us up as they knew that we have been standing on solid truth about the Maizegate. These agents of death have lied, threatened, dilly-dallied and covered each other up to a point of breaking the very law that they swore to uphold and protect upon assuming office,” the paper said in its comment.

“We have seen some individuals volunteering to play a role of suicide bombers to suffocate Malawians with blatant lies. We have also witnessed some senior government officials whom Malawians held in high esteem, attempting to facilitate abuse of office, all this for personal gains.

But as they say, truth needs no defence,” it continued.

The paper hailed the MPs for starting their inquiry on a good note with revelations that there was a lot of forgery and uttering of false documents, which constitute lying under oath.

The MPs were on Thursday meeting middleman, Kaloswe Courier, which the Malawi Government duped through Admarc and  whistle  blower Zambian opposition leader, Saviour Chishimba.

The paper noted that these  will be some of the “crucial witnesses” to help Malawians make an informed choice.

The paper said: “We are hopeful that the inquiry by the MPs will provide the much needed balancing act for the Commission of Inquiry that President Peter Mutharika has set up. We also believe that the President will take the MPs findings seriously as they represent all stakeholders in Parliament.”

The maize deal that has raised fears that government officials, including a Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Minister Gorge Chaponda and Admarc chief executive officer Foster Mulumbe , may have indulged in corruption.

The two deny any wrong doing.

Malawi obtained $40 million loan facility from PTA Bank for Admarc to buy maize.

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33 thoughts on “Times feel vindicated as ‘agents of death’ are exposed on maizegate after Malawi MPs kickstart probe in Zambia”

  1. chikutumbwe says:

    Vuto lili ndi anthu ndi mtima wa nsanje.Bwanji osadikila zotsatila za ma commission omwe atumidwa kukagwira ntchitowo. Koma kumangotisokosa. Mwasowa chochita kapena cholemba eti. musatinyase

  2. Satyagraha Reichstag says:

    We congratulate patriotic people of the great nation of Zambia. We shall remember that your leadership and commitment to fighting corruption is decisive and impressive we shall remember that we need national referendum to elect leaders that will remove corruption in Malawi.

  3. Satyagraha Reichstag says:

    We call for urgent resignations or dismissals of men involved in maize gate or catch fire from diaspora. We are very dishonoured with useless leaders that we have in Malawi. CSOs and Development partners it is time for new Malawi. The maizegaters have failed to govern our nation. We demand national referendum now.

  4. Almon says:

    Dead north vwapula bakhaule wakutuka chiuta

  5. phillip says:

    Devils at work

  6. Zinenani says:

    Truth needs no desence

  7. Chilipo Chilipo says:

    There is nothing to be vindicated about. KASAKULA and The Times lied big time that K13 billion has been stolen by Chaponda and Mulumbe. Now, what are they saying? You should be ready to pay these billions to Dr Chaponda

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      I VERY MUCH AGREE………..Remember this proverb……………………..NANTHAMBWE ANADZITENGERA?

  8. The Partriot says:

    More fire Times group…..they can fool some cadets and morale boys sometimes but they cannot fool all Malawians all the time!!
    Now is the time!!!!
    Lets unmask the mafia and roast them!!!
    Kuba kosawakhala…munthu wokalamba kuba chonchi? Inalipo nkhakamba ina….inaba makobi ankhaninkhani namanga chinyumba chachikulu koma zinatha bwanji???

  9. Dpp and its leaders are walking devils, mafia thieves, cowards who are immature, this is why Kaphale is defending all the evils committed but GOD IS NOT PETER MUTHARIKA, MMENE ADAFERA BINGU MUJA THESE PEOPLE WERE SUPPOSED TO LEARN A LESSON BUT IT SEEMS THEY ARE GOING DEEP WITH THE DEVIL WHO NEVER WINS ANY BATTLE WITH JESUS CHRIST. These so called cadets are cowards too who can defend all evils like the way they are doing on this forum. YOU INFLATED FIGURES ON HUNGER TO SELL YOURSELF ALREADY EXISISTING ADMARC MAIZE SO YOU SHOULD SAY YOU BOUGHT IT FROM ZAMBIA AND YOU SHOULD PAY YOURSELF BILLIONS OF KWACHAS? You think you are more wiser than everyone else yet you are very ignorant? Just wait ANOTHER CARDIAC ARREST WILL REDEEM US VERY SOON BECAUSE GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL NOT DPP AND A HUMAN BEING WAS CREATED BY GOD NOT BY PETER AND CHAPONDA.

    1. fata says:

      lowani ndale mukonze zithu man mwangoti phee basi kumangotokota

  10. magawagawa says:

    koma or mutani alembi a nkhaniyi a Chiumia DPP siichoka mboma mukhaula

    1. Tione says:

      Magawagawa ndiwe mbuzi mano kunsi ndipo wakuba ngati DPP

      1. Alfred Minjo says:

        MUNYABE MUONA kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  11. Wiya Chiguza says:

    If you win with 36% which is also a result of rigging what would party do other than stealing. A party that gets into government through stealing elections can only have one motive which is to steal public resources.

  12. MONALISA says:

    Dear malawians
    Lets hold hands
    Together these mafias
    Should pay back the monies to PTA BANK themselves not poor
    Malawians with interests.



    1. fata says:

      who told u interview ya u president amapanga ndi anthu onse a 18yrs above ndiye inu mwaziwa bwanji. amachitisa ambili ndife osaphunzira a kumuzi.

  13. samson seleman says:

    Bad leaders in Malawi ,but why u people? Mr. president act please chonde.

  14. ibrasaidi says:

    shame on u kapito. koma ukugona tulo kapito after chisikono chitasamwa pakamwa.komatu akuumbuza ndalama wawadyela makadetiwo

  15. George says:

    Koma ma cadet mulibe manyazi ndithu. Poti ngakhale mwabisa maina mukudziwikabe kuti uyu ndi khadeti. Mmalawi weni weni apa sangasekelere akubeledwa chonchi. Chitani manyazi

  16. Hon pwhisi says:

    chinsalu cha mu tempile chan’gambika pakati zobisika zija zikuoneka.
    viva times,times woyeee.
    tax yobooka aliyese akutapamo ndiye mumati a times asatapemo?
    times plse keep us updated

  17. getrude Mwandumba says:


  18. jimmy says:

    go go go go times

  19. Chigodo says:

    It’s not about times group evading tax but ADMARC dictating the price of maize and forging a document. Enanu mumafuna kudya nawo, yapheduka.

    1. Dolola says:

      And akhala akudya nawo ndalama zathu munjira imeneyi ife kumadabwa kuti anzathuwa bwanji. Mutha mwatidyera mokwanira that’s why mukunjenjemera nkumabackirana zopusa. Muthera limodzi mbava za DPP kudya misonkho yoti timakhoma tonse

  20. benjones says:

    so this means that many big procurements have landed in false documentation so this was one of the loop to stealing from the poor Malawi. One needs to go through all procurement documents and certify if they are original and not fake.

  21. Joseph Banda says:

    INU A Times Group musadzipope nsanga. ADMARC kunalibeko kuti ayankhane. HAVE YOU PAID OUR MONEY TO MRA. Thank MRA for not arresting Top Management and Board of Directors

  22. MRA AUDITOR says:

    Times ! Times group the giant! Don’t forget that the K2 billion tax bill has to be paid. You can call us all kinds of names but we are here to do a job my dear Times Group!! You are a hypocrite of the highest order!! Big time cashgater surviving on tax evasion. You are cornered. Osanamizila u media..,don’t hide behind “politics of gagging”. Pay the tax, full stop………

  23. Guantanamo Bay says:

    Zikubwera pa mbalambanda sopano. Chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi

  24. Namamenana says:

    Yes, Times feel vindicated. Thats what they want to feel.

    But times is not yet vindicated tamvana zimenezo?

    Pepani aChidanti for fighting a loosing game. Salani muzisanduka kikkki

  25. Truth pains says:

    So the Zambian agent thinks according to them the maize is not yet cleared with MRA? Then why do they demand payment from government if the maize is still in their country? Saying govt cleared using fake documents from them implies that they still have the documents for clearance meaning the maize is not yet cleared by them and is still in zambia

    Wait for cross examination of the MPs findings and you see that there is no case here

    1. Mmalawi says:

      inunso mwaumapo mututu apa. Tawerenganinso mwina mumetsetsano. Anena kuti “Pre-Clearing” kusonyeza kuti achita clear katunduyo asanafike!!!!!

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