TNM renews sponsorship for Malawi Super League: ‘Always with you’

The mobile and data service provider TNM  says that they will continue sponsoring the elite league in the country, making a dramatic reversal of its decision to withdraw Super League sponsorship.

Back with sponsorship: Minister Mussa and TNM’s Douglous

The 10-year sponsorship was rebooted  following Competition and Fair Trade Commission (CFTC) ruling that when renewing the contract, clauses that stop Super League of Malawi (SULOM0 and clubs from entering agreements with other mobile service providers should be scraped off.

TNM Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Stevenson and Minister of Sports Henry Mussa have confirmed the development through a joint statement released this Tuesday.

They say  TNM will now go ahead to renew the sponsorship until 2020.

In the statement, Mussa said government is expressing its “sincere gratitude and appreciation” to TNM for reconsidering its earlier position to withdraw sponsorship.

The statement said the sponsorship is back after “extensive negotiations ” between sports minister Mussa and TNM boss Douglous.

CFTC Board and ministry of industry and trade have made clear interpretation that the current contract be maintained until the year 2020, according to the statement.

According to the contract between the two parties, TNM entrusts Sulom with the responsibility to refrain from entering other agreements which would restrict or prevent them from providing the rights granted to TNM.

The contract, which gives TNM naming, promotion and advertising rights, restricts Sulom or clubs from getting sponsorship, promotional, advertising or similar rights to other persons, firm, company, corporation or other body involved or concerned in the products and services related or similar to TNM products.

Article 10.1 of the contract reads: “Sulom shall ensure that (save and except for TNM), no other person, firm, company, corporation or other body involved or concerned in the products and services related or similar to TNM products, will have or be given any sponsorship, promotional, advertising or similar rights for any purpose whatsoever associated or connected with the sponsorship.”

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muka Woyera

tiyeni tionenso

Chabwino Palibe

Welcome back TNM.

Afiti awa a Competition Commission anatumidwa ndi Chakwera kuti asokoneze anthu mitu. Koma alephera. Kongelesi yalephera. Instead of working professionally, the guys at the Competition Commission are busy practising partisan politics to promote Chakwera. Kaya ziwasunga zimenezi kaya? Kapena mukuona ngati boma linalakwa kuika Mtumbuka pa mpando wa CEO?


that’s good news…… I new Tnm will always be with us

Mayamiko Gundehynie

Ok! So When The League Starts? Which Grounds Will Be Hosting The Games Here In Blantyre?

Zinenani Zoona

This is good nkhani. Even in England, there are no other banks apart from Barclays Bank in the EPL. Anybody else is welcome, only no competitors. Where did you think you get get a free dinner? TNM sponsors the soccer league, let Airtel continue with NETBALL or bawo. Airtel is not interested in Malawi football: if they were interested they could have jumped in when TNM pulled out. NDiye A FAM ndi SULOM you should increase the %ntage of gate takings that go to the teams.

Chimtedza Changa

Thank you Mtengowaminga Henry Mussa. Kumeneko ndi kudziwa ndale.

The Fair Trade and Competition Commission went overboard to deny Malawians the opportunity to continue enjoying super league football with their irrational decision. Bungwe limeneli likuyendetsedwa ndi anthu a Kongelesi who wanted to kill football and make the ruling DPP unpopular. Koma Mtengowaminga, being an Atcheya trained politician, anaiwerenga gemu patali ndipo sanapereke mpata kwa anthu a Kongelesi kuti asokoneze zinthu. LONG LIVE MTENGOWAMINGA.

Inu a CFCT, mudziwe kuti tikuona zomwe mukuchita.


Zopusa basi!!



ya_smooth DJ

i dont like this at all. What is the message we are giving to other corporate world? Are we saying Malawi as a country we are willing to dance to TNM tune? Is TNM not holding our football at ransom? What message are we sending to our children……that they should sink so low and bow down to every jungle contracts that is put before them.. come to think of it Malawi performance has always been poor since TNM came into the picture. That’s a statement of development or non development of our football.


getting started

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