Tonse Alliance conflicting messages and personal scores: Malawi deserves better! 

The gist of a political alliance, however big or small, is that all parties submit to a common route taking them to a set destination.

UTM officials confer each other(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana
Former President, Joyce Banda, Richard Banda, Former VP Kachali and MCP VP, Sidik Mia at Njamba Freedom Park (c) Abel Ikiloni
UTM President Saulos Chilima gives his remarks during the rally at Njamba Freedom Park-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana (1)
CFT Commander in-Chief, Timothy Mtambo addresses the gathering at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana
A cross section of the Tonse alliance supporters at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana
Young men on moving on their old car at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

In the case of  opposition Tonse Alliance, being led by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential hopeful  Lazarus Chakwera, their set destination, according to them, is to remove the incumbent government from power.

To achieve this, nine parties to Tonse Alliance have agreed to run an issue-based campaign solely meant to move Malawians to vote for them not based on tribe, religion, class and region.

Unfortunately, the question of issue-based campaign is not the message you got if you followed Tonse Alliance  televised Njamba Park mass rally in Blantyre on Monday .

What you got was a highly charged gathering infuriated with long and boring speeches without a central theme connecting them together.

Further, one also got a feeling that the question of sharing power, senior posts and privileges, once after getting power, is so core to Tonse Alliance.

Let me, analyze key speakers, break it for you.

MCP secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka came to disassociate  Kamuzu Banda’s MCP from those historical human rights atrocities.

In his stinging message, coloured by precise examples, Mkaka underlined that politicians behind MCP historical atrocities joined DPP.

Patricia Kaliati, UTM secretary general, came to spew vulgar at the country’s first lady, Getrude Mutharika, for warning people against bringing back MCP to power. She said the First Lady must get out of State House because it was MCP regime that built it. Further, Kaliati also attacked  the ruling DPP – the party she served before jumping ship –  saying they are selling an invisible candidate, Peter Mutharika.

Saulos Chilima, UTM president and Tonse Alliance vice-president, came to Njamba Park to respond to a series of personal attacks from Cabinet minister Everton Chimulirenji.

His vitriol speech, spoken in disparage and anger, stopped at ridiculing the disgraced Chimulirenji, specifically reminding him that he won’t, at any period in history, be remembered as a vice-president.

Then Timothy Mtambo,  the self-styled ‘commander-in-chief’ concentrated on defining etiquettes of good leadership based on religious principles. Using scriptures, he underlined that Malawi’s leadership needs a compassionate leader, one who listens to people when they are crying.

Chakwera, on the hand, concentrated on what the Alliance will do once in power. He articulated the principles of his leadership and, with Tonse Alliance, how they rescue Malawi from the failed incumbency.

The question, now, is: If you followed the rally at Njamba, what was the common message from Tonse Alliance?

The sharp ones, of course, would say that Chakwera and Mtambo hit it all home. Quite true for the  two, arguably, dwelt so much on issues.

But Tonse Alliance is not just Chakwera and Mtambo. It is the whole lot.

What is underlying in Tonse Alliance is that they will run an issue-based campaign, free from attacks and vendettas. Again, they will send a common message of hope and encouragement. In other words, Tonse Alliance symbolizes a new beginning for Malawi.

But the incoherent messages that came from Njamba on Monday don’t inspire an inch of hope.

It appears parties to this alliance have come with personal issues to score at the expense of the public. That is why there is too much interest, in this alliance, regarding sharing State spoils and privileges once in power.

Malawians deserve better.

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2 years ago

Tonse Alliance which tonse are they talking about they must say Yekha Yekha alliance kkkkkkkkk

Ma Bishop a UTM shame
2 years ago

Angokumanako aphuma okhaokha ku Tonse . The alliance of no further.

john phiri
john phiri
2 years ago

very good observation. take it leave it

2 years ago

munthu ali ngati mphaka amafuna kumusisita basi

Daniso Campbell
Daniso Campbell
2 years ago

Mr Fiko, I wonder what important issues do you want to hear. Do you want the politicians to be giving false issues that they wont do as long as they are new to you? Didnt they talk about cheap fertiliser, no corruption govt? Didnt they talk about the end of tribalism? Unfortunately when a whole journalist who writes under a pseudonym is captured by a ruling party this is what happens. I know you get paid by your blue masters to sow seeds of discord and resentment but i can assure you every speaker had something different to speak. They… Read more »

2 years ago

You are the writer is biased…he didn’t listen very well am here in South Africa.but am following very well.Indeed every body brought hope and spoke differently how they will bring a total change

2 years ago

Unless utasintha dzina. Koma taziwa kale kuti ndiwe khadethi, dpp sponsored machinery

Kuswa Kuswa
2 years ago

What of the fake accent ex-reverend Lezala Nyolonyo bragging with his right hand in a boxing glove? kkkkkkk.

2 years ago

Let me break it down for you:

A BETTER MALAWI FOR ALL has been the consistent message in this campaign

Now go to sleep!

2 years ago

Let me make it simple for you coz it looks like you have a limited IQ

1. A better Malawi for all
2. Job creation
3. Food security
4. Access to safe water
5. Access to effective healthcare services
6. Access to Reliable electricity
7. Fight corruption
8. End nepotism
9. Access to quality education
10. Quality infrastructure
11. Provide reliable markets for farmers

I will stop here because you have a limited attention span, I don’t want to overwhelm you!

The Patriot
The Patriot
2 years ago
Reply to  Retarded

I am afraid, you might be the one with a limited IQ.
Take a look at what you have just posted… that’s a “wish list”. Any fool can promise that. What matters most is the “How”. Issue based campaign is not just a matter of listing things on the podium. Issue based campaign is positioning the listing such that every normal thinking person sees the possibilities of the promises being delivered. We are talking of strategies here. So far what we have are grossly wish lists. And that’s pathetic

Levi Chimphoyo
Levi Chimphoyo
2 years ago

Now Mr. Fiji, where is the analysis? I don’t see any…!!! Why? Because it’s coming from you, a square-head. Why being selective? Are you dpp? If you’re dpp, I am not surprised. You are saying all this because you’re as shallow minded as everybody else in dpp. Sorry, your analysis is without any flesh and meaningless. So just shut up….!!!

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