Traditional leaders summon MP over funeral violence

Malawi Congresd Party (MCP)  Kasungu Central MP Amon Nkhata has been summoned to appear before a traditional leaders tribunal in his area following a fracas that erupted at the funeral of chief Lukwa’s mother.

Senior Chief Lukwa (C) says Nkhata should be disciplined 

Nkhata said he would appear before the tribunal, saying he wants to defend himself on the matter.

“Other politicians from some political parties publicly offered their condolences during the funeral service, why then did the DPP stop me from doing the same.

“I just wanted to announce how much the party had offered to console the bereaved family,” he said.

He said politics or no politics, he was supposed to go and mourn with chief Lukwa on the demise of his mother.

In another interview, chief Lukwa alleged the Malawi Congress Party provoked the situation.

“I cannot understand that this happened to me, I am still in a state of shock, my BP rose up terribly after the incident,” he said.

He said the Chewa King Gawa Undi is expecting a report on the matter.

Chief Lukwa, who tows Democratic Progressive Party line, said Nkhata should be disciplined.

The fracas happened when a DPP governor Oswald Chirwa forcebly snatched a microphone from Nkhata.

The clergy failed to deliver a sermon as political opponents beat each other and dignataries were whisked away to safety.

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22 thoughts on “Traditional leaders summon MP over funeral violence”

  1. mlomwe weniwen says:

    alukwa mcp yalakwa chiyani kumaona chomwe chatsitsa dzaye kuti njovu itchoke mnyanga kodi akanapanda kulanda mcphone, amayi akowo akanadzuka kapena mmene analandamo mayi akowo alimoyo dyela likupweteketsani tenganipo phuzilo pamenepo pamaliro amalakhula ndi omwe akhudzidwa dimunavepo kuti agulupu ali ndi mafandaulo koma alakhula okha mukukhala ngati mlomwe bwaji samalani chikhalidwe chathu ngati mwatopa patsa mphwanu apitilize mukuoneka kuti zelu mulibe osamasekerera zopusa

  2. mulala says:

    Amene mumaipitsa MCP ambiri ndinu amene muli mu DPP ndiye mtima oterewo simunasiye. MCP is well reformed.

  3. KWACHA MALAWI says:

    By summoning the MP for Kasungu central constituency leaving the DPP councilor out for summoning; it clear shows Chief Lukwa is shielding the wrong doer . For me,just as my friends have commented before, the DPP councilor should have been the one to be first summed for his behavior at the funeral. But alas the chief has chosen to a line himself with the devil by making the DPP councilor a saint. What a blunder is the chief making . For the sake of your integrity, please chief summon both of them to hear their part and not the MP only. What are you afraid of ? We don’t know how you live with your subjects . It seems are yourself selfish. Wake up Malawian chiefs , because your leadership is questionable at the moment as you portray yourself as politians.

  4. Nyima says:

    Vuto lachipani cha tambala wakuda mumatenga central region ngati no go zone for other parties,if you are clever enough go into the other regions and establish yourself ,which i know you can not manage.Same old stories from JZU time up to now.Ngati mukumutenga chief Lukwa ngati olakwa poyitana MP ,it means something is wrong with you,i am a Malawian,but i have never heard kuti chipepeso amalengedza ndi a chipani,what i know kumuzi kwathu ,chipepeso amalengeza ndi munthu wosankhidwa ndi akubanja kapena a mpingo amasankha munthu.Vuto la MCP mufuna muwoneke ma
    saints pali ponse yet you are not and you will never be ,magazi okha okha mmanja muwona ngati anthu anayiwala.

  5. Becks says:

    Chief Gawa Undi and the People of of TA Lukwa must strongly discipline Chief Lukwa. If he is unable to see who was in the wrong at this time, how does he sort out conflict cases for his subjects? He is not worthy to be a leader but a DDP Cadet. I wish I were a president one day. I would bring to an end the Chieftainship in this country.

  6. alungwana says:

    Koma lukwa. Kikkkkkk. Mmutumo zuuyenda koma?

  7. Ba Chatola says:

    Lukwa is a trash chief. Shame on him. Even the soul of his departed mum is ashamed of him.

  8. Omex70 says:

    Chief Lukwa is one of the most stupid chiefs in Malawi. Dyera too much. We have shameless chies in Malawi eg, Lukwa, Lundu, Kyungu, Kawinga, just but a few. mitu bi bi pa tv at defending the DPP government.

  9. Disolaona says:

    I happen to be an eye witness to the fracas. It’s very shameful to hear people diverting away from the truth. Nkhata was given the floor by the mc to say MCP condolences, and Osward grabbed a mic and threw it down, that’s when silent supporters reacted and chaos started. I don’t think Nkhata was wrong in anyway

  10. Rift Valley says:

    Chalo, ‘Lero DPP Ilipo, Mawa Palibe’. Please refrain from aligning yourself with a particular party.

    If, indeed, other party leaders were allowed to publicly announce their condolences, why single out Nkhata of MCP?

    Who is going to report to Gawa Undi? Yourself, without prejudice?

  11. Lucky says:

    Ichi chakoma icho chakoma ndimomwe zimakhalira,sad phinziro lachitikira pa inu pamaliro amai anu.

  12. True patriot says:

    Some things went horribly wrong here!

    First, the passing on of the chief’s (Gogo Chalo’s) mother is such a big deal in the Chewa culture. You see, Chewas have immeasurable respect for female relations – obviously more so for one’s mother.

    Now, Lukwa is not an ordinary TA (never mind the ridiculous politically motivated title of ‘senior’). TA Lukwa has blood relationship with the current Gawa Undi! For starters, Gawa Undi is the reigning king of all Chewas wherever they arein the world! This probably explains why the Gawa Undi is expecting a report on the fracas.

    Secondly, something quite unusual has panned out in the aftermath of the burial of the chief’s mother. Traditionally, Chewas go into prolonged mourning periods following the death and burial of an elderly person in society. It is more so when such tragedies befall a royal establishment. During such mourning periods, the elderly and leaders hardly come out of the mourning houses, let alone to make pronouncements to the public. Consider what Chief Lukwa has just done!

    Thirdly, refer to the Group Village headman (can’t quite remember his name) who was quoted to have spoken on behalf of the bereaved family. The village headman seemed to exonerate the MCP member of parliament from causing the fracas.

    From the foregoing, I am confused but not surprised with everything that is clearly defying normal cultural logic. I will refrain from speculating but I will leave everyone to draw their own conclusions.

  13. konda nzako says:

    kudzichotsa ulemu mafumu. ulemu wa mafumu ambiri udatha komanso anzathu kodi mfumu yanji kumalankhula pa radio kuto sadzamukhululukira nkhata???? ngati MUlungu amakhululuka iwe ndi ndani kuti sungathe kukhululuka, lukwa kukonda makobidi sitereki

  14. chalo nimazgola says:

    This is Earth things do change how are you going work with Honourable if happens tø be Minister øf Local Government in Future kkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. hatton says:

    A congress ndi khalidwe lao. remember what happened when we lost a traditional leader in Lilongwe nthawi ya JZU, a congress forced themselves into a program. I cannot remember the Chief that passed on at that time, it could be senior Chief Mazengera. A Chakwerawa angoyamwira mkhalidwe wa Congress. Poyamba timayesa iwowa abwera ndi kalumo kakuthwa popeza ndi a tenant.
    A mfumu Lukwa mulangeni Nkhatayo mpaka aulule kuti anatumidwa ndi Chakwera.

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Iwe ndiye bulutu weni weni pano, Khakhakha!!!

  16. Senzangakhona says:

    The majority of the so called chiefs in Malawi are pathetic gold diggers. If what we have heard is anything to go by then its embarrassing that Lukwa can not see anything wrong in what his DPP cadet did at the funeral. You can not grab a mic from a speaker and expect them to fold there arms. Lukwa must learn to be impartial because he reigns over people with different political affiliations. If I were Lukwa I would have summoned both parties and hear them with sober mind and not the kind of biasness and vengeance that we have heard him on the radio. I rest my case.

  17. Al-Fayeed says:

    what????!!!!! the issue should be looked into both sides, why only MCP MP. DPP should understand that before them Malawi were a good place to conduct events without any problems at any functions. shiiiii please behave ashiiiiiii

  18. The chief himself needs to be disciplined for abounding his traditional duties to promote culture and instead he busy toying with DPP. He has openly shown many times on Mapwevupwevu Broadcasting TV that he is blue not because he is principled but because of money. I still recall when he was an instructor at Malawi Armed College in Salima and I was doing basic military training and officer cadets course respectively he used to beg for cash from recruits and cadets if one dared not give him then you were in bad books. He would try any means to punish you even by colluding with other instructors. One thing he should know is that chiefs are their because of people and not politicians. He must trade carefully because he will lose credibility just as what has happened to paramount chief Kyungu of Chitipa and Karonga.

  19. stuart says:

    The problem is Chief Lukwa himself . while we don’t agree with what happen on this day, the chief himself should know that from the start it is him who provoked the situation. He has in many cases aligned himself with polical ruling parties instead of his subjects. I am from the north but very a chamed with our chiefs in Malawi. could these chiefs take a leaf from other chiefs such as , Inkosi Mmbelwa v1 and Themba La ma Themba Chikulamayembe. These are ytwo good examples of how chiefs could behave.

  20. Trendex says:


    1. Quabaniso says:

      The chief shows he is the one spoil the president and he takes himself if he inocent but not.The chief should know how if the DPP could not snatch the microphone@’ ? The DPP Governor should be also summoned if you do not you are also coward to the DPP.

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