Transformation Alliance says UDF is an accomplice to DPP evils

The Transformation Alliance (TA) has said alliance between the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) means UDF is an accomplice to the regime political terror campaign.

UDF chief whip Lilian Patel with President Mutharika: TA said the UDF and DPP are as bad as each other

In an open letter to the Head of State released as he was arriving from New York where he attended the United Nations General Assembly, TA said both DPP and UDF have “a history of torturous events during their rules respectively and now working together in government but still doing what they are remembered for.”

Signed by Chairperson Moses Kunkuyu, Transformation Alliance  statement said: “Where two parties that have ruled this country before with terror are in the field fighting against another party that had its own share of blame on Malawians, leaders of those parties remain our only hope to desist from what their names are embroidered in and inspire hope to the nation.

“Ganging up and isolating one Lazarus Chakwera of MCP only qualifies the isolated one a lesser Devil. Otherwise we will be inclined to believe that terrorists are fighting a repentant terrorist that is trying to preach peace and the Malawians are waiting for the winning terrorist to lead us.”

The UDF and DPP became bedfellows soon after the 2014 Tripartite Elections when President Peter Mutharika drafted into his first Cabinet the UDF leader, Atupele Muluzi. Muluzi is currently Minister of Health and Population.

As a way of solidifying their working relationship, Muluzi’s party further moved from the opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Only Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda, then UDF leader in Parliament, defied the party’s decision.

A political science lecturer at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Mustafa Hussein, is on record to have also observed that for an ordinary citizen, the UDF is the same as DPP.

“Therefore, any bad image on DPP will reflect on the UDF outside Parliament,” which is during the elections.

TA letter informed Mutharika that while he was away in New York, regime thugs were engaged in running battles with supporters of opposition political groupings in Nsanje in the run up to the October 17 by-elections and at the annual Gonapamuhanya cultural festival.

The letter further says there cannot be peace in the world if there is no peace in the respective member states of the United Nations and called upon Mutharika to promote intraparty democracy in the country.

Apart from acts of violence allegedly perpetrated by DPP Youth Cadets in Nsanje and Rumphi, TA also cited the issue of electricity blackouts and ‘bloodsuckers’ killings in the Lhomwe belt – Mulanje, Thyolo and Phalombe districts.

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Mopiya Mulupare
Moses Kunkuyu should not blind fold Malawians. He was in PP and he was part of the gross mismanagement of public resources. He can not and should not run away from the evils of PP. Recall he got into PP cabinet through the same tactics he is playing now. He hopes the tricks will work again. He is positioning himself for a post in MCP if the party wins 2019 elections. Read his motives. Why am I the only one who sees his political machinations? Why did he not transform Malawi when he was in PP cabinet? The same applies… Read more »

Lets wait and see……………………………………………………


Malawians lets now put our trust on Transformation Alliance, this is the future of Malawi

Litta Gausi - Mvera
what ever you are doing, we Malawian we are watching all evils you are doing, what kind of leadership is that, we are tired of you guys and i doubt if people will trust you again come 2019. you may think that you are together with UDF but one day you will realize the truth. the bottom line is that in your party there are divisions and for sure you will face the consequences and pay for all evils. Thanks for Transformation Alliance for courage to speak the truth, Malawi Nation is for everyone: be part of challenges we facing,… Read more »
DPP Cardet
Dziko la Malawi ndilabwino bwino koma zipani ziwiri izi zikusokonedza mbiri la dziko lino, usogoleri wanji womenya anthu, wakuba, wopha anthu, UDF mwayiwala komwe mukuchokera, now being one of the DPP Cardet, am not happy with this kind of behaviour, ndinasakha kutumikira dziko la Malawi koma sometimes i wonder what made me to be in this boat, what Transfomation Alliance is saying are genuine reasons and they know what they are doing, i really wish am part of them (TA) timange Malawi wa Mtendere osati Malawi odziphangira chuma and zina zonse. Malawi time has come for us to realise where… Read more »

I can see the youth rising,,,,i can see it happening …soon and very soon


Where are the rest of the young men in this country ? Don’t we have two more Kunkuyus to set this country on fire and bring a complete overhaul of the political system ?
I am proud you are playing your part Moses


DPP MCP UDF all are terrorist MCP are not repentant terrorist they just pretend as they repented from their evil did dog will never change whether a brack or white it’s dog only new party is needed in this country with youth readers if we can have the combination of Criss Daza, Moses nkunkuyu and Chilima hopefully we can have the best government


You must be a terrorist yourself Mandambwe. Zoona failing to read between the lines? If you are a dpp sympathizer or supporter just say so other than hiding behind the names of Kunkuyu, Daza & Chilima.


Chilima? I thought he is Dpp? The mafia!

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