Transglobe snubs Malawi parliamentary inquiry on maizegate: House to pronounce penalties

Transglobe officials, who were supposed to appear before a parliamentary inquiry on maizegate on Friday afternoon, have not turned up at Parliament meeting in Lilongwe.

Chidanti Malunga: Dissapointed with Transglobe’s snub

Chairperson of the inquiry Joseph Chidanti Malunga said Transglobe, one of the key witnesses in the maize procurement investigations, called to say the were not coming.

“They said they have already appeared before the presidential commission therefore there was no need to appear before us,” said Chidanti Malunga, looking disappointed .

“This is against the law, we shall see what to do with them. This is in contempt with parliament,” said Chidanti Malunga before he dashed for a meeting in camera with the other nine members.

The inquiry thought Transglobe officials would provide insightful responses on the maizegate issue after Transglobe managing director exchanged email correspondence with the embattled Agriculture minister George Chaponda on the procurement of the maize at a price of an inflated price of US$400 per tonne.

The inquiry officials quizzed Chaponda as to why he used his personal email rather than the government email when he was corresponding with the Transglobe officials.

The inquiry, comprising five members from the parliamentary committee on Agriculture and Public Accounts Committee was set to meet officials from the Grain Traders Association.

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Transglobe is Bapus company. Rhey aee hand in hand with the corrupt government officials. It is plain for all to see. However as usual in Malawi and indeed Africa all the main players will escape after payment of bribes to other corrupt people. Wake up and smell the roses.


Is this company above the parliament???

Preserve my soul

Oh,my God,Malawi dziko lovetsa chisoni,do we have anti corruption bureau kapena CORRUPTION BUREAU? We have corruption bureau not anti corruption bureau my friend waxy,anti corruption bureau lost its teeth sometime back,we better have parliamentary enquiry.lets be wise guys this page is for us to share good Ideas for the betterment of our rotten Malawi not kumangokomenta cause you have access to internet!! Seriously,ku Malawi kuli corruption osati pang’ono.

Heavenly Throne

Mmm.mmm,ACB lost teeth sometime back,pasalowe ndale apa,be wise friend,ACB is more corrupt.


Owen Khamula the writer of the story you should know how to balance up issues when writing. What was the response of Chaponda when the officials quizzed him a bout using his personal email address? When writing try to write a balance story as a journalist. Avoid writing stories that leaves people with so many questions because of bias. Eeeeish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Olo ine I cannot appear before the stupid commission of inquiry!

Parliament is a representation of Malawians. Any one failing to respect parliament is a direct insult to people of Malawi who voted those members to be in parliament. It is not about personalities who are in the committee, but this is what the law says. What trans globe has done is a serious violation of the constitution that gives parliament powers to summon individuals and or organisations to inquire on issues of public interest, which in this case, the maize gate. Management of the company should be reminded that they are operating their business under the laws of Malawi and… Read more »

Is Transglobe a WITNESS? Eeeish! Witness on what?

ndalamazo muzatengenso kumanda
ndalamazo muzatengenso kumanda

ha ha ha ha ha kikiki kidyo kidyo kidyo very interesting. A mere company for that matter kukulira mtima parliament? koma ku malawi


Kuyiderela Parliament. Yes as a private company they have the right to do that as the inquiry is funded by CSO and not taxpayers money.

Even me I can only appear before ACB and not the committee without teeth

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