Tsunami hits PP: Msonda says politics has no syllabus, joins DPP  

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) spokesperson and administrative secretary Kenneth Msonda has officially joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), as he was amongst 21 recycled politicians  who were welcomed by President Peter Mutharika in the ruling party fold on Sunday.

Mutharika welcomes Msonda in DPP

Mutharika welcomes Msonda in DPP

Clara Makungwa dumped PP for DPP and is welcomed by President Mutharika

Msonda joins DPP after dumping PP

Msonda joins DPP after dumping PP

Speaking at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe during a political rally organised to welcome members of Parliament (MPs) and other politicians who have defected to the ruling party,  Msonda said he was glad to be welcomed in DPP rank and file.

He justified his defection from former ruling PP, saying politicians should be able to follow the pendulum swing of power.

Ndale zilibe syllabus, ndale zimayendera nthawi kumaona kunjaku game kumayionera patali ( Politics has no syllubs , one need to observe the political pendulum how is swinging)” Msonda said.

Msonda told the gathering that together with others who has joined the party are ready to work hard for the party “.

Quoting a Bible verse from Genesis 32:16-17, South Lunzu CCAP  church elder, Msonda predicated more defectors  from PP to DPP saying he is like a messenger to see if indeed they are forgiven as more big political gurus are dumping PP for the ruling party.

Baibulo bwana buku lopatulika,Genesis 32 vesi 1 Mpaka 21 makamaka pa 16 ndi 17 pali mau nkhani yochitika nddipo zidzachitikaso,Esau ndi bale wake Yakobo atayambana, Yakobo adathawa koma sadadziwe kuti Esau bawakhululuka,nde anatuma ana ake tatsogolani mukaone kuti kodi Esau akakulandiran akakakulandiran nane ndikubwera,bwana tabwera, Koma amene anatsogola amati akawafusa ndinu ndani ? mwachokera kuti ? Ndinu tsogoleri wayani ? amayankha wathu akubwera mbuyomu,bwana wamkulu akubwera mbuyomu akudzakujoinani” said Msonda amid clapping from the supporters.

Indeed , the defections showed that PP has been hit with a political Tsunami  as most of the members welcomed were from the Joyce Banda party with Zomba Ntonya fied PP member of parliament Patrick Makina,  Clara Makungwa , Jones Chingola,  former organising ecretray Salim Bagus, Professor Etta Banda, Prof Isaac Lamba,Wamkulu Nchauta Khumbo Chirwa,Henry Mumba and Shabani Mchizi.

But PP spokesman Noah Chimpeni downplayed the defections, saying apart from Makungwa who was one of the founders of PP, the rest of the politicians are nomadic and fortune seekers who always follows where there is power.

“Most of the defectors have not been active in PP for a long time and are just positioning themselves for constituency seats under the DPP banner,” said Chimpeni.

Others who joined DPP include Enerst Malenga, CK Banda, Isaac Jere, Andrew Chifumbi, Romy Bwanali, Philip Chinkhandwe.

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Ife a PP tilibe Nazo attend!!


DPP woyeeeeeee !!!!


What is true is that all these defections are happening not because DPP is a better party, NO. But because it is the party which is sitting on the bags of money and everyone is rushing to have their share.



Bodza la n\'nanu

What a sad story for Malawians. The things malawians enjoy best – bootlicking.


Politicians who keep changing parties diminish the prospects of their electability because the electorate loses its trust in them. DPP is celebrating their swelling numbers, but the ‘baggage’ will always be suspicious and will always feel ‘left out’ of decision making. Overall, it turns out to be a difficult relationship between the ‘original’ Party members and the new ‘defectors’. It is very difficult indeed.


Mxi za zii, can malawi develop with these recycled politicians? I wonder!


Interesting, A Msonda Joyce abwera liti?

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