UAE Company Al Manhal to boost Malawi greenbelt program, end hunger

A United Arab Emirates based company,  Al Manhal International Group wants to support  a “green belt” programme of Malawi government  to enable the country, in the long run, to say goodbye to hunger and international food aid.

The goal is to make Malawi food secure.
The goal is to make Malawi food secure.

Al Manhal wants to support the Greenbelt program  that can provide sustainable food products and brand Malawi as one of the top bio food country.

The company said it wants to utilize high level technology expertise to produce rice, wheat, maize, sugar, vegetables, fruits, edible oils and other agricultural products.

It also wants the same high level technology expertise to be used in livestock farming   and sea food technology.

Malawi government plans to grow a lot of rice, wheat, maize, millet, cassava, potatoes and beans for the local and international market which the UAE company says it will support.

Al Manhal says it will also train Malawi nationals how to cultivate the farming of  agriculture products and the management of livestock feeds.

It will advance the use of the international technology to produce the required food with profitable and low cost method  to develop long term cultivation and funding program.

“We will establish 500,000  profitable farms in a profit sharing structure with the farmers in Malawi in a joint partnership with the farmers and to accumulate over 30 years about three million population to live and manage the farms in Malawi,” said the company.

It said the proposed structure will help the farmers to live a sustainable and self independent life and reduce the budget cost of Government of Malawi.

Al Manhal plans to irrigate up 500,000 farms in Malawi, over 30 years greenbelt agricultural program.

The company need  an agreement  with the government of Malawi for the purpose to establish a full agriculture productive community.

Al Manhal says it will invite international expertise to provide training and management of the farm, and help to raise the level of the families in Malawi   to be productive families.

“We will arrange international  expertise equipment, funding, training for the farmers.

A profit sharing scheme will be established, said the company.

The program if implemented, would help  Malawi  harvest crops all year round, thereby curbing any food shortages that  have haunted the country.

Al Manhal has been lured to come to  invest in Malawi through social and development acvtivist Ben Chiza Mkandawire.

Up to 90 percent of cultivated crops are rain-fed, but Malawi had numerous irrigation schemes along Lake Malawi and the Shire Valley. Many ground to a halt when the dictatorship of Hastings Kamazu Banda collapsed in 1994, partly because they were linked to his former ruling Malawi Congress Party’s paramilitary wing, the Malawi Young Pioneers.

The new green belts initiative is likely to cover some of these irrigation programmes, most of which are either lying idle or underutilised.

The company working with the government will also assist smallholder farmers establish their own irrigation schemes along Lake Malawi – Africa’s second largest lake – to grow rice and maize.

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mike chilumpha
mike chilumpha
6 years ago

Thanks to our renowned activist Ben Chizza mkandandwire ur really a patriot

mike chilumpha
mike chilumpha
6 years ago

The the good idea malawi now will a free hunger nation

DPP Diehard
DPP Diehard
6 years ago

When you see people like Ben chiza changing their focus to development just know Malawi is braced for another young man planning his assault on 2019 elections. But ulimbetu mphwanga anzako achina Ben Phiri ayamba kale kuno. You need to come with serious money from wherever you are. Zachamba ayi. And tell your aluya or Arabs Malawi needs new roads and kwanu kwa a tumbuka you need good homes.

So so def
So so def
6 years ago

This is what we want to see with these bloody investors. Malawi can transform with this kind of mentality and patriots like Chiza should be applauded not vilified.

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