UDF must just rebuild itself,  merging with DPP is totally absurd

This week has been awash with reports that United Democratic Front (UDF) is preparing itself to be eaten by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in what they are referring to as a ‘merger’.

Atupele Muluzi and his wife Angella: Should rebuild UDF  and avoid marriage with DPP 

In the merger, it is alleged; UDF will press a self-destruct button, kill itself and, eventually, take all its political orphans to DPP’s homestead.

There hasn’t, yet, been any official confirmation from both parties with regards to the development.

The closest we have heard, from DPP spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira, is that there are discussions around the merger between the two parties and the public will be informed accordingly.

Well, just from Mpinganjira’s statement, it would be foolhardy of the highest degree to blush off this alleged merger as garbage.

Something is really taking root with regards to the merger and, as someone interested in commenting on public issues, I feel inclined to share my views on this merger.

I know I am not a UDF member, but if I were one, I would be the first stand up and use every means to stop this apparent death of UDF.

In fact, progressive members of UDF, especially the youthful ones, must unite and totally resist and reject any attempts of merging their party with the DPP.

There are good reasons why a stronger UDF is good not just for itself, but also for the country’s democracy.

Unlike DPP, UDF is still a stronger party with a national appeal. Yes, an argument can be raised that UDF is more an Eastern Region party than national.

However, I see Eastern Region as the party’s base—just Central Region is for Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

To mean, though much stronger in Eastern Region, UDF still has strong structure’s across the country that just need to be revived. With a progressive leadership at the top, UDF can resurrect itself into a stronger political force than DPP.

The only challenge with UDF is that its party captured by selfish interests of Bakili Muluzi, its founding leader.

If you note around, all key names that established and grew UDF in its formative years left—either willingly, others through death. It’s only Muluzi keeping the grip of the party, even controlling his own son, Atupele.

Muluzi doesn’t care if UDF wins presidency or not. He doesn’t even care if the party loses all its parliamentary seats or not. Muluzi uses UDF to negotiate his business and personal survival. This is why, as long as he leaves, he will never allow the party to be in somebody’s hands.

In fact, even the decision to merge with DPP is purely Muluzi’s because, you might wish to understand, he has already negotiated a business and personal survival deal with DPP.

The onus is on the progressive youth in the party to stand up and save UDF from being pawn on the political chessboard of Muluzi.

A stronger UDF is good for  the country’s democracy.

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1 year ago

I kind of like this. Send the lot into oblivion. To be honest, they have nothing to give Malawians

1 year ago

I guess u are just afraid that a merger between UDF and DPP will destroy ur already shaky Tonse alliance…United we stand…We shall merge

1 year ago
Reply to  Winyo

The merger of UDF and DPP in itself won’t destroy MCP or UTM. In fact, the Tonse will only destroy themselves if they perform not to the expectation of the majority. I don’t know what the UDF will benefit out of this merger. My analysis shows DPP has already weakened the UDF by taking up a lot of UDFs parliamentary seat’s in the eastern region. In fact Atupele is not even an MP because of DPP. This is in spite of doing things together in the past 6yrs.

Isaac Mbewe
Isaac Mbewe
1 year ago

Kaya zanu izo, ife tili pheee ku ma stand, Nyekwe VS Kutha ngati Makatani. Anthu oipa kwambiri.

1 year ago

you must be the devil’s advocate. United we stand. Africa today is failing to make headway because it is divided. if Malawian politics was based on values and ideologies then what you are saying makes sense. Unfortunately it is not. It’s simply “say the biggest lie to get the numbers”. Numbers are everything. The centre is united and will love to see a split north and south. Divide and rule.

Chinamwali Boy
Chinamwali Boy
1 year ago
Reply to  Lumbani

Chilima is from Ntcheu which is in the central region. I say no more.

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