UK court jail Malawi criminal ‘gang’ for forging immigration documents

The British media is dominating with a story of four Malawi nationals who were members of an organised crime gang who conspired to manufacture and supply fake ID documents, including British passports, to help immigration offenders live illegally in the UK has been jailed for more than 16 years.

The gang was led by Steven Kanaventi and Alfred Adekoya

Paul Kanaveti a Malawian based in Nottingham jailed for 9 months

Gang leader Steven Kanaventi, 39, was jailed for 40 months and two weeks at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday after an undercover police officer placed orders with him in June 2016.

Prosecutor Lisa Hancox told the court: “Steven Kanaventi is the person who was at the coal face of taking orders and money and then the chain ran from there.”

Kanaventi, a Malawian from Nsanje  who was residing at  Mulliner Street, Coventry, supplied the officer with a string of fake documents, including three passports for £800 each, a British residency permit for £600 and a university degree certificate for £200.

In sentencing Kanaventi, Judge Brendan Finucane said he “had a very significant role in this enterprise”, as a result of being partly responsible for ordering, supplying and delivering the false documents.

Kanaventi pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture a fake document, after the investigation led by the Immigration Enforcement Criminal and Financial Investigation (CFI) team unravelled the operation.

Luke Nkanta, who acted as a courier, was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to possession of an identity document with improper intention.

Paul Kanaventi, 37, of Forster Street, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to converting criminal property after he allowed Steven Kanaventi to use his bank account, and set up an email address in his name, and was jailed for nine months.

He said he did not know that the money going through the bank account was being used for criminal purposes, but admitted suspecting it.

Madalitso Majawa, 33, of Ombersley Close, Redditch, was sentenced to six months imprisonment after pleading guilty to possession of an identity document with improper intent.

Others who are not Malawians but jailed are;

  • Abdul Azeeza, 58, of Missenden, Inville Road, London. He admitted two counts of possessing an identity document with improper intent and possessing equipment with the intention of making fake documents. He was sentenced to four years
  • Alfred Adekoya, 47, of Kingslake Street, London, was sentenced to 40 months and two weeks after admitting conspiracy to manufacture a fake document
  • Victor Ariyo, 53, of Rye Hill Park, London, admitted conspiracy to manufacture a fake document and money laundering, and was sentenced to three years
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mwina angula ma passpot abooka pa mw panowa. ngati ndi nigeririan ndiye ndiowina kale nanga anadhisha ku immigration mmene zimayenderamu.
awa angocita tsoka azao anayela mmanja kale acina chalosi njolinjo omwe amangogona ndi azikazi a anyamata azanga pa UK soon or later anyamata azanga kusowa kukwela ndege madam atayendetsa ma papper kulipila ndi nchafula. kkkkkkkkk anyamatawa agwidwa enawa tikuwadziwa azibale ao pa mw pano. za manyazi. komabe timaona amawasamalatu heavy. kudyas bwino pa mw.
hehedeee mwasungile amatumiza zija cifukwa uk plison ikawatulutsa basi wautali adzakuimbilani atafika pa KIA
kuti mukawatenge.MAVUTO


aaaagh Ma Nigeria awa. Awa siakwathu ku Nsanje.


mwaona,,, mukumangowalola ma Nigeria awa atisokonezere mbiri yathu ku UK. demeti… shupiti

Just a Penny

Adekayo has typical features of Igbo from Lagos State.

Mzanga Dausi

If they got their Malawian passorts fraudulently then it means that these presidents who have ruled Malawi after Kamuzu don’t know how to control our passports.

Let MCP come back to put effective control mechanisms in the issuance of Malawi passport and restore its lost former glory abroad!

A Chakwera nkhani yoti muziwauza anthu pamisonkhano ina ndi imeneyi. Ulemu waife amalawi, anganya awa amu shit-hole cabinet atiipitsira.

Mercie Ngwenyama

These criminal are not Malawians. They might posses probably fraudulent Malawians passports but they are not bonafide Malawians.

Biti John

Shut up
They are from Nsanje.
I know them


kodi iweyo ndiwakui? khope yako siyathu ….

XP Malawi

All these criminals they are not Malawians they are Nigerians let them rot in jail and face the charges of forgery even they have to charge them with another case of forging their own identities

Waku Gauteng

Whether they are Malawians or not it does not change the fact that they acted with criminal intention. There fore the jail term is a consequence of their actions.

Mzanga Dausi

1. These are the people tarnishing the image of our country abroad.

2. These are die hard supporters of ruling DPP in Malawi otherwise known as cadets.

3. They all come from southern region of Malawi where all rulers of post referendum Malawi have come.

Proposal: British and all foreign missions should not grant visas to anyone from southern Malawi untill an MCP rule is established who will help scrutinies who is eligible to travel outside Malawi.

Just like their party presidents all these southern yobs understand is to steal and not hard work.

Peloma Pepe

Some of these criminals may not be Malawian. I suspect the Malawians ganged up with other nationals who may have gotten fake passports in Malawi as Malawians. Glad they were caught and will serve their sentences. Good job GB!

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