Uladi claims Joyce Banda wants son’s coronation: ‘Her term as PP president expired’

People’s Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa has claimed that his party’s leader Joyce Banda wants his son Roy Kachale to inherit leadership but challenged  a leadership contest at convention.

Uladi Mussa: Joyce Banda’s term of office as PP president has expired

Mussa said in an interview that Banda, currently in self imposed exile in South Africa since losing the 2014 elections to President Peter Mutharika, is no longer PP president as her tenure expired in August according to party constitution.

He said Banda is avoiding proper succession process and wants  to handover  leadership to his son, a member of parliament for Zomba Malosa.

“I have reports that she is planning to endorse  her son (Roy Kachale) as 2019 PP presidential candidate,” Mussa said.

“But lets meet at the convention and face each other there,” he said.

Mussa is  also accusing JB’s way of running the party whilst outside the country, saying that she is more less like gagging the party politburo in some of her directives.

“There are some meetings which are forced on the party and planned without the party’s knowledge. She could just text me of a meeting and the names of some people to attend even without telling us the agenda.  She always choose when and where a meeting should be held, who should attend and what should be discussed.

“I am afraid we can’t continue running the part as such. We need to have the leadership that is ready to work directly with the people. The party must move on and it much be strengthened as we go towards the 2019 elections,” said Mussa who emphasized that he respects Banda as founder and patron of PP.

“Joyce Banda has just been saying I coming back home but time is running out to prepare 2019 elections. But her mandate has now expired we need to start preparing and am ready to contest,” said Mussa.

Banda’s official spokesman Andekuche Chanthunya, a nephew to her,  declined to comment saying party spokesman was better placed.

However, PP spokesperson Noah Chimpeni accused Mussa of making rush decision on his desire to contest at the party convention before the National Executive Committee (NEC) decides the date of the same.

“As a party we still recognizes JB as the president and Mussa as the one acting on her behalf. She is the one whi is financially assisting the party so until the NEC comes up with the date then he should hold back his desire to contest for the party’s presidency,” he said.

But Mussa said her assistance to the party is always welcome as it is the case with others parties in the country which get assistance from their founders and patrons.

Mussa has been conduction political rallies national wide in a bid to strengthen the party which has seen its top leaders quitting.

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Ndatopa kale

Last time I checked any Malawian of age 36 can run for President a Uladi Mussa musatitopese!!!!


Unfortunately Uladi Mussa you are not anywhere near presidential material and if you say Joyce Banda’s mandate is over then you too should shut up and let the delegates at the convention choose a leader and I know it is not you


hahahahaha! DPP is medling with PP affairs!!


I hate being a Malawian for this course of trend, the only party in Malawi is MCP, the rest family parties.

Tenzi Mzungu

Both sides are right JB cannot run a party through text and according to their constitution her term has expired. But on the other hand Mussa should wait for the convention to make him president and Roy is free to contest as well. Mussa read Russian history especially about Levrant Beria


I think Malawians are tired of all the old guards. They all need to retire. I’m sick and of tired of hearing all these selfish-good for nothing , geriatric politicians. Malawi needs a young vibrant and progressive leader who can move the country forward. We need to retire the Muthalika, Bakili, Tembo, Banda, Mussa, Chakwera, Mia , Chihana, Chakwamba etc etc names is our political fabric……….lets move on people…… 2019 vote wisely is my slogan

Typical of Malawi politics. Leaving parties to sons or brothers. The thing is founders are at the same time financiers. People are talking bad of Uladi because they know that they will lose ”kangachepe” which Amayi is giving to top gurus. Uladi cannot give some pennies but he is talking sense. Amayi blamed Bingu when he was rumoured to surrender the party leadership to his brother, Peter. This time the same Amayi wants to surrender the party to her son, Malawi imeneyo. Bakili to Atupele, Chakufwa to Enock, Bingu to Peter. It is obvious if God will remove the curse… Read more »

Wasn’t Mussa elevated to his current position by the same directives by JB at the expense of the likes of Khumbo Kachali? What is it that has gone bad today and was good when he was made acting president?

renford mwambyale

Pajatu mwayambako zonenanena, bwanji osangozisiya zasatanazi ndi kusata za Mulungu basitu? kkkkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmm……….



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