Uladi vows to topple DPP with ballots: Hints on electoral alliance 

Opposition Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa says his party will join forces with other political parties to oust the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government in 2019 elections.

PP leadership at Jenda

PP leadership at Jenda

Uladi Mussa addressing a rally at Jenda

Uladi Mussa addressing a rally at Jenda

PP crowds at Jenda

PP crowds at Jenda

Mussa said this on Sunday at a political rally he addressed at Jenda in Mzimba.

“The people have the power to get rid of the government that is insestive to their problems,” said Mussa, a political orator.

“ We, as a party, we will join forces with other political parties so that we remove this government lawfully from power during the 2019 elections,” he said.

He said it was insestive for the government to order Admarc charge more for maize than vendors.

“Admarc was established to help poor Malawians, to provide services to Malawians, DPP is a party with upside down,” he said.

Mussa said it was unheard of that Admarc is charging its maize more than the vendors.

He then lined up more than a dozen of what he called failures of the Peter Mutharika government, justifying his call to have it toppled at the ballot box during the 2019 elections.

Mussa also accused the DPP of promoting naked  tribalism and regionalism.

“This DPP government must go it has failed to rule this country, it is just promoting regionalism and tribalism”.

He added:  “Northern region has got  two cabinet Ministers, Central region two cabinet ministers all the 16 cabinet Ministers are from the South [and mostly the Lhomwe belt] is that the way we should be dividing the positions  in  the country, this is total regionalism.”

His sentiments comes barely two weeks after founder and president of the party Joyce Banda said she is ready to come back and vie for presidency should Malawians invite her.

Mussa however did not say whether his party would provide the presidential candidacy should the opposition parties make an alliance for the general election.

Peoples Party is in working alliance with the main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party, in parliament.

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Okay, Mr Uladi Mussa:
What if DPP steals the 2019 polls again? Will you join Mzomera and the rest of us as we force Federalism on Malawi then?
Ponder over that while you can.
Remember also that APM could cede power to George Chaponda as we head toward 2019.

Politics in Malawi is a game of demographics. MCP/PP vs DPP/UDF the result may be easily predicted. In the North CP. BAY. MZ and even KA gives substantial votes to DPP presidency. In the Centre KK is pretty much DPP and MAP while KU. MC. LL also gives substantial votes to DPP presidency. NU is DPP all the way. If DPP has to be removed from power it will require more than mere political talk from Uladi, Kamlepo and Lazarus. They need very strong strategies to eat into the very loyal eastern and southern DPP support and earn their trust.… Read more »
Zoona zake
SOlve the equation correctly 1. PP+MCP=2,800,000 voters 2. DPP + UDF+Others = 4,800,00 voters Who wins election between 1&2 Hahahahahahah Wish full thinking. DPP/UDF is here to stay. Maize hike can not be a tool to win voters since this is a deliberate move to discourage vendors from ordering from ADMARCH and selling it at higher prices to the common man. In another case it is discouraging opposition members who would have bought the maize at a lower price and hide it to create hunger in the country. With this competitive price tag, all with ill intentions have failed thereby… Read more »

This is not news (first time parties have joined forces and flopped). Munya muona – simunati kulira ndi mavoti. DPP ikuwinanso koopsa 2019 ndipo mulira zenizeni. Remember during Bingu time in 2009 – you joined forces and DPP inakunyenyanyenyani. Try it this time and see what will happen – this is the way parties loose power and popularity if you do not know. DPP will beat you all and your so called parties will be nothing after polls. A Malawi simuphunzira pa zomwe zinakuchitikirani m’mbuyo.


koma abale bomali lanyanya

staford nduwaluwa

well come mrMussa dpp ili mmadzi

steford nduwaluwa

kumeneko ndiko ku ganiza kwa mwamuna dpp ili mmadzi basi chenji golo


DPP wil fall. It is wishful thinking to dream of a victorius DPP in 1019.


Get your facts right. Northern region has the following cabinet ministers; Hon Goodall Gondwe, Hon Grace Chiumia, Hon Jappie Mhango and Deputy Minister Hon Vincent Ghambi. Central region has the following Ministers; Hon Samuel Tembenu, Hon Dr. Jean Kalirani, Hon Malison Ndau and Deputy Minister Aggrey Massi.
This means that out of 18 members of the Cabinet, 8 are from North and Central regions. so to insinuate that only two are coming from each of the two regions is factually deficient.

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